31 Days Of Fruitful Words

Complainer versus Courteous.

One stat says we complain 30 times a day. I want to change that in my life. This 31 Days of Writing focuses on noticing and then eliminating complaining (grumbling, murmuring). Books, action steps, and personal experiences will be the backbone of the posts.


Please join me in this journey. Together we can rid our world of verbal negativity and add fruitful words.

31 Posts for October, 2016. They will be added and/or hot-linked as they go live.

  1. The goal is to be Complaint Free for a Whole Month 
  2. You Just Might be a Potty Mouth – Take this quiz to see.
  3. Surprising Reasons We Shouldn’t Complain
  4. Books for 31 Days of Fruitful Words & No Complaining
  5. TED Talks Give Succinct Info about Complaining
  6. Complain or Pray
  7. Writing about Good Things Decreases Complaints
  8. Why Do We Complain?
  9. Choose the Complaint That Will Bring Peace
  10. Gratitude Bracelet Helps Stop Complaints
  11. Coloring Combats Complaining
  12. Using Fruitful Words to Combat Complaining – 5 Reasons to be grateful
  13. Using H.A.L.T. to a Complaint-Free Life
  14. I am Not an Equal Opportunity Complainer
  15. Do More Than Count Blessings, Be a Blessing
  16. Adding a “BUT” Turned Situation from Complaining to Resolved
  17. Asking for What You Want Is Scary But It Stops Complaining
  18. Five Blessings and No Complaints

Note: I want to thank Barbie Swihart for developing the button for this series. She was a good listener, quick, reasonably priced, and patient with my questions (I am not very techy). And I love her work. Contact her here, if you need a button or other blog services.


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