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CNC Christmas Year Round – Sewing for OCC Boxes

We had lots of gorgeous material to use for our dresses.

Join us as we sew items for our Operation Christmas Child (OCC) boxes.

  • Our current projects are: Cloth pads with bags, pillowcase dresses, small bags and dolls.
  • We meet once a month at Cordova Neighborhood Church, 6:00pm. The dates are as follows: May 19 … June 29 … July 28 … August 25 … September 29 …. October 20.
  • Have questions? Contact Lucy Baptista. Or leave a comment here.

Don’t sew? Don’t want to come out on a Friday night to put together these items?

  • There is a way for you to be involved.
  • We are collecting items for OCC boxes.

THANKS so much to those of you who donated during April.

During May we are collecting assorted items. Drop off at the Church.

  • Marbles, jacks or Legos to fill the small bags we’ve sewed.
  • Brightly coloured cotton material with matching bias tape. 2 yards of material is enough for one pillow case dress and matching doll.
  • Shoe boxes: either empty card board shoe boxes or quality plastic boxes (the size of a shoe box).

Of course you can still drop off non-liquid personal care items: comb, hair brushes, toothbrush with holder, soap with holder, flash light with extra batteries, etc. NO TOOTHPASTE.

Our Facebook group address is as follows:

Your Turn . . .

  1. Do you participate in OCC?
  2. If you make items for your box(es), what do you make?

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Friday’s Fave Five – December 4, 2015

leaf FFFIn light of the shootings in SO CAL this week, this is an appropriate gratitude quote: “Counting blessings is the quickest way to restore balance in the face of disaster and tragedy” (Margaret Brownlwy). 

ONE. I spent the last weekend with my daughter. And one of those days was spent in Yosemite. My daughter moved into a one bedroom last week (in Yosemite National Park) and asked me to bring down a couple of things. I am grateful that I got to eat a turkey dinner with her even if it was on Saturday and in the food mart. I am also grateful that she is soooooo happy.

TWO. Celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday at Starbucks. Theresa set up her own party. What a good example that is for me to see others ask for what they want/need. I got to have a Peppermint Mocha, celebrate Theresa and also chat with Lori. I am blessed by their perseverance in life, their walk with God, and they way they love/like me.


This is the 3rd snowman ornament I’ve made this season already. I am getting out of control!

THREE. Made a snowman ornament. I used this tutorial for an owl ornament and substituted snowman stickers. I LOVE my ornament. Crafting is always a great stress reliever for me and also is way I can think without pressure. Does that make sense?

FOUR. 71 sign ups for my church Senior Christmas party. This year my team and I switched things up and instead of a potluck, we are having it catered. And we also changed the venue. Because of these changes, I was hoping for 50 folks. I am thrilled that 71 people trust us with this updated event.

FIVE. A new sweater. A woman from church sometimes brings me things that she finds on sale. I wish I had that knack at the thrift store. This time it is a sweater and it is PURPLE. I’ve been looking for purple tops because I want to wear purple on the 4 Sundays of Advent. The only person who knew that was God. I am doubly BLESSED.

Up for sharing some of your blessings? Leave a comment or go to Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Fave at Living to Tell the Story to link up your post.

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Prayer Pumpkin


This is my take on a prayer pumpkin.

Do you pin many ideas to Pinterest? Do you do many of the things you’ve saved? Every once in a while I do! The latest thing I crafted was from my Fall Pinterest Board. It combined three things I love – Fall decor, puff paint, and prayer.

I created a prayer pumpkin.

The original post is here at Coffee with Us 3. Jamie used real mini pumpkins and a metallic sharpie to write names on the pumpkins. Read her post for all the details and to see her finished work. Leave her a comment while you are there.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project. So I went to the Dollar Store and bought one of those BRIGHT orange foam pumpkins. Boy, was it bright! Here is how I transformed if from BRIGHT to just right.


This craft cost $1 as I already had the bottles of paint.

  • I toned down the orange by dry brushing on brown acrylic paint and wiping most of it off.
  • Then in a few spots, I dry brushed orange and yellow acrylic paint over the brown.
  • Again I wiped most of it off.
  • Using puff paint I divided my pumpkin into 7 sections.
  • I wrote the days of the week at the top.
  • And in each section I wrote what I am praying for that day.

I have never prayed according to day before. So I spent time brainstorming what could go in each section. The list I narrowed it down to as follows.

Here is the bottom of my pumpkin.

Here is the bottom of my pumpkin.

  1. Sunday – Church, Love God, Love Others, Harvest
  2. Monday – Christian & Missionary Alliance District Office and Head Quarters
  3. Tuesday – Small Groups, KidMin, PEP, Women’s Ministry (What I’m involved in at work/church)
  4. Wednesday –  My Friends
  5. Thursday – Family, Relatives, Their Friends
  6. Friday – Governments
  7. Saturday – Missionaries (I miss spelled that on my pumpkin)
  8. Every day  – on the bottom of the pumpkin – Godson, Grand daughter, My Kids, Facebook needs (a main reason I am on fb), and BUFF (my diabetic support group)

This is an easy craft and prayer project to do with any age.  Instead of puff paint which might be hard for the younger kiddos to use, try letter, word or picture stickers. Of course the 7 sections are optional. You could do what Jamie did and devote one pumpkin to each family or group/need.

I love this newest addition to my Fall decor collection. And I am intrigued to see how this new way of praying goes.

Your Turn . . . What do you think of this idea? If you make one, please link back to your project as I’d love to see your take on a prayer pumpkin. . . . Have you ever prayed certain things for each day of the week? If yes, what was your experience? Do you have any tips?  

I am linking up with Works For Me Wednesday hosted by Giving Up On Perfect. Be sure to go there to check out all the other ideas.

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My 11 Tips & Observations to Make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket

No-sew blankets are easy and quick to make especially when it’s a baby-sized blanket. I bought one yard of  both the plain and doggy-covered material. After tying it, the blanket turned out to be 29″ x 50″.


I LOVE the bright blue of this blanket. If it were bigger, I would have been tempted to keep it for myself.

Suggested Materials Needed . . . 

  • Newborn: 36″ X 24″  –  makes a great size for car seats
  • Baby/Toddler: 1 to 1 1/2 yards
  • Child: 1 3/4 yards
  • Teen/Adult: 2 yards

Sewing Directions and Ideas . . .

 My 11 Tips and Observations.

  1. Consider the size the blanket will end up after cutting the fringe. My fringe was 4 inches. So that means my blanket was 8 inches smaller on each side.
  2. I initially tied every other fringe. That way I was able to sit with the blanket in my lap and finish it up in a chair instead of on floor.
  3. Wash material before tying it.
  4. The narrow ends were not as stretchy so I could have cut the fringe longer as said by this site (#4). These fringes ended up 1/4th shorter. But it doesn’t really matter to the overall look.
  5. I tied mine as double knots. So that made the fringe shorter.
  6. I cut each fringe 4 inches. I think they are long enough.
  7. I cut out a 4 inch square in each corner.
  8. My blanket didn’t line up exactly on one long end. It turned out it didn’t matter.
  9. Make sure both fleece materials are the same weight
  10. Also use fleece that doesn’t tear when tying. The lady at the sewing counter told me this.
  11. Use anti-pill fleece.

Your Turn . . . Have you ever made a no-sew blanket? If yes, share your photos.

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Fridays Fave Five – Week 5, 2014

FFF birds on a wireYikes, it’s Friday. This week flew by. But I am making time to list five of my faves from this past week. To read others’ lists or to write your own list, join our host, Susanne, here.

One. I finished my 21 Days of Tea and I now know what my favourite teas are. 2 tied for first place. English Breakfast (always makes me feel “ahhhhh” relaxed) and Honey Vanilla Chai (most delighted my senses). I knew that English Breakfast would win. This chai was a surprise.

Two. I did some baking last week. First I figured out which recipe was my favourite one to bake in a teacup. And I baked Earl Grey cookies. Some I frosted. The Tea cakes and cookies went so well with tea.

Three. I crafted THREE times last week. I decoupaged an “Eyes on You” glass mug. I glued together a teacup birdfeeder. Finally I made a mini teacup pincushion. Crafting brings me peace and joy. Unfortunately I don’t do it often enough.

Look who I found staring at me when I finished my drink!

Look who I found staring at me when I finished my drink!

The birds don't care that these pieces are mismatched.

The birds don’t care that these pieces are mismatched.

I love the mini tic-tac-toe gaem.

See the mini tic-tac-toe game. Red won.

Four. Our Wednesday night small group is on chapter six (out of 12) of Created for Community. We discussed Jesus’ Mission in the Divine Program. We grappled with some new ideas and some of these ideas were hard to understand. However, these 2 sentences by the author put everything into perspective: “Ultimately, we cannot understand the full meaning of the cross of Christ. We can only stand in silence before it, acknowledging its wonder, and submit to its power” (Grenz, 137).

Five. Northern California has been in a drought. January is usually rainy, rainy, rainy. But it has been warm (70’s) and DRY. Hurray, it rained two days this past week!!!! We still NEED much more, but this is a great start.

Your Turn . . . List at least one of your faves from this past week.

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Making a Mini Teacup Pincushion and Ideas from Others

I like pincushions. I don’t know why as I am not an avid sewer or needle-crafter.

I have the requisite tomato pincushion that I got when I took sewing in junior high school. I remember when the girls HAD TO  take Home Economics (sewing and cooking) and the boys HAD TO take shop classes in school.

My teacup & saucer are 3" high. The pattern on the fabric remnds me of tic-tact-toe. The dragon fly is a lapel pin I bought in New Zealand. I put it here because the latch never worked and it kept falling off.

My teacup & saucer are 3″ high. The pattern on the fabric reminds me of tic-tac-toe. It looks like red won.  . . . The dragon-fly is a lapel pin I bought in New Zealand. I put it here because the latch never worked and it kept falling off.  . . . On the right are tiny pins perfect for pinning together those small projects.

I have some small teacups. I thought it would be a fun and useful craft to make my own teacup pincushion from one of them. I made one last night and it is now part of my 21 Days of Tea series.

This is the tutorial I followed (from MMM Crafts) to make my own tiny teacup pincushion. I wanted to add steel wool underneath the top layer of my quilt batting. The steel wool keeps the pins sharp.

  • So I layered quilt batting (rough cut into the size of my circle which was 5
    The coloured bits on the back of the dragon-fly are abalone shell.

    The coloured bits on the back of the dragon-fly are abalone shell.

    1/2 inches), steel wool, and quilt batting.

  • I put this sandwich onto my fabric circle and pulled tight the gathering strings.
  • I added more batting until it was stuffed.
  • Then I stitched the circle closed.

Your Turn . . .

  • Do you have a tomato pincushion? Any other kind?
  • When/if you make your own teacup pincushion be sure to let us know here.
  • Did you check out any of the pincushion links? If yes, which pincushion(s) are you yearning to make?
m,sandm sakjdklsajdlkas

I had so much  fun making this. And there are a world of other pincushion patterns to choose from. I wonder what I will do next?

Crafts & Food Made for the 21 Days of Tea series . . . 

Here are pincushion instructions and ideas from other crafters . . .

Of course there are whole Pinterest boards dedicated to pincushions, some are also here, here and here.

Craft Gossip has many pictures and their links to all kinds of pincushions. Check out some that she featured . . .

21 Days of Tea is after the jump.  (more…)

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7 Tips for Turning a Tea Cup and Saucer into a Candle

In fact my daughter and I repurposed 2 teacups. She filled the blue cup and I filled the flowered one.

In fact my daughter and I repurposed 2 teacups. She filled one of her blue cups with wax and filled the other one with Sweet & Spicy tea.

I have a teacup saucer that is badly cracked. I don’t want to use it as I am afraid it will break sometime when I am carrying it full of hot tea. Even though I only paid 50 pence for it from a Boot Sale in Ipswich, I don’t want to throw it away. So I decided to repurpose it into a candle.

Ingredients – all my ingredients came from Michaels

  • Microwaveable soy wax shavings
  • Soy wick
  • Scent for soy candles (sage citrus)
  • Plastic container to melt wax in
  • Disposable chop stick
  • Scissors
This is the cup I turned into a candle See how clear the wax is? It cooled down from the outside in and turned to a lovely creamy white.

This is the cup I turned into a candle See how clear the wax is? It cooled down from the outside in and turned to a lovely creamy white.

Tips from Our Experience

  1. Put 2 scoops of wax into your plastic container. The scoop will be whatever “holder” you are filling with the melted wax.
  2. The directions on the wax shavings say to heat your candle holder to 100°. Our oven doesn’t go that low so we heated the teacups on 250° for 5 minutes.
  3. Use a generous glob of hot glue to adhere your wick to bottom of candle holder.
  4. DO NOT move the wick around once the wax is poured in. It looks like it isn’t doing anything. But it will leave a groove in the hardened wax.
  5. When you pour the wax into the holder, it is clear. Because I didn’t put any colouring in the wax, it dried to a nice creamy white.
  6. If there is tan colouring, that would be fun to use as it would look like a cup of tea (with a wick on fire in the middle).
  7. I adhered my cup to the saucer with hot glue. I put too much glue on the bottom of the cup and some seeped out when I pressed the cup onto the saucer. It isn’t totally noticeable, but something to be mindful of especially if gifting the candle.
Photo of my completed project by Reggie Williams.

Photo of my completed project by Reggie Williams.

 Your Turn . . . 

  • This is my first time making a candle. Share your 1st candle-making experience. 
  • What would you do with a teacup and saucer, if the saucer was cracked?

Thanks go to Kate Pruitt from Design Sponge. At this link she shows steps on how to do this project. This is the post that inspired me to make one.

Crafts and Food Made for the 21 Days of Tea Series . . . 

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