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Friday’s Fave Five – December 1, 2017

It has been several weeks since I have participated in Friday’s Fave Five. I’ve been on a vacation and then settled back in. Now I am settling back into the routine of writing my Fave List. To join us go to Susanne’s blog, Living to Tell the Story.

One example of something beautiful. I hope to do a post soon of fave sights.

ONE. Vacation. I don’t normally take an extended vacation in November. But I had the pleasurable opportunity to spend time in Madrid, Barcelona, and on a cruise in the Mediterranean.                         Highlights of the trip included Scotti’s skill in finding us unbelievable deals for airfare and the cruise … architectural and historical delights in each place we visited … making friends on the cruise … eating delicious food withOUT gaining any weight … spending time with Scotti and Cheryl (a new friend) … and time away to grieve the loss of a long time friend. I am grateful for these new experiences, time with friends (old and new) and time alone.

Mary and I were thrilled to be a part of this ministry and opportunity to strut our stuff.

TWO. Thanksgiving. In the morning, my walking buddy and I walked a 10K in Run to Feed the Hungry with 29, 117 others. Then we went home to our families.                                                                  Like many others, we had delicious food (some old time faves and a new recipe: Apple Pumpkin Dump Cake (gluten free) and time with loving family. Everyone was able to be at my sister’s home this year and that is always meaningful. I am grateful when we all visit to play, catch up with life and get to know each other better.









THREE. Grandma time. I was able to spend a full day at my son’s home. We did an art project, visited a nearby carousel that was decorated for the holidays, and then decorated their home for Christmas. I am grateful when I get to participate in their life.

We had this treat at San Gines. It is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

FOUR. Auntie time. While in Spain we had hot chocolate and churros (twice). I brought back chocolate for my sister’s three girls. On Sunday we made up a batch of the hot chocolate. My daughter and I brought over Taco Bell churros and french fries for their family and us to try with the hot drink.   The taste experience was a fail: the chocolate was not THICK like we had in Spain and the churros were not great. This was the 1st time I’d had an American churro. In Spain they are salty and doughy.             But the time together was FUN. And I am grateful when I get to try new things with them.

FIVE. Decluttering. I am continuing on that goal. When we put out the Christmas decorations, my daughter helped me to rearrange my priorities (declutter) regarding the boxes and boxes of decorations. I am mostly done with that task. I read that more decluttering happens at the Holidays than any other time. I am grateful my daughter is able to help with the decluttering process and that she likes to decorate for Christmas as much as I do.

BONUS: Instead of shopping on Black Friday, my daughter, a friend (Rachel) and I went for a hike. We celebrated #OptOutside and #GreenFriday. I am grateful that I tried something new and that it was an active something new.

Your Turn … Please share what made your list this week.

What I Wrote Last Week … Apple Pumpkin Dump Cake (gluten free) … 40 Days Until 2018 – What Will You Do?

What I Finished Reading …  War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and Year of No Clutter: a memoir by Eve O. Schaub

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Friday’s Fave Five October 27, 2017

I am going on vacation on Sunday. With packing, finishing up things at work, decluttering, writing my decluttering and #wWrite31Days posts and dealing with asthma/allergies, I thought I didn’t have time to write my weekly 5 Blessings post. I am glad I rethought that idea and put this together. To join us for Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Five, go here.

ONE. I finished my series of 43 gratitude prompts. Go here to see why I was grateful for this writing endeavor. I am going on vacation and won’t be back until mid-November. So I decided to do my gratitude project early.

These are the boxes I collected for this year. As you can tell, I LOVE this ministry.

TWO. Operation Christmas Child Boxes. Since I am going on vacation on Sunday and coming back after our church collects the boxes, my OCC sewing group met to finish up odds-and-ends for the boxes. We also made sure the boxes were FULL and put the rubber bands and labels in the correct spot. Our OCC group made enough items and our church collected enough items to fill 47 boxes. This is even before individual church members fill up their own boxes.

THREE. Last movie of the year. Every 5th Tuesday (which happens 4 times a year), the senior group from church watches one of Pastor Mike’s favourite movies. This past Tuesday 20 of us watched Breaking Away. While the language is naughty, there are some worthwhile themes to ponder. We also laughed, chatted and ate some tasty snacks together. We had our movie on the 4th Tuesday because of scheduling conflicts.

FOUR. Decluttering. I have stayed true to my 31 minutes a day of decluttering. I am actually seeing progress. Now I am getting down to the hardest layer to declutter: Christmas items, books and art/crafts supplies. Since I am going on vacation, I will finish up my decluttering series for #Write31Days in mid-November. I can’t write them ahead, because I need to declutter for each post, too.

FIVE. Unexpected time with family. I have been advertising on my Facebook page what our OCC group is collecting and making for this year’s boxes. Two folks not associated with my church contacted me and donated items. One lady is my precious niece, Jennifer. We haven’t seen each other in a year. So we met up at Chick-Fil-A, made the handoff and the five of us had linner together. She is a patient, happy mommy and has a caring, generous heart.

Your Turn . . . Share what tops your gratitude chart for this week.


#Write31Days Series

43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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Grateful 43 – Things From This Series

Day 43 – Things From This Series

Today is my last day of responding to gratitude prompts. This has been a meaningful practice. If you joined along, I hope you found it meaningful as well. Please be sure to tell us about your experience with these prompts.

I am grateful for these three things from this series.

ONE. It is easy to complain. It is hard to be grateful. This gratitude practice MADE me think about WHY I was grateful for things. It was easy to come up with 2 reasons why. I had to really think HARD for many items to find my 3rd why. This practice helped me to focus (more) on my surroundings. And it helped me to pinpoint why these surroundings should be appreciated. It helped kill my negativity buzz.

TWO. I am more grateful now than when I started. I turned this into a game, frequently looking around me and answering the question, “What are 3 reasons I am grateful “this” item”? This game and the hard thinking about why, helped me appreciate things, people, and events more. I stopped taking things for granted. This post explains why We Cannot Be Grateful Without Being Thoughtful.

THREE. I did it! For 43 days I shared why I was grateful 4 3-things about a person, event, or thing. I stuck out this challenge. I am glad that I will be going into the Holiday season with my gratitude tank overflowing. With my gratitude attitude in place, I will be able to better focus on people and their needs and on the Reason for the Season.

Your Turn . . . How is your gratitude tank? If it is low, what can you do to increase your appreciation for people, events, and things around you?

I am writing a gratitude series titled Grateful 43. I will do this for 43 days. And I will write three things for which I am grateful 4 each topic. Do you see the play on the words 43 and FOR THREE?  Go here for the 43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL.

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Grateful 43 – Musicals

Day 40 – Musicals

Have you seen very many musicals? Until this year I hadn’t and that is changing. You see this is the year that I am watching 59 musicals during my birthday year. Why 59? That is how old I turned this year. And lately, I’ve set myself to do a challenge according to how old I am.

So far I have watched 53 musicals and enjoyed most of them. And I could tell you why I was grateful for each one. It was hard to narrow down 3 for this post, but I did it. I am grateful 4 these 3 musicals.

ONE. 1776.  “1776, [is] a goofy/poignant/boring/riveting musical that frames the process of ratifying the Declaration as the original reality show (a bunch of dudes are trapped in a room together for weeks, with nothing to do but form alliances and bitch at each other).” ~ By HILLARY BUSIS.

Too often (in my experience) history has been presented as a group of facts – dull, dry facts. This musical presented the facts with emotion (and some inaccuracy). It showed me, a little, what it must have been like to be part of this historic event. There was passion … brilliance .. dedication to an ideal … bickering … stubbornness … persistence … and compromise. In the end dedication to an ideal won and America became one, new nation.

I am grateful for this musical, 1776, because it showed me that while America was and is messy, she is based on sound, inspirational ideals. Ideals I want to be part of and help live on.

TWO.  High School Musical (1, 2, 3). I saw the first one (and then other two) because my niece, Emily, recommended this musical movie.(so did her dad). It was a fave in their household.

It became a fave of mine, too. I like learning and I especially like learning when it isn’t painful to do so. The songs were peppy and singable. And the themes were meaningful.

I am most grateful for the advice, “Be true to  yourself. Don’t stick to the status quo..” It is hard to be your own person (even as an adult) and to follow your interests especially when important people in your life (family and friends) discourage that. It is a better world when we stop putting people into a box of our expectations and let them be who they are. It is a better world when we dare step out of that box and be who God has made us to be.

And I am grateful that teens saw and heard this message in a fun, lively medium.

THREE. Man of La Mancha. Peter O’Toole and Sophia Loren starred in this musical about Don Quixote’s desire to be a hero: to restore the age of chivalry, battle all evil, and right all wrongs.

Don Quixote  has “shown to what an important extent all men can, and must, create their own reality – and how inspiring and dangerous it can be.” ~ Life magazine’s critic Tom Prideaux

Don Quixote pursued his dream despite mocking, mean-spirited people. It seemed he wasn’t a hero after all. Until the end. In the end his pursuit made a difference; although he had to wait to find that out on his death-bed.

Jim Nabors sings The Impossible Dream, a fave song in the musical. Nabors is playing the part of Gomer Pyle, a frightened and unsure Marine who lost his voice (due to fear) at a company show. Pyle says he is not a great man and can’t be expected to overcome his fear. “A great man is the only one who can be a hero.”

A ranger responds to Pyle, “A hero is a man doing the  job he has to the best he knows how.”

I am grateful for this message, that we can all be heroes by doing the best we know how. That is what Don Quixote did. And that is what Pyle ended up doing. We may face our big moments and know right away that we touched people’s lives, like Pyle. Or we may have to wait until death, like the Don, before we know that we touched people’s lives. Either way, we can be a hero. So stay the course.

Your Turn . . . What is a favorite musical? Why do you appreciate it?

I am writing a gratitude series titled Grateful 43. I will do this for 43 days. And I will write three things for which I am grateful 4 each topic. Do you see the play on the words 43 and FOR THREE?  Go here for the 43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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Grateful 43 – Things in My Car

Day 39 – Things in My Car

I appreciate my car. It is safe to drive, has handy features (back-up camera and working radio), gets decent gas mileage. But there are also things IN my car that I appreciate. Let me tell you why I am grateful for 3 things in my car. 

ONE. Scissors. Do you know how many times I have used these? Too many times to count.Here are some ways I’ve used them. … To cut gum out of hair. … To open a food package. … To open a DVD package. … And for cutting coupons out of an entertainment book, newspaper of magazine.

TWO. Audio books. This is especially important for when I drive for an extended period of time. And they are helpful for when there is a lot of traffic. The audio books (on my cell phone) help me feel more relaxed and I am able to just go with the flow of what’s happening around me. TIP: Don’t buy them. Check them out online from the library.

THREE. Cell phone charger. Now that my phone’s battery is getting older, it doesn’t hold the charge as long. Having this plug-in charger means I don’t have to worry about my phone dying. And when I am in the car, it is important that I have enough battery juice to use my GPS (as I am direction challenged). And it means I can call for help when my car breaks down. And it is important to have enough battery power to play the audio book I am listening to.

Your Turn . . . What is in your car that you are grateful 4?

I am writing a gratitude series titled Grateful 43. I will do this for 43 days. And I will write three things for which I am grateful 4 each topic. Do you see the play on the words 43 and FOR THREE?  Go here for the 43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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Grateful 43 – Things in my Office

Day 38 – Things in my Office

I LOVE my work office. It is decorated with items from home. The walls are a sage green. It has 3 comfy chairs that belonged to other people in another life. And there is a lot of good lighting throughout the room. While I am grateful for everything that makes my office “homey,” I am especially grateful 4 3 things in my office.

ONE. High Top Table.  I am enamored with high top tables. I have always wanted one. So it is a treat to have one in my office, courtesy of my daughter. This cherry wood table is big enough to hold my projects when I need to spread out. And it is small enough to not over power the room.

TWO. High Bookcase. The bottom shelf has 3 cubbies with a basket in each one. Since I don’t have a closet or a desk with drawers, these hold all the odds & ends that I need but can be tucked out-of-sight. What makes this bookcase extra special is that it is high. It is high enough to use as a standing desk. A friend gave me a cushioned mat so that I can stand there, in comfort, all day if I want. I am grateful that I am able to do more standing while I work in my office.

THREE. Photos. I have 4 photo collages on my walls. They hold photos of special people and special trips I’ve taken. These photos remind me of my purpose in life, to work with integrity by being joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. These photos are excellent prayer reminders. As I do those things, I will be able to serve my loved ones (family and friends) well.

Your Turn . . . Talk about your office. What are things in it that you most appreciate?

I am writing a gratitude series titled Grateful 43. I will do this for 43 days. And I will write three things for which I am grateful 4 each topic. Do you see the play on the words 43 and FOR THREE?  Go here for the 43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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Friday’s Fave Five October 20, 2017

“Old age is dark and unlovely, Sally” said Mrs. Adams.

“Still,” said Sally, “you have much to be happy about.”

“True,” agrees Mrs. Adams.

~ (This short conversation came from an episode on John Adams.)

Yes, old age is dark and unlovely. And yes, there is still much to be happy about. Right now I am going to list five things that gets my gratitude. Join us here to do the same.

ONE. Celebrated Emily’s Birthday breakfast and dinner. My niece turned 16 and we had the required birthday waffles and ice cream breakfast and then the birthday person’s choice for dinner (lasagna, bread and salad with cheesecake for dessert.) Emily is smart, athletic, funny, loving, godly, and dedicated. I am blessed to have her as a niece.

TWO. Completed another 5K Fun Walk. Mary and I have finished four 5K’s now. This one was along the American River. There were only 40ish people – mainly running. At least we weren’t the last folks done. It was a lovely day and the money went to a cause we both believe in: the Children’s Receiving Home.

THREE. Decluttering is still going on. The thing I am happiest about is that the porch is empty. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I had a huge incentive to get this area done.

FOUR. Car was donated. I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with my old car but wasn’t having any luck. With some help from my daughter, my car was donated today. It feels good to help a non-profit. And it feels good to cross off a majour item on my to-do list.

FIVE. Decorated a bulletin board. Cheryl helped me to put up new information on our PEP 55+ bulletin board. The gal who normally takes care of changing out the advertising. is not feeling well. So Cheryl helped me and we think we did a nice job. Plus it was fun spending time with Cheryl. And we even got in a few minutes of prayer together.

Your Turn . . . Please share something from your list.

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