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Friday’s Fave Five September 21, 2018

A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude. ~ Bruce Wilkinson

It’s Friday and time to spill my blessings – just five, though, from this past week. Join the gang at Living to Tell the Story.


ONE. All Church Camping Retreat. These are some of the ladies I laughed with. I dyed my hair with lavender dye. Can you see it? I am in the back, on the right.

TWO. Computing again. Last week my computer broke. This week I have a new computer with office suite and I figured out which printer to use. I also started using a mouse again. I FORGOT how much I LOVE using one.

THREE. Our group packed 17 Operation Christmas Child boxes. We’ve been collecting things year round. I wanted to see what we have and what we need. One lady gave us 3 soccer balls and pumps and a bunch of little toys. Next time we will fill 12 plastic OCC boxes like the one pictured below.

FOUR. Tile. I received a tile for Christmas and I LOVE it. I use it to find my keys and my cell phone. This device has been a life saver at least once a week.

FIVE. Successfully Serving your Aging Congregation Seminar. We learned about health. legal and housing resources. … I learned that there are SEVENTY types of dementia, … I want to read these two books on dying better: Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande and When Breath Becomes Air: What Makes Life Worth Living in the Face of Death by Paul Kalanithi. … And the below quote is well worth listening to, Depression is not normal aging! This was reiterated by a speaker who is geriatric psychiatric,

THANKS for reading. Be sure to comment on YOUR fave blessings or a reaction to something I shared. … Sorry, I am not very chatty this week.  😉

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Friday’s Fave Five – Sept 14, 2018

“It’s easier to make your way if you choose your own soundtrack”
Fredrik Backman, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

Today my sound track is. “My Favorite Things” sung by Julie Andrews. I am linking this post to Friday’s Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story.  Don’t feel pressured to answer my questions. I do hope you’ll reflect on your own faves, though.

ONE. Book. I finished My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman. It was an irreverent, quirky, wise, story involving letters, fairy tales, super heroes & bullying that made me laugh & cry.

This book affirms the power of chocolate: “Because you can be upset while eating chocolate Santas. But it’s much, much, much more difficult.” 

And it affirms the power of grandmothers: “Having a grandmother is like having an army. This is a grandchild’s ultimate privilege: knowing that someone is on your side, always, whatever the details. Even when you are wrong. Especially then, in fact.”

Your Turn . . .  Do you know the power of chocolate and/or grandparents?

TWO. Birthday Fun. We celebrated my niece’s birthday. And like all birthday celebrations we had an ice cream waffle breakfast. We also had a birthday dinner with friends. Happy birthday to my much-loved Samantha. Your Turn . . .  What is a fun birthday tradition you have?

THREE. Book Club. We met this week and discussed Lies Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Wolgemuth lists 45 lies but emphasizes that there are probably more. Reading and then talking about these lies helped me to SEE the lies I believe. I appreciated that the author included the antidotes to the lies – the Truth (found in Scripture).

Your Turn . . . How have you countered lies that you believe?

FOUR. Lemon Cucumbers. My one vine is still growing in my standing garden. One vine is more than enough for a family of two. … This tennis ball-shaped vegetable is lemon coloured with no lemon taste. It is crunchy and does not cause me to burp. It is often seen in ethnic Indian markets. Your Turn . . . Do you have a standing garden?

Five. Cake. Do you know that there are kiddos in America who don’t get a cake on their birthday? That is why #Cake4Kids was created. This non-profit organization bakes and delivers birthday cakes to youngsters in the foster care system and to at risk youth. My daughter and I delivered our first cakes (chocolate, of course). This first go around we both were asked to bake vegan cakes.

This is my daughter’s cake. We made the same cake just decorated differently. It’s a vegan, gluten free, chocolate cake with vegan buttercream frosting.

I am learning so much … vegan cake … dirty icing … marbled frosting … chocolate letters … piping designs … and a bench scraper. … And this is just the tip of the information iceberg. Your Turn . . . What is your favourite birthday cake?

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Friday’s Fave Five

It’s time to share my five favourite blessings from the week gone by. Hopefully something I share will spark a gratitude memory or you’ll learn something you can use. I am linking up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

ONE. Quote. I finished “An Acceptable Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. It is the last book in the Wrinkle in Time quintet. A fave quote is as follows: “From this moment on, your behaviour must be such that when you go to bed at night you will be happy with what you have done during the day.” The Bishop said this to Zachary. … I like the idea of reviewing my daily behaviours to make sure I have done well.

Your Turn . . .  Do you save quotes? Do you have a quote to share?

TWO. Afternoon Nap. Twice I was able to take a nap. This is such a treat especially since I don’t always sleep well at night.

Your Turn . . . When was the last time you had a nap? Is a nap torture or a treat?

THREE. Walk. These past summer months our area has been overwhelmed with smoke from the fires that surround where I live in northern CA. Therefore, I haven’t done much walking. Finally this week, I am back on track to getting my daily steps in. I sleep better and my blood sugar is better.

Your Turn . . . What are you doing to take care of your health? Is it going well?

FOUR. Small Group Leaders Meeting. Our church is starting a church wide small group campaign. We are going to read “The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door by Jay Pathak. Last night I gave a training for the small group leaders. I LOVE small groups and I love the idea of helping the leaders feel more comfortable with their role. We bonded as a group and plan on staying in touch for emotional support, advice, and prayer. It’s as if our leaders formed their own small group.

Your Turn . . . What was the last small group book you read? How did it make a difference in your life?

FIVE. Rotisserie Chicken. Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking. That’s when “easy” foods are a blessing. Rotisserie chicken is easy food to buy and use. I ate it straight from the bird for the fist meal. I will strip the chicken and make 2 more meals: chicken curry and chicken soup.

Your Turn . . . What is your easy food and why?

Answer one question or answer them all. Or answer none. I hope you do take time to think about your blessings from this past week.

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Friday’s Fave Five – 8/31/18

No amount of regret changes the past.

No amount of anxiety changes the future.

Any amount of gratitude changes the present.

~ Ann Voscamp

Here are five of my blessings from this week. Join me for this FFF at Living to Tell the Story.

ONE. Community Breakfast. On Sunday. our “church service” was sponsoring a free community breakfast at a shopping center near our church. Besides breakfast we gave away food (from the Food Locker), had a prayer table and 2 bouncy houses. There were games and candy for the kiddos. Two ladies provided face painting. And church members ate with the community, getting to know them.

TWO. Cooler weather. Usually it is in the 100’s during the summer here. But this week it has been in the 80’s.

THREE. Meditating on wisdom. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is a fact. I.e. Knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing to NOT put a tomato into your fruit salad.  God’s wisdom gives us the right facts so we can choose between what looks good, what feels good, and what is good.

FOUR. Garden fresh tomatoes and lemon cucumber. I made several salads with these ingredients. A friend gave me the tomatoes and the cucumbers came from my garden. Yummm.

FIVE. Finished two books. 1. Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants by Louie Giglio. 2. Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle.

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Friday’s Fave Five – August 24, 2018

“Strive to find things to be thankful for, and just look for the good in who you are.” ~ Bethany Hamilton

It is time to recount 5 blessings from this past week. I am joining up with others at Living to Tell the Story for this week’s Friday’s Fave Five.

One. Geranium Cuttings. About three months ago a friend gave me 4 of these geranium cuttings. three took root; and look, this one is blooming.

Isn’t it beautiful?!

I love how cuttings multiply into more plants. . . . I’ve also grown plants by taking cuttings from my mom’s cactus plant.

Your Turn . . . Have you ever grown a plant from a cutting? . . . 

TWO. OCC Plastic Boxes. I’ve done Operation Christmas Child (OCC) for a lot of years. This is the first time I have bought some (2 dozen) of their plastic shoe boxes. (To be fair, it is only the 2nd year they’ve been for sale.)

They are sturdy, roomy and pretty.

Your Turn . . . If you contribute to OCC, do you use your own shoe boxes (either cardboard or plastic) or do you use the pre-printed boxes from OCC (either cardboard or plastic)?

THREE. Cookie Love Sunday. Folks brought cookies. We took the first hour (at church) and made up plates and wrote notes of thanks.

During that time, some folks delivered their goodies. Cookies were delivered to neighbors, firemen, gas station attendant, VA hospital, Pet hospital, service members and wait staff.

I made cookies using a boxed cookie mix. I have never done that before. The macadamia white chocolate chip cookies mix was tasty.

Your Turn . . . What is your fave cookie?


FOUR. Cinnamon Water. This gallon container has two cinnamon sticks. It is refreshing and delicious.

I like to drink water, but sometimes I get tired of plain water. That is why I investigate putting different things into the water.

I have a LOT of extra lemon cucumbers this week. So the next time I fill up my water jug, I am putting in slices of cucumber.

Your Turn . . . Do you ever make flavoured water? If yes, what do you put in it?

FIVE. Virtual Reunion. For 80 minutes I attended a virtual reunion (via Facebook messenger) with 3 gals I went to high school with in Canada. We graduated 40+ years ago. I haven’t talked to two of the ladies in decades! It was an easy conversation and it was GREAT to visit and SEE one another. It was cool that we could have this group conversation. We are going to do this about every six weeks or so.

Your Turn . . . Have you ever had a virtual reunion? . . .  Is there a group of people who you could organize to meet up via Skype or FB messenger video chat?

BONUS. Bible Lens. This app adds a Scripture to your photo. You have a choice of multiple Scripture and multiple layouts. This is a free app and EASY to use. Thanks to Faith for sharing this app last week on her FFF.

Your Turn . . . We made these dolls for our OCC boxes. Would you put faces on them or leave them plain? . . . Which of the three doll photos/Scripture do you prefer?  . . . Aren’t you tempted to give this app a whirl?

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Friday’s Fave Five: August 17, 2018

“The easiest way to become richer: being grateful for what we’ve already been given.” ~ Anonymous

This weekly habit of recounting the past week’s fave five, (aka FFF), is thanks to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. Join up with the richest bloggers ever and share your gratitude list.

ONE. Bible study and potluck. A friend, Rosemary, has an ongoing study at her home for the seniors of our church. When ever they finish a study, (1,2,3 John this time), they have a potluck. She also invites me for both. On Friday, I was able to attend, as was our lead pastor. I LOVED hanging out, discussing, praying, and eating with this group.

Your Turn . . . When you finish up your small group Bible studies, how do you celebrate?

TWO. Card workshop. Another friend, Gillian, is a Stamping Up distributor and card maker extraordinaire. Gillian and her daughter hosted a card workshop. My daughter attended with me. We each created two cards. I believe that getting crafty is like getting an emotional massage.

Your Turn . . . Does crafting feel like an “emotional massage” to you? . . . How do you refresh and wind down?

Part of the charm of a staycation is being able to nap as needed in the comfort of a friend’s home.

THREE. Staycation. My daughter, Elizabeth, and I were going to camp at Mount Lassen this week. But decided to forgo that trip until the air quality and visibility are much better. So we are on a staycation and I couldn’t be happier. Going to local places is such a treat.

On my first day, I spent time with my friend Marsha. We ate at a new restaurant in town, The Mimosa House. Then we divided the rest of the day into finishing The Good Witch series, swimming, deflating pool toys, talking, and assembling dinner.

Your Turn . . .   Have you even been on a staycation? How did it go?

This pint-sized mason jar is the perfect sized cookie jar for two people.

FOUR. Finishing up a blog series. I enjoy writing blog posts. But sometimes, I have a hard time finishing them. This week, I have been finishing up my series on decluttering.  I have only one post left to write (from scratch). I hope to get that done this week.

Your Turn . . . Do you like to write? . . . What is a project that you are finishing? . . .  If you read any of my posts, on decluttering, be sure to let me know what you think. Is there anything I missed?

FIVE. This cookie recipe. Sunday at the first service (9:30-10:30) at my church, is Cookie Love. We will be bringing in homemade cookies. Our task will be to make up plates of treats to hand out to folks who serve us in our community. I.e. First Responders, clerks, wait staff, teachers, babysitters, military member, etc.

I took a break from my vacation to make this gluten-free, low carb, cream cheese cookie. I halved the recipe and put in cinnamon. Next time, I will reduce the amount of sugar. It is a tasty cookie.

Your Turn . . . What creative outreach is your church doing? . . . Do you have a low carb cookie recipe to share? . . . Who would you like to thank for their service?

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Friday’s Fave Five – August 10, 2018

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

In honour of today’s quote, I am sharing 5 things on my gratitude list from this past week. Read the lists of others and link up your own list at Friday’s Fave Five (FFF) at Living to Tell the Story.

ONE. Dinner and TV. Marsha and I used to get together weekly for dinner and some TV  (Call the Midwives and The Good Witch). But this past year, we’ve seen each other only one time. So getting together last Sunday night was way overdue. We had a great time visiting, eating, and watching Catherine Bell weave her magic. I am grateful for my friendship with Marsha and time to unwind.

Your Turn . . . Please share the titles of shows you especially enjoy.

TWO. Learning/growing with friends. 4 of us spent the night in San Jose to attend a 2 day conference (Joyce Meyer on Galatians). The band, which was awesome, was Jesus Culture (from the Sacramento area – where we are all  from). I am grateful that we were a compatible group and that the worship in song, prayer, and Word was inspiring.

Your Turn . . . When was the last time you attended a conference? What was great about it?

I am the one on my tip-toes in the back row.

THREE. Book Club. Once a month some gals from church gather to discuss that month’s book. This is the first book club for most of us. We’ve been meeting about 5 months. Most ladies attend because of the social aspect. The second-place reason is a tie: we like reading (in general) and reading these books (Christian) as a way to interact with God. I am grateful for these ladies, their insights, and the variety of books (some I wouldn’t have chosen).

Your Turn . . . Are you part of a book club? If yes, why? . . . If no, why not?

FOUR. Special night with my daughter.  She called  on Thursday to remind me that I needed to be home by 4:30pm as she had plans for my car. Turns out it was plans for my car and me. We picked up 2 pieces she commissioned from a friend’s Etsy shop. We had frozen yogurt (Menchies) and opened our Time Capsule that was sealed in 2015. And then we had cauliflower crust pizza for dinner. Yes, we did have dessert first. I am grateful for my daughter’s creativity and the heart-warming time we had together. I am also grateful for presents. 🙂

Your Turn . . . Have you had a cauliflower crust before? This one was delish (from Mod). . . . Have you ever done a time capsule? I will write a post this week about what our’s held and tips to improve it. . . . What was the last just-because present you received?

My present from Sarah’s Etsy shop DecorMadeModern

We filled this can in 2015 with photos and notes about our life.










FIVE.  Facebook video messenger. I used this function twice last week. On Wednesday mornings, I call Michelle, a high school friend from Fort McMurray, Alberta. We use our hour to catch up and to share what we’ve done on our 60 items lists. We have way too many lists to accomplish before our birthdays (Michelle – November, Me – March). But it is fun to talk about our progress. I am grateful to have Michelle as an accountability partner as well as a long time friend..

The other call was to my three grand daughters and their sweet mama. It was mainly silliness. I am grateful that mama helps me stay in touch with these precious girls. And I am grateful for technology that lets us see each other while we talk and play.

Your Turn . . . Do you use Skype, Facetime, or video messenger? If yes, which one is your favourite platform? Why?

BONUS: I am grateful for a home air purified. My state is burning up all around us. We are 2-5 hours from fires in all directions.

While the sun looks cool, the air is unhealthy.

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