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Making Stuff in the Kitchen Meme and Green Stuff Recipe

This meme (rhymes with dream) has 3 questions about making stuff in the kitchen. Dig

7th Self-Portrait Photo. Don’t these jars of apple pie filling look tasty? I will let you know how it tastes. I will also let you know if the crust was tender and cooked in the middle.

into your memory banks and write your answers. Here are mine . . .

1. SOMETHING I MAKE WELL . . . Two things I get asked to bring to family dinners are green stuff (recipe below) and potato salad. The secret ingredient in the potato salad is the peanuts. That recipe is here.

My mom introduced us to the fruity salad-type dessert that we called Green Stuff. Green Stuff, also known as Watergate Salad or Pistachio Pineapple Delight, was on the table at family holidays.

And now I continue that tradition minus the maraschino cherries. My mom always put in a jar of chopped maraschino cherries. I don’t because I don’t like how the cherries stain things like clothes, tablecloths, counters, fingers, etc. Plus I don’t like ingesting red dye.

Read on for the directions . . .

Dump the following 4 ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Chill at least an hour before serving.

  1. Pistachio instant vanilla pudding: 1  box (3-oz.) of the powder – do NOT make it with milk.
  2. Cool Whip: 1 carton – thawed (8-oz.)
  3. Cottage cheese: 1 carton (16-oz.)
  4. Crushed pineapple: 1 can (20-oz.)  (drained)

Apparently the Original Green Stuff Recipe called for marshmallows and pecans and NO cottage cheese or maraschino cherries.

Now I also make Orange Stuff for family dinners. It is similar to Green Stuff.  I first read the recipe here at Recipe Shoebox. My Orange Stuff recipe is here and is slightly different.


2. SOMETHING I’VE TAUGHT OTHERS TO MAKE . . . I had my kiddos help me in the kitchen while they were growing up. So I am sure I taught them to make many things.

But I am having a brain fade and the only thing that comes to mind is rice. Because as you know, rice is a staple and one of those foods that everyone should know how to cook.

Hopefully one of my kiddos will read this post and leave a comment.


3. SOMETHING I WANT TO LEARN TO MAKE . . . Well I have a whole list of things I want to learn food-wise at this post, a cooking-type bucket list.

But at this slice of time, I want to master pie making. I want to create and bake a pie that has a tender crust that is cooked even in the middle. I want to be skilled in different fillings from fluffy lemon meringue to hearty chicken pot pie.

NOTE: I found these questions online, but now can’t remember where. If you are the originator of them, please let me know so I can give proper attribution. And thanks.


During November I am writing or posting a photo about something for which I am grateful. This explains why. 

Gratitude for November 10: I am grateful for Facebook. It allows me to send birthday greetings, post my own status reports (lots of times things I want to look up later), learn some new things, and see how folks are doing. It clues me in as to who could use a phone call today.

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Your Turn . . .

  1. It was fun answering these questions. Why don’t you answer these 3 Questions too? Write them here, on your own blog, or on your Facebook Home Page.
  2. Tell us something on your Gratitude List.

NOTE: This is the 7th photo in the series, A Fall of Self Portraits, from my Fall Bucket List.

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I am Choosing to Follow My Daughter’s Idea

Taped to my daughter’s laptop is the below yellow piece of paper. She is enforcing new behaviours through the use of questions.

What questions and answers would you write?

The questions are as follows:

Would I rather . . .

  • Be on FB or practicing kung fu?
  • Be blogging or going for a bike ride?
  • Be checking email or having dinner with friends?
  • Be surfing or reading a good book?

Should I be on the computer OR Should I be doing something else?

Sooooo, after some thought, I realized . . .  I REALLY do want to be on Facebook, blogging, checking email and surfing!!!! Okay – I am not enamoured with checking email.

But, what is in my best interest? What can I learn by asking myself questions?

  • If I would rather be on Facebook than anything else, why? Some time on FB is not a bad thing. It is a connecting tool. At night I am on FB for connection. But there are other ways and maybe even better ways of connecting. Instead of FB I can call someone (if it’s not too late). I can write a note, pray for them, or work on a scrapbook page.
  • If I would rather be blogging than anything else, why? I recently learned that I like to blog because that is one way I sort out my thoughts. Also it is a way to satisfy my need to learn. And I like to share. These seem like good goals and I think I’d like to still pursue them. However, maybe instead of starting new posts, I could finish up some I’ve already started or work on the post, 19 Things I Learned From My Dog.
  • If I would rather be checking email than anything else, why? Procrastination, pure and simple. Over-checking email is not usually a problem for me. But when I do, it is because I am procrastinating doing something. So when this urge hits me, I want to figure out what I am procrastinating on. Then do that thing  at least for 10-20 minutes.
  • If I would rather be surfing than anything else, why? Easy to answer this – it is FUN, interesting, gives me new things to think about, relaxes me, and the time zooms by. Unfortunately, my brain gets overstimulated when I surf at night. Then I have a HARD time getting to sleep at a decent hour. So instead of surfing, I could read a physical book.

My revised questions and answers are  . . . Would I Rather . . .

  • Be on FB or writing a letter?
  • Be blogging aimlessly or blogging with a purpose?
  • Be checking email or busting procrastination?
  • Be surfing or reading a good book?

Should I be on the computer OR Should I be doing something else?

Your Turn . . . Does the computer take up a lot of your time? How would you answer the above questions?

NOTE: This is the 1st photo in my series, A Spring of Self Portraits. This is an item from my Spring Bucket List.

As you see, sometimes I take great license as to what composes a self-portrait.

The list of the portraits is after the (more…) button. Just click on it. (more…)

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I am a Saver

I like to save for projects, events, trips, things. I like to save in a physical place I can immediately access, like in piggy banks. I currently have 2 plastic banks.

The pink pig is savings for a trip to Disneyland. The white plastic container has $ for car payments. Once I get a year's worth, I will look into getting a new (to me) car.

I like the pleasure of plopping the money into the bank. I don’t know why I put a dollar bill into the pink piggy bank. I imagine it will be tough to get out.

And in the case of the car payment jug, I like drawing a black sharpied “X” when I accumulate a month’s car payment. Every time I get 2 months worth of car payments, I  put that $ into a specified savings account in my bank. (Otherwise I am too tempted to spend it.) So in reality the car bank is empty, but the “X’s” sure tell a lovely story. Maybe I should get some car stickers to use instead of exes.

Penny by quarter and “X” by “X” I am getting closer to my goals.

Your Turn . . .

  1. Do you save up for special items? 
  2. Do you use a piggy bank or a real bank? 
  3. What are you saving for?

NOTE: This is the 11th photo in my series, A Winter of Self Portraits. When I was brainstorming a list of items for my Winter Bucket List, I came up with the idea of taking 12 self-portraits.

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I Talk Scripture to Myself

I go through periods of time where I use a dry erase pen to write on my mirrors. It might be a to-do list, quotes, or goals.

But for now, it is Scripture: “So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty,” (Zechariah 4:6)

God’s Spirit is within me.

I need this reminder right now. There are things in my life I have tried to do in my own might and power.

I need this MPS reminder: (not Might nor Power, BUT Spirit).

As a consequence of pondering this verse (which is given to Zerubbabel during a vision about the rebuilding of the Temple), I have been . . .

  • Praying more as a first resort.
  • Asking what God will is in my life, not dictating what I will.
  • Using HIS divine enablement (tools, motivation, people, and energy) He gives to accomplish His will.
  • Living like the outcome belongs to the Lord.

One commentary states: “Note that these words are directed to Zerubbabel, who has been charged with the leadership in the rebuilding program.

“There is here both encouragement and admonition.

“Zerubbabel need not fear the size or difficulty of the task. God’s supply of power is sufficient for any and every situation.

“But Zerubbabel needs to rely on God rather than personal skill, strength, or ingenuity.

“The word translated “might” is frequently used of armies, wealth, or influence. But God’s work is accomplished by the power of his Spirit.”

Elwell, W. A. (1996, c1989). Evangelical Commentary on the Bible . (electronic ed.) (Zec 4:1). Grand Rapids: Baker Book House.
NOTE: This is the 1oth photo in my series, A Winter of Self Portraits. When I was brainstorming a list of items for my Winter Bucket List, I came up with the idea of taking 12 self-portraits.

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poisoned perfume

Asthma straining ill-breathing lungs.

Back aching between pinched shoulders.

Tress mobbed by pink or white blossoms

.  .  .  scattering their scent.

The sweet scent floods the nostrils with pleasure

.  .  .  while the poisoned respiratory system struggles.

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I am a chocoholic!

“Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.” – Baron Justus von Liebig

I agree. Chocolate is a necessity in life especially when you are tired (like I am here).

I added miniature chocolate chips, chopped walnuts, and orange extract to the brownie batter. YUMM!

NOTE: This is the 9th photo in my series, A Winter of Self PortraitsWhen I was brainstorming a list of items for my Winter Bucket List, I came up with the idea of taking 12 self-portraits.

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Raised from the Grave of Exile

During Lent I am reading/writing my way through writing to God: 40 Days of Praying With My Pen by Rachel G. Hackenberg. Sometimes I will post my prayers.

This is my response to Ezekiel 37: 1-14 (Day 1)

Raised from the Grave of Exile

Our lives laid waste

  •      scattered bones in a valley
  •      disobedience defiled our birthright, Your plan

Disconnected from life, function, ourselves

Then . . .

Your Messenger Lived Scripture

  •      encased in the skin of love

Your truth powerfully erupts in our stony hearts

Raising us from the grave of exile

Spirit-power saturating the assembling frameworks of who we are to become

Baby-fresh skin erecting a boundary between what is inner and outer

Your Breath of Life connecting us to You

  • the source of All
  • the source of nourishment, unity, rest

Our lives becoming who You planned

  • functioning body of Christ

Holy now because of the Cross

Connected, eternally alive, knowing You are the sovereign God of All

Amen . . . so be it . . . gratitude dripping from my dry bones turning into purpose-filled flesh

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NOTE: I have the good fortune to partner with Fawnda from Fireflies and Jellybeans for a giveaway of her tote pattern to a Fruitfulwords reader. (I was one of her pattern testers.)  Go to this link for the details. The deadline to enter is February 26, 2012.

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