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Friday’s Fave Five – December 1, 2017

It has been several weeks since I have participated in Friday’s Fave Five. I’ve been on a vacation and then settled back in. Now I am settling back into the routine of writing my Fave List. To join us go to Susanne’s blog, Living to Tell the Story.

One example of something beautiful. I hope to do a post soon of fave sights.

ONE. Vacation. I don’t normally take an extended vacation in November. But I had the pleasurable opportunity to spend time in Madrid, Barcelona, and on a cruise in the Mediterranean.                         Highlights of the trip included Scotti’s skill in finding us unbelievable deals for airfare and the cruise … architectural and historical delights in each place we visited … making friends on the cruise … eating delicious food withOUT gaining any weight … spending time with Scotti and Cheryl (a new friend) … and time away to grieve the loss of a long time friend. I am grateful for these new experiences, time with friends (old and new) and time alone.

Mary and I were thrilled to be a part of this ministry and opportunity to strut our stuff.

TWO. Thanksgiving. In the morning, my walking buddy and I walked a 10K in Run to Feed the Hungry with 29, 117 others. Then we went home to our families.                                                                  Like many others, we had delicious food (some old time faves and a new recipe: Apple Pumpkin Dump Cake (gluten free) and time with loving family. Everyone was able to be at my sister’s home this year and that is always meaningful. I am grateful when we all visit to play, catch up with life and get to know each other better.









THREE. Grandma time. I was able to spend a full day at my son’s home. We did an art project, visited a nearby carousel that was decorated for the holidays, and then decorated their home for Christmas. I am grateful when I get to participate in their life.

We had this treat at San Gines. It is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

FOUR. Auntie time. While in Spain we had hot chocolate and churros (twice). I brought back chocolate for my sister’s three girls. On Sunday we made up a batch of the hot chocolate. My daughter and I brought over Taco Bell churros and french fries for their family and us to try with the hot drink.   The taste experience was a fail: the chocolate was not THICK like we had in Spain and the churros were not great. This was the 1st time I’d had an American churro. In Spain they are salty and doughy.             But the time together was FUN. And I am grateful when I get to try new things with them.

FIVE. Decluttering. I am continuing on that goal. When we put out the Christmas decorations, my daughter helped me to rearrange my priorities (declutter) regarding the boxes and boxes of decorations. I am mostly done with that task. I read that more decluttering happens at the Holidays than any other time. I am grateful my daughter is able to help with the decluttering process and that she likes to decorate for Christmas as much as I do.

BONUS: Instead of shopping on Black Friday, my daughter, a friend (Rachel) and I went for a hike. We celebrated #OptOutside and #GreenFriday. I am grateful that I tried something new and that it was an active something new.

Your Turn … Please share what made your list this week.

What I Wrote Last Week … Apple Pumpkin Dump Cake (gluten free) … 40 Days Until 2018 – What Will You Do?

What I Finished Reading …  War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and Year of No Clutter: a memoir by Eve O. Schaub

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Friday’s Fave Five October 27, 2017

I am going on vacation on Sunday. With packing, finishing up things at work, decluttering, writing my decluttering and #wWrite31Days posts and dealing with asthma/allergies, I thought I didn’t have time to write my weekly 5 Blessings post. I am glad I rethought that idea and put this together. To join us for Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Five, go here.

ONE. I finished my series of 43 gratitude prompts. Go here to see why I was grateful for this writing endeavor. I am going on vacation and won’t be back until mid-November. So I decided to do my gratitude project early.

These are the boxes I collected for this year. As you can tell, I LOVE this ministry.

TWO. Operation Christmas Child Boxes. Since I am going on vacation on Sunday and coming back after our church collects the boxes, my OCC sewing group met to finish up odds-and-ends for the boxes. We also made sure the boxes were FULL and put the rubber bands and labels in the correct spot. Our OCC group made enough items and our church collected enough items to fill 47 boxes. This is even before individual church members fill up their own boxes.

THREE. Last movie of the year. Every 5th Tuesday (which happens 4 times a year), the senior group from church watches one of Pastor Mike’s favourite movies. This past Tuesday 20 of us watched Breaking Away. While the language is naughty, there are some worthwhile themes to ponder. We also laughed, chatted and ate some tasty snacks together. We had our movie on the 4th Tuesday because of scheduling conflicts.

FOUR. Decluttering. I have stayed true to my 31 minutes a day of decluttering. I am actually seeing progress. Now I am getting down to the hardest layer to declutter: Christmas items, books and art/crafts supplies. Since I am going on vacation, I will finish up my decluttering series for #Write31Days in mid-November. I can’t write them ahead, because I need to declutter for each post, too.

FIVE. Unexpected time with family. I have been advertising on my Facebook page what our OCC group is collecting and making for this year’s boxes. Two folks not associated with my church contacted me and donated items. One lady is my precious niece, Jennifer. We haven’t seen each other in a year. So we met up at Chick-Fil-A, made the handoff and the five of us had linner together. She is a patient, happy mommy and has a caring, generous heart.

Your Turn . . . Share what tops your gratitude chart for this week.


#Write31Days Series

43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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Friday’s Fave Five October 20, 2017

“Old age is dark and unlovely, Sally” said Mrs. Adams.

“Still,” said Sally, “you have much to be happy about.”

“True,” agrees Mrs. Adams.

~ (This short conversation came from an episode on John Adams.)

Yes, old age is dark and unlovely. And yes, there is still much to be happy about. Right now I am going to list five things that gets my gratitude. Join us here to do the same.

ONE. Celebrated Emily’s Birthday breakfast and dinner. My niece turned 16 and we had the required birthday waffles and ice cream breakfast and then the birthday person’s choice for dinner (lasagna, bread and salad with cheesecake for dessert.) Emily is smart, athletic, funny, loving, godly, and dedicated. I am blessed to have her as a niece.

TWO. Completed another 5K Fun Walk. Mary and I have finished four 5K’s now. This one was along the American River. There were only 40ish people – mainly running. At least we weren’t the last folks done. It was a lovely day and the money went to a cause we both believe in: the Children’s Receiving Home.

THREE. Decluttering is still going on. The thing I am happiest about is that the porch is empty. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I had a huge incentive to get this area done.

FOUR. Car was donated. I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with my old car but wasn’t having any luck. With some help from my daughter, my car was donated today. It feels good to help a non-profit. And it feels good to cross off a majour item on my to-do list.

FIVE. Decorated a bulletin board. Cheryl helped me to put up new information on our PEP 55+ bulletin board. The gal who normally takes care of changing out the advertising. is not feeling well. So Cheryl helped me and we think we did a nice job. Plus it was fun spending time with Cheryl. And we even got in a few minutes of prayer together.

Your Turn . . . Please share something from your list.

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Friday’s Fave Five October 13, 2017

“Praise God even when you don’t understand what He is doing.” ~ Henry Jacobsen

This week certainly brought uncertainty and questioning with all the fires in Northern California and the horrendous mass murder in Las Vegas. So it is even more important that we recount our blessings! Join with Susanne and others at Friday’s Fave Five.

ONE. Monterey Trip. Last weekend my daughter, Elizabeth, and I visited my niece, Kadie, at University in Monterrey. We walked the beach, cooked fresh trout, strolled through a Salvador Dali Museum, chatted, drank tea, and made food together. It was a FUN, delightful time.

TWO. Reading. Threads of Suspicion is a book fellow FFFer Barb recommended. I don’t recommend you read this book until the 3rd book is in print. Unless unlike me you can wait patiently to have some questions answered.

THREE. Project Piles. I am decluttering 31 minutes each day in October. My newest kick is the craft/art supplies. I am sorting this table full of stuff into project piles and then putting them into see-through, large, ziplock bags. It will be much easier to see what I have. And it will be much easier to grab a bag and start because everything is there. … I have been able to release some projects. 🙂

FOUR. Small Group. We had our 3rd meeting last night. And again it was a lot of laughing, probing discussion, some tears, and vulnerability. I am honoured to partner with these gals as we do life together and grow closer to each other and God. I shared this link about taking an online quiz to discover your love language. Knowing this information might help us to love on each other better.

FIVE. Hair cut. I have been trying to grow my hair into a different style, but after 4 months, it is clear that style is not for me. I must have shorter, layered locks. So I had my hair cut like it usually is. And it looks so much better.

Your turn . . .  Share what you’ve been grateful for. In these times of devastation, it is more important than ever to capture those things and treasure them.

What I wrote this week . . ..

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Friday’s Fave Five September 1st, 2017

“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.”  Doris Day

I believe that I am rich. I am not rich by way of money, but because of friendships, family, health, and many other things, I am RICH.

Today I will recount 5 things for which I am grateful. Why don’t you join us at Friday’s Fave Five.

ONE. Cleaning out the garage. I am on a mission to finish decluttering my house. Right now, the garage is the focus. I spent 2 1/2 hours one day and then I had to stop because the temps have been in the 100’s. But I made a GREAT start. And so that I could stay motivated, my daughter took several trips to the thrift store with my cast offs and brought out water so I didn’t dehydrate too much.

This table top BBQ was easy to assemble & fun to use. And it only cost $1.50.

TWO. National Toasted Marshmallow Day. And yes, my daughter and I did celebrate, gluten-free style. We made tabletop BBQ’s (with clay pots). Go to this link to see how we did this. In case you can’t tell, I like to celebrate national holidays.

THREE. PEP Thursday Breakfast. Every Thursday there is a standing invitation for PEPers (our senior 55+ group) to meet at Perkos for breakfast (or just a cup of coffee). Today I attended and I was the 17th (and last) person to join the group. What a GROUP we were. Besides having a lovely breakfast (2 easy over eggs sitting on top of a dinner salad), I got to visit with a couple that I didn’t know very well. I got full on good food and good company.

Some of our Boggle boards. Do you like to play word games? Set the timer for 3 minutes & see how many words you can create on the right hand board.

FOUR. Boggle. I have no idea where my game box is. I imagine I will find it once I am done decluttering. This week I had a HANKERING to play Boggle. So my daughter made us paper Boggle boards. Do you know that if you are tired, and you play this game, you WILL wake up. I won one night and my daughter won one night. Now we’ll have to have a championship round.

FIVE. Inside Out Movie. On the 5th Tuesday of the month, PEP watches a movie at the church. We watch one of Pastor Mike’s favourite movies. This time it was Inside Out. Have you seen it? If not, do! It was about how important it is to have a full range of emotions especially sadness.

It was a great way to beat the HEAT. There were some tears, and laughs, and lots of good discussion. And someone brought homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Your Turn . . . Did you have to escape the heat or sleepy eyes this past week? . . . What movie would you recommend? . . . When was the last time you had s’mores?

What I Am Reading  . . . Mrs Dalloway (out loud with my daughter)

What I Wrote This Week . . . 


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Friday’s Fave Five August 25th, 2017

“Find the good and praise it.” ~ Alex Haley

That is what I am doing tonight. I am looking over my past week for the good. I am praising it and I am thankful. Join the rest of us here for Friday’s Fave Five.

ONE. Finger pin cushion. I’ve had these supplies and this pinned post for a long time. I finally made it. Even though I crafted for only 12 minutes, it was a satisfying feeling and a useful end product.

One. Upcycled project. My daughter gathered all the “beauty supplies” to one spot. She kept finding tweezers and nails clippers in multiple areas. Instead of putting these in the beauty basket, Elizabeth made a container from an empty, round tube of kleenex. Wahoo for creativity and organization.

THREE. Visited family in Berkeley. I got to spend two days with some of the Berkeley family. We had park time, craft time, cuddle time and lots of talking. Being with them never gets old.

FOUR. Found a charger cord. Somehow I lost my home charger cord for my iPhone. I kept borrowing my daughter’s cord because I didn’t want to buy another one.  I was sure that as soon as I did, I would find the cord. … BUT – while I was taking a walk in Berkeley, I found one in a scattered pile of trash on the sidewalk.

FIVE. Given two 3 tiered-serving stands. Every year we have a Tea during Missions week at my church. And every year we have to borrow 12 of these stands. In January I decided that I would scour thrift stores for some of our own. On Monday one of our volunteers donated these for our collection! We now have six (and four 2-tiered stands).

Your Turn . . .  Share something good from your week.

What I Finished Reading  . . . small great things: A Novel by Jodi Picoult . . . The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

What I Wrote This Week . . . 

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Friday’s Fave Five August 18, 2017

Wow – this week has flown. I didn’t even make time to write. But today, right now, I WILL make time to recount five blessings from this past week. I am linking this to Susanne’s meme, Friday’s Fave Five.

I made more chia seed jam, blueberry this time. For breakfast I had it with yogurt and Qi’a. I made one pint of jam and used only 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Mary and I walked our monthly “professional” 5k: The Susan B. Anthony Fun Run/Walk. We improved our time by 2 minutes. There were fun, free additions like a goody bag, massage and raffle. Mary won that colourful striped bag.

6 weeks ago my daughter lost her copy of my car key while we were camping. This past weekend she found it while hiking in the same area. Elizabeth didn’t find it on the ground. She found it in her jacket pocket.

This week I decided in addition to walking a 5K monthly, I want to also walk one each week. My daughter and I did that one evening. This photo documents our last steps of that 5K. (I want to “step up” my commitment to health.)

I have been craving Lemon Meringue Pie for 3 weeks. Tuesday was National Lemon Meringue Pie Day, so I resisted no longer. I always think of my Grandma Ruby when I think of this pie, so she was the unseen, missing guest at our table. … Now take a moment to reflect on your favourite blessings from this past week.

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