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Friday’s Fave Five June 23

I am watching 59 musicals this year. Today I watched The Flower Drum Song. Below are some of the lyrics to a song I heard.

♮ ♪ ♭ A hundred million miracles are happ’ning ev’ry day, ♩ ♬ ♯♫ And those who say they don’t agree ♫♩ ♩♭ Are those who do not hear or see. ♮♪

Some “commonplace” miracles that are mentioned are noticed only by those who will hear and see. 

  • Changing weather
  • Swallow eggs that hatch as fully formed birds
  • Toddler learning to walk
  • Creating music

Friday’s Fave Five are (usually) commonplace miracles noticed only by those who deliberately look for them. I looked and want to share my five. Go here to link up your commonplace miracles post or leave a comment at the end of this post.

ONE. Projects. Twice a month (at least) a group of gals (12-80) gathers to sew/craft items for Operation Christmas Child. Lucy (coordinator) and I met to sort the projects so that those who do not use a sewing machine could have plenty to do when we meet.

  • Sew buttons on the “purses” for cloth menstrual pads
  • Stuff doll arms and legs
  • Slip ribbon into casings for pillowcase dresses and marble bags

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TWO.  Underground Tour. I have the honour of over-seeing the PEP 55+ ministry at my church. This past week we maxed out the 11am slot (20 people) for the Underground Tour in Old Sacramento. It was interesting to hear how Gold Rush events impacted that area. Afterwards we lunched. Each car full of folks went some place different. I love field trips and I spending time with everyone, especially the ladies in my car.

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THREE. Quotes. This past week I finished A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman by Joan Anderson. It is on my Summer bucket list. I don’t remember who recommended it. But once I found out that the main character lived a yearlong “quest,” I KNEW I had to read it. I am fascinated by those types of books. Here is my post that shares my favourite quotes from the book.

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FOUR. Father’s Day Breakfast. For the past two years. the men from my church cooked a pancake breakfast on Mother’s Day. So this year we decided we should do the same. We had egg casseroles with lots of sausage, coffee & orange juice. Muffins and fruit salad (with whipped cream)  were also offered. Not only did LOTS of people donate food but there was a steady crew of ladies in the kitchen: serving and cleaning. It was a festive atmosphere and people lingered over breakfast.

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FIVE. Dinner with Friends. Since I live alone, I spend a lot of meals alone which is okay with me. But it is a SPECIAL treat when I get to have dinner with someone else. And this week I had dinner with two different “groups” of people. Of course the food was tasty. But the special part for me was spending time with friends apart from work related functions.

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Those are my five faves.

Your Turn . . . Share yours!

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Friday’s Fave Five June 16, 2017

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. – Kak Sri

I have not had adversity this week, so I will keep this quote handy for a day when I do. And I can also use gratitude to paint my week even in more lovely hues. Please read on for my week’s most grateful memories.

ONE. Visitor. My daughter spent the weekend with me. I always have a TON of ideas of how to spend our time. One thing we did was to make three new recipes – all salads. I need more salads in my life and was happy that Elizabeth was cool with my agenda item. I wrote this post about salads and linked to the three we tried. And I must confess that 3 new food loves were part of these salads: kalamata olives, blood orange balsamic vinegar and mango peach salsa.

TWO. Celebration. Last weekend was also a time of celebration. One friend finished high school (Jordan) and another (Marsha) celebrated her 70th birthday (at the zoo). I am part of a community and I LOVE that I get to be part of celebrating milestones in the lives of my friends.

Beautiful tiles capture the beauty of the various plants

THREE. Field trip. I don’t think that I will ever be over the excitement of going on a field trip. My team and I organized an all church trip to the Davis arboretum. The age range was wide (7-80 years old). The activities were varied: played cards, walked, loved on the dog who came, photographed the beauty around us, chatted and chatted, and climbed trees.  And we all ate lunch together. FUN time. But I forgot my kite!

FOUR. Vacation plans. Several months ago I got a GREAT deal on airfare and cruise. I mean a STEAL. So did two others and we are looking forward to our trip in the Fall. Yesterday I got together with Scotti. We are narrowing down our excursions and finalizing details (packing list, fancy clothes, suitcase requirements, etc). I am grateful for this vacation and the folks I will accompany.

FIVE. Read. Last week was so busy that I didn’t get to read at all. I made up for it this week. And I got a special treat. I have been waiting for Elly Griffiths newest book, The Chalk Pit. I am 11/24 on the library’s waiting list. A friend, Marsha, mentioned that she has the book because her book club is reading it this month. Marsha surprised me with the book, knowing I could finish it before she needed it this weekend.

Your Turn . . . What is on your gratitude list this week? Join in with your own list in the comments. Or go here to find out what Friday’s Fave Five is all about.

I am linking to Friday’s Fave Five at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story.

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Friday’s Fave Five June 9, 2017

“Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble,” (Benjamin Franklin).

That is a healthy way to live. So endeavoring to write in marble today, I will share some of the benefits of this past week.

ONE. Declutter Bug. Every once in a while I get the urge to purge. Thankfully this is one such week. The shelves above my microwave and basket on the toilet tank received my attention. I hope this “bug” sticks around for a while.

Your Turn . . . How do you maintain possession overwhelm?

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TWO. Read. Even when it is busy, I usually take time to read some everyday. Reading helps me wind down and stay OFF social media especially at night. This week I finished The Eden Prophecy by Graham Brown. 

Your Turn . . . What do you do to wind down? Name the last, best book you’ve read.

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THREE. Facetime. I am always grateful to spend in person time with family. But when I can’t, I LOVE Facetime. This week I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to have FT with my grand daughters.

Your Turn . . . How do you keep in touch with family especially grandchildren?

FOUR. Accountability. School is out for the summer. That means I get to spend more time with my teacher friends. One friend (Michelle) and I are summer accountability partners. We want to lose weight by August 10th. Each morning we text each other with our weight. I also text her my blood sugar number. I have already seen some good changes (and results) happening because of this focused attention.

Your Turn . . . Have you found accountability to be a useful tool?

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FIVE. Summer bucket list. Since I am already working towards one thing from any to-do list I have, I thought I’d also make up a comprehensive Summer Bucket List. I love making such lists. I love dreaming about all the possibilities. And when I have accountability built-in (like by posting this and doing a half-way through review post), I get more done. And that is also exciting.

The things that would make the most impact on my Summer are losing weight and learning Spanish. The first item is seeing progress. The second? Nothing so far. But I want to keep telling myself that I Can do Hard Things. 

Your Turn . . . Are you a Bucket List Fan? What Activity Are You Still Working Up The Courage To Try? Looking back at Summer 2017, what two things could you do that would make it AWESOME?  

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Please join us and make your own list in marble. New to Friday’s Fave Five?  Go here to find out what it is all about. Or leave your gratitude comments on this post.

I am linking to Friday’s Fave Five at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story.

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Friday’s Fave Five – November 3, 2016

fff-delicate-leavesIt’s the beginning of November and gratitude is in the air and in my heart. I am joining in with this meme (Friday’s Fave Five) to make sure that the gratitude stays in my heart. Feel free to join in the meme or in the comments with your gratitude list.

Blessing One – Shoe and Sock Drive and Food for Neighborhood Meals. Once a month our church provides a yummy dinner for people (homeless, lonely, low-income). This month the Women’s Ministry from my church recruited folks to make meatloaf and brownies. And we had a successful sock and shoe drive. I am grateful that Cheryl took oversight of this project.

I had dinner and a chat with one of our guests. He told me,  “I can’t believe that I got new socks and a pair of shoes that fit! [He is a TALL gentleman.] AND I got this hooded sweatshirt that FITS as well. I am so grateful.”

I am grateful that someone came to the church while we were setting up and donated a BIG plastic tub FULL of things like that hooded sweatshirt. And I am grateful that despite a rainy afternoon (but dry evening), 90 folks received the blessings of a home-cooked meal and footwear.

Jeremy, Bip and Susan (me) showing off our carved creations.

Jeremy, Bip and Susan (me) showing off our carved creations. It was easier using tools from a carving kit

Blessing Two – Carved real pumpkins. Last week I decorated faux pumpkins with my grand daughter and her great aunt. This past week I carved a real pumpkin with Bip. She told me she’d never carved a pumpkin before and I thought we needed to rectify that.

I finally learned how to take a photo at night. I don't know why it took me so long to learn.

I finally learned how to take a photo at night. I don’t know why it took me so long to learn.

I provided the pumpkins and her husband, Jeremy, provided the toolkit. I don’t have a lot of patience for carving so mine is always basic. But this year I did the eyes a little differently. And I think it is just right for being in the middle of this set of 3.

I am grateful for the friendship and company of these two folks who are also ministry partners. And I am grateful that we got to make some fun memories together.

Blessing Three – Watched a movie after I read the book. This year one of my book reading goals is to read books that were made into movies this year. So far I’ve read the following:

  • The BFG by Roald Dahl
  • The Circle by Dave Eggers
  • The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
  • A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: The First (of Three) Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Children by Ramsom Riggs
  • Silence by Shusaku Endo

And on Tuesday (movies are $5), Bip and I watched Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It was a good portrayal of the book.

Going to the movies was our reward for doing some things for our Saturday morning Sisters in Prayer Reveal.

3-pumpkin-centerpieceBlessing Four –  Fall Crafting. Seems like this time of the year, I HAVE to take time to do some crafting. This past week I made two fall centerpieces. I craft not only for the finished product, but also because it is so relaxing.

Ths is one of the projects. The “pumpkin” on the bottom is really a yellow and green squash. I sponged orange paint on all three vegetables before inserting toothpicks and hot glueing them together.

I will make another centerpiece. I will use a bigger pot next time as I think this one is a little on the small side.

Big sister dressed up as a butterfly for Halloween. In this photo it looks like Sissy is surprised at her older sister's costume.

Big sister dressed up as a butterfly for Halloween. In this photo it looks like Sissy is surprised at her older sister’s costume. When you take LOTS of photos, you can often luck out on a great one.

Blessing Five –  Halloween. I worked in the morning. And while there, we had 20 Trick-or-Treaters. 3 days a week there is a memory care day group at our church. Every year they come to the office to get sweets and they always give us a decorated bag of sweets. too.

Then I drove to my son’s home. I got to  Trick-or-Treat with my grand daughters. I spent the night so I had extra time to apply faux tattoos, bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, read, and  do some crafting.

I had a blessed week. I hope you did ,too.

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Five Blessings and No Complaints


Time to remember and share another five blessings from this past week. Doing this helps me stay on target with no complaining. I am doing this gratitude exercise and linking up at Susanne’s blog, Living to Tell the Story. Join us in this weekly meme. There is plenty of room.

I am on Day 19. My goal is 21 days in a row of not complaining.

Blessing #1I made it through another week of not complaining. I almost lost it on Day 17 but I remembered in the knick of time to ask for what I wanted. Asking for What You Want Is Scary But It Stops Complaining. On Day 18 I was able to stop my complaining mid-sentence. Adding a “BUT” Turned Situation from Complaining to Resolved.


Blessing #2 – I spent the day with my grand children on Saturday. We hugged and talked. We walked to a harvest festival where we ate pizza with cheese and basil, walked through a HUGE bubble and petted a goat and bunnies.


Blessing #3 – I had creative time. I was at a team meeting tonight and one of the ladies said, “If Susan is involved in something there will be a craft.” Yep, and even when I visit my grand kiddos there will be a craft. Saturday night we decorated faux pumpkins from the Dollar Store. The medium choices were paint and/or gluing on torn bits of construction paper. I did only gluing. Sofia chose to glue on paper and paint. Tia chose the only painting option. That one was given away to a friend.  . . . The pumpkin on the far right is melted crayons. I made it two weeks ago and when I showed Sofia (via FaveTime) she asked  if she could have it. Of course, sweat pea. Of course.

Blessing #4 – I had a healthy and tasty snack 3 days last week. It was an easy to prepare, old-fashioned snack of cold, fresh celery logs topped with almond butter. Yummm. I cannot remember the last time I ate that. I need to buy more celery and almond butter.

bannerBlessing #5 –
I have a photography app on my iPhone that I’ve had forever and I just started using it this week: PicsArt. It is so fun. It turns photos into watercolour, deco art and so on. This is the photo that I doctored.

I love the quote, too: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” I want to live my life this way.

Your Turn . . . 

  1. What is your easiest, favourite, healthy snack? Do share.
  2. How do you release your creative juices?

fruitfulwords125Related Resources . . . 

Read about two folks who took this challenge and the impact it had on them.

I am joining 100’s of others at #write31days to write every day in October on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Fruitful Words. The category is Personal Endeavors. I will spend time each day on this topic to improve the quality of my thinking and the words coming out of my mouth

I am committing to this online writing challenge. My topic is 31 Days of Fruitful Words INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING. I know I will be challenged in more ways than writing every day. If you’d like to have more fruitful words coming from your mouth, please join me from October 1-31, 2016

Today is Day 21 of the #Write31Days online October writing challenge. My topic is 31 Days of Fruitful Words INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING. I know I will be challenged in more ways than writing every day. If you’d like to have more fruitful words coming from your mouth, please join me from October 1-31, 2016.

Go here to see what #Write31Days is all about, the categories and the bloggers who are participating.

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Friday’s Fave Five: 12-18-2015

Holiday FFFHello, Friday. It is time to share five blessings from my last week. To tell us your blessings, leave a comment or write a post and link up at Living to Tell the Story on the Friday’s Fave Five meme.



Bip and I are showing off our garland and our smiles.

ONE. Craft Night. Even though December is a BUSY time Lina walked 8 adults and 2 children through the mechanics of folding a magazine into a Christmas tree. We even made origami garland and ornaments. We had some goodies and lots of laughter and chatting interspersed with our folding. I am grateful for friend breaks (especially during a busy time) and getting the chance to create,

TWO.  A BUSY SUNDAY. I coordinated two events for this day. The 1st one was the Kids program. This year the kids (from PreK – Senior adults) combined forces to help us celebrate last Sunday at church. Their influence and presence were seen in receiving the offering Advent reading, special music, and skit. Joan and Jeanne deserve special mention for their creativity and leadership in making this all happen. It was a memorable morning highlighting the Jesus we love and serve.

The 2nd event was the Senior Christmas Party. Whew! A lot of details were followed one after the other in order to make this event happen. And each detail was executed WELL! MANY thanks go to the PEP 55+ ministry team (Jeanette, Marsha, and Shirley), Trudy, Joan, and Gillian for the roles they filled. Our catered event was beautiful and tasty. The seniors were truly spoiled!


For a variety of reasons I did not decorate this year for Christmas. So my daughter did a couple of things to “Christmasfy” my apartment.

THREE. Surprise visit. We had a death in the family and my daughter was able to come home for a few days thanks to her manager who re-arranged her schedule (even though it is a HECTIC time) and to a generous friend who lent Elizabeth her car.

The cell reception to Yosemite is not that great so we don’t get to chat much. Although we did while she was here! And she surprised me by making and hanging decorations from my ceiling and with a poinsettia plant. It sure looks festive in my room!!!

FOUR. Making meals. Several times a month my friend Marsha and I gather to eat soup and salad and watch a movie. Sometimes we bake/cook together. This past week we made a cheesy brown rice and chicken (with bacon) casserole. We gave these to two different families. I am grateful that I have a friend that does such things with me.

These 2 lovely ladies were waiting patient;y for the celebration to start.

patiently waiting for the celebration

FIVE. Wedding. I enjoyed attending this wedding. Weddings are always a great reminder of how to love well. The couple exemplify selfless love and I enjoyed hearing some of their recent history. God has a prominent place in that history.

I am grateful for their example and desire to live according to His will.

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Friday’s Fave Fave – 12/11/15

“Find the good and praise it,” (Alex Haley).

Getting together with these folks was surely part of the good of my week.

Getting together with these folks was surely part of the good of my week.

A look back at my past week reveals things that are good and a cause for gratitude. In this post I share five such things.

ONE. Family Traditions. On Sunday I had the privilege of being part of my grand daughter’s first Christmas cookie-making time.

  • I forgot to bring a few things so we walked to a near by outside mall to a kitchen store. The walk, the lights on the street, and being with one another added so much to the day.
  • You know how kiddos (especially ones of the toddler variety) LOVE to
    Daddy taught Sofia the proper way to 'clean" frosting off the beater.

    Daddy taught Sofia the proper way to ‘clean” frosting off the beater.

    dump sprinkles onto their cookie creations? Well, not my Sofia. She very delicately gave two tiny shakes of the jar onto the chosen cookies. Although she was quite generous when using the frosting tubes.

  • But like every other kiddo, she’d lick the knife and eat a cookie when the adults weren’t looking.
  • Truth be told, I ate a few cookies that way, too.

TWO. Praying Friends. I believe in the power and “help” of prayer. I am so blessed to have a circle of folks who pray for me regularly. And blessed to have folks I can call or text to say, “please pray!”

Sofia and I also made our 2nd annual Christmas ornament. Last year it was a glittered hand-print (her's of course). This year it was a glittered Sofia The First ornament.

Sofia and I also made our 2nd annual Christmas ornament. Last year it was a glittered hand-print (her’s of course). This year it was a glittered Sofia The First Princess ornament.

THREE. Celebration of Life. I went to a memorial service for a friend’s father this week. It was such an inspiring service. I hope my life reveals such inspiration at my life’s end. I am grateful for Jim’s legacy and example. Both make me want to be a better woman.

FOUR. Music. This week music has cheered and inspired me . I have also used it as an aid to study and for sounder sleep.

FIVE. Small Group. On Mondays I facilitate two small groups. We are going through Face-to-Face with Naomi and Ruth: Together for the Journey by Janet Thompson.

  • I love hearing the answers and questions they have from the book, the Bible, and each other.
  • I love seeing their insights and growth. I love seeing the affection they have for each other.
  • We had an especially thought-provoking time last Monday. Two of my fave questions were as follows. (1) How teachable are you?  (2) What kind of person brings out a teachable spirit in you?

Holiday FFFThese are five of my blessings from last week. Share in the comments or link up at Living to Tell the Story to share your own post of five blessings.



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