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Why I Put Quotes With My Signature

I like to put quotes with my signature on email. I like to change them frequently.

I choose quotes that remind me . . . 

to Growthink…act courageously…or be silly.

to Feel…what I’m feeling…the forbidden…how I did as a child.

that Life…is a gift…is hard…has a purpose.

I use quotes that inspire…outrage…hope…unordinary thinking.

My current quote is… “Living clearly and consciously takes work. I don’t mean struggle. I mean that it takes choosing. And choosing again. And then again.” Christine Kane

Quotes I’ve used and pondered in the past . . .

  • “Spend less than you make and do it for a very long time.”  Ron Blue
  • “I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.” Jennifer Yane
  • “The more I resist Him and try to live on my own, the more I become
    dominated by my own heredity and upbringing and surroundings and natural desires.” C.S. Lewis
  • “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
    For, indeed, they are the only ones who ever have.” Margaret Mead
  • “Be strong. Have strength of heart, and do it.
    Do not be afraid or troubled, for the Lord God,
    my God, is with you.
    He will not stop helping you.
    He will not leave you until all the work
    of the house of the Lord is finished.”
    1 Chronicles 28:20

Do you use quotes with your signature? Why or why not?

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Posts from Running Shoes

Running Shoes 4 Ever is posting again!

We are challenging each other to post every day.

  • Friday-Tuesday we’ll post a gratitude list.
  • For each week of July we will post something about National ice cream month.
  • Wednesdays will be Works-For-Me Wednesdays.
  • Thursday is a Thursday 13 list.

It’s more fun when a group joins in. Feel free to join us in posting on these topics. Feel free to suggest a topic for us.

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Why I Have Sleep Issues

  • I drink tea or hot chocolate in the evening. (I mainly drink English Breakfast tea.)
  • I read and study in bed.
  • I use my computer or watch TV right up to bedtime.
  • I don’t have a regular bedtime.
  • I don’t exercise much.
  • I eat surgery snacks at night -especially if I am studying and/or writing a paper for school.
  • I do most of my heavy thinking at night. (I.e. I worry or work on creative projects.)

All of these are sleep no-no’s.

Last week I decided that I’d work on my sleep habits: Get to bed by 10 pm. 4 nights a week. That didn’t happen even one night.

But I did get to bed by 11 p.m. on 4 nights. And I was so tired I didn’t even have to count backwards in order to fall asleep. This is unusual for me. If I stay up past 10, I typically get a second wind and can’t get to sleep for hours!

If I am really serious about learning to sleep well, I need to make a sleep plan. AND FOLLOW IT. I will take 2 or 3 things from the above list and do the opposite.

  1. Go to bed at a regular hour. I’ll still aim for 10 p.m. 4 nights a week.
  2. I’d like to walk 3-4 times a week, preferably with Chip.
  3. I wonder if I could stop all media interaction one hour before bedtime? I’ll try and see what happens.

What advice do you have regarding sleep? I’m all ears.

For more Smart Habit Saturday posts go here. Write one of your own and be sure to let know, so I can have a read.

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Week 4 Summary of Habits for 51 Things

Almost 4 weeks done in my 52 weeks of accomplishing my 51 Things List.

Click here for the summary of week one.

Here’s a recap of the past 4 weeks on my 18 Habits – I worked on 8 of them –with varying degrees of success.

  1. Taking a walk with Chip 5 nights a week – More like 3 nights is what I did. Which is a shame because he enjoys this so much.
  2. Picking up trash once a week. Yep – Did that each week.
  3. Crafty thing once a month. Yep. Did that yesteday and today. Yesterday I made up some fliers for the bulletin board at church. My roomie designed a card (and flier) to pass out to the women for M&M Saturday on April 19th. My part was to cut and glue. Today I made about 16 butterflies for the Women’s Ministry bulletin board. Easy, fast and cute! Go here for the directions and visual from HowAboutOrange. I used the paper I had (scrapbook) and I think they are cute! Check out the bulletin board to have a looksee.
  4. Sabbath Rest twice a month. Thiis Sunay will be a busy one; so, I did this once. And it was wonderful.
  5. Write letters on 3rd Sunday. Check. And I’ve taken time to write a few letters/notes on other Sundays as well. One of the letters I recently sent was put into an envelope made from a calendar page – a picture of a sassy, bright watermelon.
  6. Random Act of Kindness (8 times these 52 weeks). Did this twice. 🙂
  7. Invite people to my house (6 times these 52 weeks). Did this once. I cooked all the food on Saturday. House was cleaned on Saturday. All I had to do was set the table and reheat the food. It was an easy, delightful way to celebrate with my guests.
  8. Go to bed by 10 p.m. nights a week. Not so good. Last week I was semi-regular about getting to bed by 11. The other weeks not so good. This is the habit I’ll be working on for Smart Habit Saturday until I have my sleep patterns under control.

So how are your habits coming along? Have you taken the time to decide how you’d like to be different this time next year? Come join me as I change and impact my world one habit at a time.

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M&M Saturday, April 19th

Mug & Muffin Saturday: 9-10 a.m. – Rudat Hall

Speakers: Elise, Lorna & Barbie will share an…

Honest Talk About Prayer

Come join us for a mug of coffee, a delicious muffin, & fellowship with other ladies.

There’s No Cost. Bring yourself & a friend!

RSVP to Church Office or Sarah.

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What Are Your Life Lessons?

You’ve all seen these lists. They include pithy thoughts like, “In 3 words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on.” Robert Frost.

This is good. And it is applicable. But . . . .

  • What if I actually thought about my life and came up with my own list of things I’ve learned?
  • How many could I come up with?
  • Would I be able to express who is responsible for teaching me that?

Stu Gray from The Creative Mouthpiece has done just that. Click here to read the 33 things he’s learned in the past 33 years. I think this is a very thoughtful list.

I’m not going to think about Stu’s list too much. Not until I’ve come up with my own list. I wonder if I’ll be able to come up with 10 things, much less 50!

What are some things you’d put on your list. Who did you learn it from?

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13 Things to Pray

  1. I’m starting a new quarter in seminary. I need prayers for organization & diligence; a quick, retentive mind; and applicability of what I learn.
  2. I have 4 more quarters until graduation. Pray that happens in May 2009.
  3. Regarding that, please pray for funds, strength, perseverance and all of #1.
  4. Pray that my classes aren’t just classes. I want to find God’s will & heart in each class. I want to be captured & motivated by these qualities.
  5. The next M&M Saturday is April 19th at 9 am. It will be on prayer. Please ask God to show Himself REAL to each woman who shows up. . . . That each woman will be encouraged, enthused and enlightened by this one hour of time together. . . . John Wesley said that “Prayer is truly the most useful of all pastimes.” Pray that I experience the truth of that statement. And that the women do too.
  6. We have two pregnant women at church. Please pray for health and safe pregnancy/delivery for mom and baby. . . . That the transition will be smooth for all concerned. . . . That God will meet all the needs spoken and unspoken. . . . That the babies will come to know Christ at an early age and walk in a close love-relationship with out Saviour. . . That the church body will thoughtfully, consistently and lovingly gather around these women and their families to meet their needs and even some of their wants. . . . Please ask God to bless them and the blessings they carry in a very tangible way.
  7. Retreat is happening June 4-6. Pray that all the details will be taken care of easily, well, and thoroughly in FUN. . . . Pray for the speaker and worship team. . . . Pray that the hearts of the attendees are already being prepared by God to hear from Him. . . . That friendships will be deepened or made.
  8. About 6 Bible studies are happening at church. Please pray that the leaders put in the time to prepare for the class. . . . That the attendees prepare as well. . . . That the Word of God impacts thoughts & actions. . . . That relationships will be deepened with each other & with God.
  9. Pastor Mike is preaching on “God’s remedy for Financial Worries.Pray that the Word of God is mightier than our fear, habits, and strongholds. . . . That we live in the strength, joy, power & generosity of the Holy Spirit. . . . That this series impacts us so much that our watching family, friends and co-workers notice a difference. . . . That they want to have a new relationship with Christ.
  10. Our youth pastor and his support staff are awesome. Please pray that God continues to give them all strength, unity, discernment, passion, and an ongoing and pure relationship with Him.
  11. Women’s Ministry needs your prayer. Pray that we do God’s will as individuals and as a team. . . . That God continues to give each of us strength, unity, discernment, passion, and an ongoing and pure relationship with Him.
  12. Please pray for my ex. His birthday is on the 12th and he has been on my mind a lot this past week. . . . Pray that God’s blessings saturate his mind, soul, heart and body. . . . That healing, peace, joy and provision find and meet his needs. . . . That relationship reconciliation is a deep yearning for him that takes place soon. . . . That God is a Friend as well as Master; Lover and King; Brother and Saviour.
  13. Pray that I am diligent with my 40 days of prayer. . . That I discern God’s voice in the matters I am praying about. . . . That I am humble and mature enough to follow His will.

Now, how may I pray for you? You can leave a request here, on my home phone or email.

It is a great truth that Our God hears and answers prayer. I am grateful that He alwyas answers according to our best and His glory.

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5 Icons to Use When Taking Notes (WFMW)

I take a lot of notes between seminary classes and church. I have developed a few shorthand icons that you might like to use.

I draw the following pictures in the margin of my notes. . . .

  1. Outline a book – I use this anytime a book is mentioned. I also write the name of the book and underline the name.
  2. Smiley face – I use this whenever a person’s name is mentioned.
  3. Lightbulb – I use this whenever I want to think more about a certain concept.
  4. Tear drop – I use this whenever I am emotionally moved and need to come back to think about why.
  5. Hand outline – I use this to denote a prayer item.

Do you have any shorthand icons that you use? Please share.

Go to Works-For-Me-Wednesday to read tips on all sorts of topics. So far there are 295 submissions!

Edited to add: AI – This means Action Item. Whenever I think of something I need to do, I write the something on the top of the page with AI next to it. The AI might or might not relate to the class.

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Spring Recipes – Educate Me

Do you serve different food in the Spring than in the Winter, Fall or Summer? What meals do you indulge in only during that season?

The one obvious change I make is the availability of fresh fruit and/or veggies. If pears are cheaper, I eat those. If asparagus is a good deal, that’s on my plate. However, I don’t tend to make things with the produce. I like it plain. Maybe because I don’t get it very often.

Although, CatLady makes a great pear salad. I don’t remember what’s in it. But I do remember my tongue being very impressed.

Like here is a great sounding recipe for a Strawberry Cream Dessert. It calls for 3 cups of fresh strawberries – that you mash up and mix with the other ingredients. I would rather EAT those fresh strawberries plain – with a dollop of whipped cream.

But I don’t have menus or recipes that reflect a season. Since it is Spring, I suppose salads are more popular. I’m not much of a salad eater, nor do I have many salad recipes. I have one for potato salad (killer recipe with a secret ingredient), macaroni salad and green stuff (cottage cheese, pineapple, pistachio pudding concoction).

For a mixed green salad, I just throw in stuff from my fridge – which doesn’t normally harbour many things from the veg department. Currently I am partial to adding orange segments and cooked walnuts. If you haven’t tried this, you MUST.

One website recommends that you eat these 20 foods because it’s Spring and these foods are good for you.

I googled recipes+spring thinking not much was out there. Boy am I wrong! 940,000 times wrong.

Family Fun has a whole page of ideas. From desserts, drinks, snacks, salads to grilling. Hey, I don’t just BBQ in the Spring/Summer. I grill year round – even in the rain or snow.

Gastronomical Three has Three Simple Dinners That Look Ahead to Spring. The pics make you wish you were invited to sample.

Click here to find the top 10 Spring recipes. This Chicken Focaccia Sandwich is a must on my list. You make the bread with refrigerated bread dough. Even I could do that. This Fruit & Cheese Salad looks good too. I’d like to give this Pear Bread a try.

Recipe Zaar has 4,9,29 Spring recipes. Click here to start on this Spring tour. What do you know! One of their top featured recipes is green stuff. My recipe is a little different, but this one looks yummy too. has a page with 10 low fat recipes for Spring. Besides the obligatory fish recipes, there is even a low fat version of creme brulee.

Simply Recipes is a great source of ideas and inspiration. She lists 17 Spring recipes. Look at this Crab Mango Salad.  This Ham & Asparagus recipe comes with step-by-step pictures.

YumSugar has compiled a slide show (with links) of 10 recipes that announce Spring. I’d like to try this Spring Minestrone Pasta. And try this Seared Fish With Spring Vegetables because I am trying to like fish and beets better.

 I could go on. There are still about 940,000 pages to visit. Spare me this time-consuming journey and share.

What are your Spring recipes?  Spring meals? Educate me; so I, too, can join in the Spring fun – this Spring.

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51 Things Minus 18 Habits = 32 Things

Now that I’ve taken the habits out of my 51 Things List, I have 32 things left. Below is that list . . .


  1. Complete 1/4th consecration requirements
  2. Vote intelligently
  3. Read 2 books for funClick here for the review of one book.)
  4. Figure out what’s wrong with my camera
  5. Learn to do one thing on my blog
  6. Finish courses for masters (I’ve printed out what’s left. By taking 2-3 classes each quarter, I’ll be done by next June!)


  1. Make a will
  2. Know my FICO score
  3. Fund a ROTH IRA
  4. Pay off 1/4th of my student loans


  1. Sort out stuff in my bedroom
  2. Catalog books
  3. Create handbook
  4. Put together mother’s day book


  1. Go on Cruise to Alaska or Hot Air Balloon (My family is taking me to Napa Valley for a Hot Air Balloon Ride April 19th!!!!)
  2. Go camping 1x
  3. Attend a “show” in SF with kiddos
  4. Go on a bus tour of SF
  5. Spend the day at the beach 2 x’s
  6. Go to Crocker Art Museum
  7. Go ice-blocking: take pictures


  1. Do 1 thing out of my comfort zone
  2. Learn and tell well 4 jokes
  3. Clean out trunk of car
  4. Go to the dentist
  5. Get a pedicure (before retreat)
  6. Plan my funeral (I’ve composed a poem and directions for the Pastor. I now need to talk to my kiddos about cremation vs. burial.)
  7. Install a clothesline – use 2x’s mo


  1. Read thru Bible in 90 days w/ sm
  2. Go on a missions trip
  3. Study Genesis w/ lv

And One To Grow On . . .

  1. Study prayer (I am currently going through How To Pray: The Best of John Wesley on Prayer. And I am embarking on 40 days of prayer regarding ministry. 2 other women are doing this (from school) which will help hold me accountable.)

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World Health Day Goes Green: Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

Today, April 7, 2008, is World Health Day. This year’s theme is Protect Health from Climate Change. Now whether you think there is global warming and resulting disastrous changes going on or not, we can do things that will make a positive impact on our environment and wallet.

The World Health Association has put out an A-Z list of ways we can help. Most of the ideas revolve around going green – reducing our energy consumption and being smarter about waste disposal/recycling. Below are some of the suggestions.

  • Calculate your personal carbon footprint. Then reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Go to to get your number.
  • Half your emissions by setting the thermostat at a lower number in the Winter (65 degrees) and higher number in the Summer (70 degrees). Keep the filters clean. Evidently almost half of the energy we use in our homes goes to cooling. (I didn’t know that.) I am guilty about checking the filters.  😦
  • Off! Turn off appliances when not in use – TV’s, Computers, Coffee Makers, Toasters, Stereos, Lights, VCR/DVD Players and Photocopiers. My TV, Stereo and VCR/DVD Player are all connected to the same power cord. It is easy to turn them all off at the same time. It is not so easy to remember to turn them off.
  • Quit plastic bags. Bring your own bags when going shopping. Did you know that Seattle is considering charging customers 20 cents for each disposable bag? Paper and plastic! Click here for the full post on this.

Click here for directions on making your own shopping bags.

Click here for directions on making a canvas bag.

YouTube has directions for those wanting a video (7 minutes), instead of just words, for making a canvas shopping bag.

  • Read green blogs. (My idea) Here are a few to check out: Things That Make You Go Green, Tree Hugger, and Tree Hugging Family. Please share the green blogs that you read. Also share your favorite post.
  • Use less energy and conserve more of it. Think when using water – turn it off when not needed – like when brushing your teeth, washing hands, soaping clothes or dishes.

When we lived in England, we didn’t have a lot of hot water available for the shower. So once we got wet, the water was turned off while soaping the body and shampooing the hair. Then the water was turned back on for a quick rinse. I still do that – for the most part.  🙂

Another way I am going to use less energy, is by installing and using a clothesline. I’ve never used a clothesline before.

Click here to read how I use an electric blanket to save energy & money.

Check out the whole A-Z list by clicking here.

What are your green ideas?

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18 Habits to Instill This 50th Year

When I made up my 51 Things List, I was crazy.  I mixed habits with one-time events. But since these are all things I want to accomplish this year, I’ll stick with my original list.

Of course this list is not comprehensive of ALL the habits I want in my life.  Just ones I’ll concentrate on this 50th year of my life.

Educational Habits

  • Practice Typing (6 times a month)
  • Listen to/Do Spanish (6 times a month)

Finance Habits

  • Participate in an investing group

Others Habits

  • Write letters (8 of them this year)
  • Do Random Acts of Kindness (8 of them this year)
  • Special time with each niece (3 times this year)
  • Special time with each of my children (3 times this year)
  • Take a walk with Chip (5 times each week)

Personal Habits

  • Go to bed by 10 pm (4 nights per week)
  • Sabbath rest (2 Sundays a month)
  • Do one crafty thing each month
  • Find a sport I like (do 3 times a week)
  • Invite someone to my house (6 times this year)
  • Join an accountability group
  • Get my nails done (every 6 weeks)
  • Pick up trash ( 1 time every week)

Spiritual Habits

  • Tithe to BtN and Missions (6 times each)
  • Reflect on day (3 times each week)

These are my proposed habits. What are yours?

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