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When Was the Last Time You Said “Wahoo”?

“I’m sure I don’t know” is what Catherine Boyd (Meg Ryan) told Ed Walters (Tim Robbins) when asked that question in the movie IQ.

When was the last time YOU said Wahoo? What made you breathless with excitement, adventure, contentment, or accomplishment?

Ed Walters told Catherine that her Uncle Albert Einstein (Walter Matthau) said “Wahoo” while fulfilling his dream of riding on the back of a motorcycle.

If you asked me that question, I’d also have to respond, “I’m sure I don’t know.” And that’s sad. Really sad.

There are many reasons for this. Some of my reasons include the following . . .

  • I tend to live in the future thinking about what I have to do instead of savoring the moment.
  • When I was a mom of kiddos at home, I was consumed with all the details of making life work (home-schooling, discipline, nurse, house work, meal preparation, chauffer – you get the picture).
  • I stay too busy making little time for reflection.
  • I never really think about what makes me tick.
  • I am not in tune to the possibilities God has planned for me.

I can so relate to Maggie Carpenter (Julia Robertsin Runaway Bride. Maggie didn’t know her own dislikes, likes and what made her say “wahoo.” She didn’t even know how she preferred her eggs to be cooked. Instead she took on the “wahoo” criteria of her current beau.

One day Maggie said, “No more.” She decided to figure out what made her tick. She started with eggs, tasting all the variations until she came up with what SHE liked best, which recipe made her say, “Wahoo! THIS is my favorite.”

I am also saying, “No more.” I am not starting with eggs though. While I haven’t tasted a lot of variations of eggs, I do like dry scrambled eggs with onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, and toast with marmalade. The egg box is checked off.

I am starting with a day off.

I am going to make sure I dedicate at least one day of my weekend (Friday and Saturday) as a NO Work day! (I tend to be project-driven and cannot rest until the project is d-o-n-e!) I will explore life to see what brings out my inner wahoo. I am going to explore what it means to have an abundant life.

As a way to keep me accountable, I will be participating in the Monday weekly link up “This Weekend I . . .

Your Turn . . .

  1. What makes you say, “Wahoo”?
  2. Are you good at knowing your dislikes and likes?
  3. Are you regular about doing those things that bring you a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, adventure?
  4. If not, why not? If yes, how do you keep on doing this?

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