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Living Life With Too Much Caution Tape

I’ve been thinking about caution and doodah’s dance moves and what makes me cautious.

Basically, I think I’m too cautious.

  • Maybe it’s that first born thing.
  • Maybe it’s because I am sooo clumsy and if I wasn’t cautious I’d be dead or seriously maimed in other places than my behind.
  • Maybe it’s my nature.

But I’ve been thinking. What would happen if I removed those caution tapes that border me into a lovely, but confined and safe area?


  • I probably won’t run into the street into oncoming traffic. But I might ride a bike between Santa Cruz and San Francisco sharing that little lane with meniacal cars.
  • I probably won’t let each and every man I see lead me into sin. But I might take a dance class and let him lead. Or at least try to let him lead.  🙂
  • I probably won’t eat and eat and eat and eat. But I might be uncomfortable (at times)until I learn to freely accept my body’s yearnings as ok.
  • I probably will never be able to make my living as an artist. But I can beautify my life by living as an artist.

I will give this idea of “living life with too much caution tape” some more thought. I’ll let you know when I come up with my list.

Where does your caution tape needlessly keep you confined?

Where would you like to throw caution to the wind?

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Thursday Challenge – Yellow

If you know where to stop and stop there, you will never be disgraced.  Chinese proverb


This is my first ever submitted photo. I think sista and Theresa are rubbing off on me.

Go here to see more entries in today’s Thursday Challenge.

Here are my 9 favorite photos – in no particular order. #10 is my first choice pick.

  1. Onion Taster – a surprising combination.
  2. Field of Sunshine – I’d love to be having a picnic on this hill.
  3. Sunflower head – Some closeups of heads are awesome. This is one of them.
  4. Biplane – This would be cool to ride in. Makes me think of Lynette and her plane stories.
  5. Hibiscus – Hawaii here I come – at least in my mind and nostrils. Can’t you just smell that fragrance?
  6. Incense – Photos from other cultures always make me think – especially ones that suggest a story. This one is very suggestive.
  7. Black-eyed Susans – Gotta love this one. It’s my namesake!
  8. Great Wall in Hong Kong – What a wall of yellow! Makes me wonder what story is inside each one of these lockers.
  9. Rest Area Hydrant – this made me laugh to see a hydrant here.
  10. Babies – sooooo cute.

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