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How I Soothe My INFLAMED Sinuses

Looks like it is time to make more solution. I make 24 ounces at a time.

How do you deal with the constant nasal drip and sinus pressure/infections that come with year round hay fever and allergies?

  • Antihistamines?
  • Nasal sprays?
  • Face massage?
  • Inhaling steam?

I am one such sufferer whether I live in CA or CO. I have tried the options above and others. But the one thing that is most helpful and has no harmful side effects (other than using a LOT of tissues to handle all the dislodged mucus) is nasal irrigation.

There are several instruments to choose from to squirt solution into your nasal passages.

I have tried them all. And I am currently using the last one. I like that there is a plunger that forces the liquid out of the tube and into the nasal passages.

The Original Recipe for the Nasal Solution                                    

  • 16 oz distilled water
  • 2 salt packets 
  • You can make your own solution by using baking soda and salt. I am currently using the packets and like the ease they provide.

I now add the following to my solution.

These additions can sting and are not for everyone.

Keep the solution in the fridge with the plunger.  You should always have about an inch or so of solution in the plunger so the rubber part doesn’t dry out.

Squirting this chilled liquid into the nasal passages is uncomfortable. But it sure makes my inflamed passages feel so much better afterwards.

I rinse my sinuses at least once a day right now. In addition to all the pollen that is in the air, there is also a lot of smoke.

NOTE 1: This is not meant to be medical advice. I am sharing what works for me. Also I am not compensated for any products I linked to on Amazon. I am linking so you can see what I use. There are of course many other options.
NOTE 2: Oregano can cause reactions in people allergic to Lamiaceae family plants, including basil, hyssop, lavender, marjoram, mint, and sage. Since I am allergic to some plants and herbs, I take this warning seriously.

I am linking this to ABC Wednesday.  The ABC Wednesday Facebook Group is here. Today’s letter is “I.”

Your Turn . . . Have you tried nasal irrigation before? Do you have any tips?

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HOW to Get the Most Out of Your Small Group: 12 Ideas

Going on an excursion with your small group is a fun way to connect.

Small groups can be an encouraging format to learn and grow friendships. Or they can be a chaotic, waste of time. Have you thought about what makes the difference between the two?  I have.

Below is a list of HOW to get the most out of your small group. And you can do this by “controlling” the only person you have control over – You!

  1. Apply. (a) Notice how the material makes you feel. It is more than an intellectual and social endeavor. (b) It’s telling you something spiritual. (c) What will you do with the information?
  2. Examine your H.A.L.T.  score. (a) H.A.L.T.  stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. And some add that “H” can also stand for Hormonal. (b) When we are, it can be hard to learn and stay engaged in that day’s topic. (c) Come to the group rested, fed, and aware of how you are feeling.. Do what you can to lower your H.A.L.T. score.
  3. Flexible. Go with the flow of the group. (a) Don’t be the group’s morality police or theological correction cop. (b) If/when the group goes off topic, stay patient. (c) Don’t expect that others will always agree with you.
  4. Greetings. Say hello and goodbye to all.
  5. Group project. Participate in a group service project. If no one offers to organize it, how about you?
  6. Homework.  Do it. (a) Read the material multiple times. (b) Read a little each day rather than having a marathon session. (c) Read early enough in the week, so you are able to have time to think about the material.
  7. Interaction. (a) Make plans to meet with others outside group-time. (b) Offer to host or organize a get together. (c) Talk to participants during the week about the material and about comments made in class.
  8. Pray. (a) for unity (b) for the people in your group (c) for the leader of your group (d) for God’s voice to be heard by all
  9. Reflect. (a) Know what your reasons are for attending. (b) What can you do to achieve them?
  10. Servant. Help with refreshments, childcare costs, set up/clean up, etc.
  11. Speak up. (a) If shy, write down in advance what you’ll share. (b) If very talkative, encourage others to share by asking open-ended questions (c) Stay on topic. (d) Stay appropriate.
  12. Timely. Be on-time, in fact be a few minutes early.

On Sunday, September 24th, Cordova Neighborhood Church is starting a series called Multiply. This is about disciples making disciples who make disciples  who make disciples, etc. And in addition we are hoping that MANY CNC folks will join a small group. In this weekly format, we can talk and pray about that week’s lesson. SIgn up today to attend or lead a small group.

Share your best HOW TO TIP for small group engagement.

I am linking this to ABC Wednesday.  The ABC Wednesday Facebook Group is here. Today’s letter is “H.”

Your Turn . . . Are you currently part of a small group? Why or why not? … What tip would you add? … What tip will you implement? 

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G is for . . . Grandma

“I like the advice Dr. James Dobson gives to parents and I think it applies more easily to grandparents, ‘Let your love for the children be transparent.’

Spend all the time you can with them … camping … school events … holidays … and just because. … Just like your own children, your grandchildren will be grown up before you know it.

“We do this by the way we look at them, talk to them and about them, as well as the way we act with them, and care about their futures.

“It’s little ways and big ways. Grandchildren should be secure in the love of their Grandparents.” Rosemary

Being a grandma while liberating and totally amazing, is also a responsibility. Therefore, I am always on the hunt for how to be a “good” grandparent.

Below are tips from some wonderful grandmothers that I know. 

PLAY TOGETHER WITH SPECIAL TOYS. I have a (not so) secret box of toys that my grandchildren are only allowed to play with when I am present.  They are our special toys and we play with them together. Brenda

CONNECT VIA TECHNOLOGY. If you don’t text, learn how. It is a fun way to keep in touch with my grandkids. They were pretty surprised the first time I did it and even more so when I used FaceTime. Shirley

A SURPRISE JUST FOR THEM. I like to have a “Grandma Drawer” in my house. When they come over, they go straight to it, and they know there will be a little surprise just for them. I put their first initial on it, just so they know it was chosen for them alone. I stalk the shelves at Target, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, WalMart and any place I can find inexpensive books, small toys or interesting things for each of them. They love it! Julie

GIVE ATTENTION, PLAY, AND BE CONSISTENT.  I would have to say being constant and always willing to play and give your attention to your grandchild. Be willing to be a kid again and play. Michelle

PRAYER, SHARE LOVE OF GOD & HOBBY/SKILL. Besides praying for them and sharing your love of God, share a favorite hobby or skill. Amina loved to cook with me. My grandma McLeod taught me songs on the piano (by ear). Jeanne


SYMPATHETIC RESPONSE. I read once that a grandmother’s best response to anything that upsets the child is a sympatric “Awwww” as you cuddle the little one or hug the older child.  I have used it so I don’t have to contradict parents or take sides, or try to fix what I cannot. Good for boo-boos, too.

SUPPORT PARENTS WHILE TEACHING RESPECT. I believe that a grandma should be supportive of the parents’ wishes and dictates.

However, a grandma  should be able to say, “At grandma’s house we: use inside voices … put away the toys … don’t jump on the furniture.”

At grandma’s you ask “May I please have that” and say “Thank you, grandma,” etc. It works where your “ways” differ from what’s going on at home. Grandma has to teach the children to respect her and her belongings.

DISCIPLINE USING THE NAUGHTY CHAIR. We have a comfortable chair where a child is taken to sit until he/she decides to behave. “Time out” lasts until the child is ready to get off the chair and behave. So the child can sit there and pout or cry for as long as they want, but meanwhile they are seeing the rest of us carry on as usual.

DEALING WITH CRUDE TALK. When a child uses crude words, swearing and other shock language, I stop the conversation and say “That’s bathroom talk. Does this look like a bathroom? If you want to talk that way, go into the bathroom and close the door, because the rest of us don’t want to hear that kind of talk.” (I used this with my own children and as adult men they do not use foul language.)

A TEEN GRAND CHILD ANSWERS. A good grandma . . .

  • Takes the place of your mom.
  • Is someone you can always talk to & get advice from.
  • Does everything within their means that the parent can’t do.

Your Turn . . . What tip(s) do you have to share? . . .  What tip(s) would you like to implement?

Gee, what “G” word would you write about?

I am linking this to ABC Wednesday.  The ABC Wednesday Facebook Group is here.



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E is for . . . Envelope ENCOURAGEMENT Flash Mob

Do you like to use colourful envelopes or stickers? I do. I especially like to make envelopes out of old calendars.

Mail – What do you think of when you hear that word? 

  • Email?
  • Bills?
  • Advertisements?
  • Something encouraging and unexpected?

I was part of a group that sent mail to church folks. This was mail that was encouraging and unexpected. We sent 104 cards to senior folks in our congregation. We prayed (as a group) for the folks. And some writers/encouragers also prayed for each card they wrote.

Some recipients were known to the writers. And some weren’t. Yet because we had a page full of sentiments (and God’s insightful help),  it was easy to offer personalized encouragement for someone’s day, something that says, “I see YOU.”

We flash mobbed them with love. Our group was a mob of 9 who sent encouragement to a mob of 106. What a worthwhile use of time.

Your Turn . . . When was the last time you sent someone an encouragement card?  . . . When was the last time you received something like this in the mail?

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D is for … DRUMBEAT … Follow the Correct One

The beats from a drum can lead us astray or to the correct path. How are you doing?

The Civil War was the last war to use drummer boys. The drumbeat was used to give orders to soldiers. Different beats told them when to eat, how to march, and even how to fight. On smokey battlefields, the boy’s drumming helped soldiers find one another and keep together. (p 56)

It is thought that nearly 60,000 served as drummer boys or buglers in the Civil War (p 76). … Magic Treehouse #21 Civil War on Sunday by Mary Pope Osborne

The soldiers had to be attentive to the drum beats from THEIR drummers. And they had to know what the sounds meant if they wanted to . . .

  • Fight correctly and well.
  • Stay alive.
  • Be part of the correct fighting community.

This reminds me of the Holy Spirit. We have to be attentive to His voice and not the voice of the enemy. We have to know what God means if we want to . . .

  • Fight correctly and well.
  • Stay alive.
  • Be part of the correct fighting community.

Just like the soldiers in the Civil War, we (Believers in Christ) are soldiers and we are at war.

  • Our enemy is the world which wants us to conform to its ways. The world’s ways do not put God and His Will first. Instead it is self-centered and there are no absolutes.
  • And our enemy is Satan. He is trying to steal, kill and destroy anything good and godlike in ourselves and in our lives. And he wants to delude us into thinking his lies are truth; that his drum beat is the correct one to follow.

In order to hear the correct spiritual drumbeat, the voice of God . . .

  • We need to determine that we want to hear from Him.
  • We need to decide we will say, ‘Yes,” to His will (His drum beats).
  • We need to stop some of the hustle and bustle of life in order to spend time with God.

Just like the soldiers had to learn to discern what the different drum beats from THEIR side meant, we also need to learn to discern the drum beats (voice) of God.

But we won’t need a bugle or a drum to hear God’s voice. Instead one of our best instruments is God’s Holy Spirit talking to us through the Bible. As we study and mediate upon the Bible, we will be able to know when it is God speaking. As we do this in church and in our small groups and by ourselves, we will learn how to . . .

  • Fight correctly and well.
  • Stay alive.
  • Be part of the correct fighting community.

Your Turn . . . How do you help yourself discern the voice of God? . . . Is there an area you could use help in: Fight correctly and well … Stay alive … Be part of the correct fighting community? 

What “D” word would you write about?

This post is linked to ABC Wednesday – D: Round 21.

The ABC Wednesday Facebook Group is here.

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