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Kindness is Planting a Tree

Kindness is doing something that is thoughtful and beneficial. Taking care of our planet by planting trees falls into that category.

Several years ago, some ladies from my church and I went camping at Smudea campground in Northern California.. One of the activities was to plant seedling trees. It was a meaningful time for all of us. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to plant more trees.

I don’t think you can have too many trees in any city.

My city is having a tree planting event on Saturday, March 28. My daughter and I are going. Want to join us? The details are below

March 28 — Cordova Meadows Neighborhood & Taylor Park Planting

Saturday, March 28 8:45A – 12:00P

Join us in planting trees in the Cordova Meadows area of Rancho Cordova! The trees we plant will improve mental health, create more breathable air, and reduce negative health outcomes such as asthma and cardiac disease!

Go here for more information.

Your Turn . . . Have you ever planted seedling trees? … Been to a tree planting party? … Do you know the song about Johnny Appleseed?

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You can practice being kind by leaving me a comment. 

My Landing Page for This series . . . Sprinkling Kindness: A 31 Day Adventure.  Please leave me an idea or two that I can add to my acts of kindness list. The idea can be intentional or random.

Thanks go to Elizabeth Symington for making my #Write31Days button and basic graphic for the kindness quotes. Elizabeth wrote a 31 days series on Summer of Service in Yosemite.

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Kindness is Going to the Funeral

But I don’t like going to funerals. I feel awkward, don’t know what to say, and I didn’t even know Julie’s dad,” I said to an elderly mentor.

“Is Julie your friend? Is she hurting?”

I answered both questions with a “Yes.”

“Often times,” my mentor said, “we go to a funeral to support our grieving friend. It has nothing to do with us. It makes a difference that we attend.”

I found out at the funerals of my parents, that it did make a difference. Some people who attended didn’t even know my parents. I felt supported, loved, and understood because these friends were with me during a HARD time.

Besides going to the funeral, send a card. And find the most meaningful card you can. My grandpa Carol, a very unsentimental dude, told me about a card he received after his wife, Ruby, died. “It was the prettiest card and the words were so comforting. I put it on the TV for months.” This card was a little gesture, a kind gesture, that meant so much.

Kindness notices the needs of others. It meets those needs. Kindness is going to the funeral. It is sending a card.

Your Turn . . . Do you attend funerals or do you skip them whenever you can? . . . Have you ever thought about how significant a card can be? . . . What is something else we can do to support a grieving friend?

You can practice being kind by leaving me a comment. 

Want to know what other acts of Kindness are on the list? Go to my Landing Page . . Scattering Kindness: A 31 Day Adventure of Intentional & Random Acts of Service.  

Please leave me an idea or two that I can add to my acts of kindness list. The idea can be intentional or random.

This post is part of #Write31Days where bloggers write every day in October on one topic. I am writing about Acts of Kindness, random and otherwise. It will be interesting to note how I am different and/or how my community is different


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Thanks go to Elizabeth Symington for making my #Write31Days button and basic graphic for the kindness quotes. Elizabeth is writing a 31 days series on Summer of Service in Yosemite.

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10 Acts of Kindness Ideas

This past week I have been feeling a little blah, a little complacent, a little ungrateful. In an effort to ward off these negative feelings, I decided to see if I could do seven acts of kindness this week. Whenever I do something kind for someone else, it always makes me feel better. It’s think it’s because it makes me remember my blessings. Sister Anne Bryan Smollin says it’s because . . .

  • When we do a kind act for someone, it boosts our immune system.
  • Even when we witness a kind act, it boosts our immune system.

It is now the end of the week and my emotional self while not 100% is much better. I’ll be 100% when my shoulder and wrist pain are not so constant.

Anyway, below are 10 (!) acts of kindness I performed on purpose this week. Which ones can you identify with? What would you add to this list?

  1. Filled up a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child. I do this every year. This year I bought items for a 5-9 year old boy. I appreciate the opportunity to give to a child who has very little.
  2. Took a get well gift and card to a child in the hospital.
  3. Took lunch (Chipotle) to the mother of the child in the hospital.
  4. Rescued a cat with the help of a friend. Thanks, Friend!
  5. Helped 2 co-workers with their job. Sometimes life gets over-whelming even in the workplace. Coming alongside a person at such a time can make a difference to the work load and morale.
  6. Sent a card to someone who has had an emotionally difficult week. I view cards as mini presents. The artwork and inspiring words can minister to a person’s weary or hurting spirit.
  7. Picked up medicine for an ill friend.
  8. I helped a friend get another Bible. It was stolen from her car. Can you believe that?
  9. Sponsored my 9-year-old niece in a walk-a-thon to raise funds for school field trips. Even though I only gave $10 she made me feel fabulous. “Oh Aunty” she said. “That is just a perfect amount. Thank you so much.”
  10. Sent out an email to my list of friends to see if any of them could help another friend with a sewing need for her son. Came up with two offers of help.

Your Turn

  • Describe a time when you’ve been on the receiving end of an act of kindness? How did you feel?
  • Is there an act of kindness you’ve been meaning to do? Can you do it this week?
  • When was the last time you performed an act of kindness? What was it?

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60 Acts of Kindness, Intentional & Random to do my 60th year

The Finish Date.

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