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S: SIX Benefits Adults Receive by Writing Thank You Notes

In general people believe that kiddos should write thank you notes. But how

Don't let lack of fancy supplies or cards inhibit you from writing a thank you. A piece of paper and pen do just nicely

Don’t let lack of fancy supplies or cards inhibit you from writing a thank you. A piece of paper and pen do just nicely.

many of us believe that adults should do the same?

  • And if we believe it, how many of us actually do this on a regular basis?
  • Finally, have you thought how adults benefit from writing thank you notes?

Below are 6 benefits.

ONE. Writing a thank you note slows you down long enough to really concentrate on the gift. It provides space to think and answer these types of questions.

  • Why am I grateful for this gift?
  • How did I benefit from it?
  • How does that make me feel?

NOTE: A gift may be a physical item, a thoughtful and/or helpful action, or encouraging words. 

TWO. Writing a thank you note slows you down long enough to concentrate on the giver. 

  • What can you write that shows you value the thought, energy, time and/or money the giver spent?
  • Sending a thank you note makes the giver feel reassured about the gift especially if the gift is a physical item.
  • The thank you note also makes the giver feel appreciated. It shows you don’t take the giver for granted and that you do value them and the gift.
  • Feelings of appreciation strengthen the bond the giver has with you.

THREE. It makes you, the writer of the note, feel good because you have taken time to think about the love behind the gift. This good feeling then strengthens the bond you have with the giver of the gift.

FOUR. Once you start looking for reasons to be thankful, you’ll find more reasons to be thankful. As you grow your gratitude you will FEEL more gratitude. These positive feelings will positively influence your thoughts. I.e more accepting and giving.

FIVE. Writing a thank you note is good manners. Good manners are always appreciated and help a person get along better with others.

SIX. Do you feel guilty until you’ve written a thank you note? I do. So a last benefit from writing and sending a thank you is that guilt is alleviated.

Writing and then sending a thank you note feels good because you’ve thought . . .

  • about the gift and the giver,
  • the ways you benefited from the gift,
  • and the affection the giver has for you. 

In an effort to be honest, I am good about writing thank you notes. However, I am not good about sending them. I put them someplace and often they never make it to the mail box or I inadvertently lose it.

But after thinking about this topic so much, I am reminded of how beneficial it is for me to write thank you notes AND send them. Therefore, this is something I am going to make a priority in my life especially since I don’t want others to think I take them for granted.

Your Turn . . .

  1. When was the last time you wrote a thank you note? Why did you do so? Did you get a response back from the recipient of the card?
  2. How do you feel when you receive a thank you card?
  3. Do you think writing and/or receiving thank you notes impacts your relationship?
  4. Do you make it a regular habit to write thank you notes? Why or why not?

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