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Hate Your Name, Job and Life? So Did This Guy Until . . .

Are you happy with your name? Do you have a job that brings no gratification and is just plain hard work? Is life miserable?  Read on for one who found meaning in life.

He thinks his name should be . . .

Beloved,  Most Beauteous, and Exalted King of All.

Instead he is called Humphrey.

To add further misery to Humprey’s life, his job comes with no perks, gratitude, and is hard physical work. He recently lost his most precious possession and he is c-o-l-d! So cold!!!

Humphrey follows a manipulative plan to change one thing in his life – to find a replacement for his most precious possession.

Instead what Humphrey finds is the Child and how meaningful it is to give.

This book, Humphrey’s First Christmas, by Carol Heyer, has engaging artwork and an imaginative storyline. This children’s book will remind you of what’s truly important at this Christmas season. It might even prompt you to think about what gift you’ll give to Jesus.

CNC Folks, remember that we will be giving gifts to Jesus this coming Sunday, December 26th, during the service.

Your Turn . . .

  1. What is your most precious possession?
  2. Would you give it to Jesus?
  3. What will you give to the Christ this year?

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