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Grateful for Creativity and Life

This week’s Friday’s Fave Five ended up having a theme. I am grateful for creativity and life. What are you grateful for this week? Leave a comment or write a post and link up to Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Five # 169.

Here’s my list . . .

I’m grateful for the opportunity to create. It refuels me. It makes me happy. I’ve been involved in two projects this week.

ONE I made ornaments. I made some with my kiddos and nieces over Thanksgiving break.

I am still working on snowman ornaments. Look at all these heads waiting to be put with their “body” (a star).

I am a Christmas version of Dr. Frankenstein. Only I deal specifically with snowman heads. ūüėČ

Go to this link to see some of our creations.

TWO. I finished up my Christmas Card Wreath which cost me $2.00.

Many of the cards are too pretty and sentimental to NOT enjoy them all season.

This is hanging in my bedroom on an over-the-door hanger.

After Christmas, I will replace the cards with photographs.

Go to this link to read how I made the wreath.

THREE. I am grateful for life! 

In this case, Chip’s. Chip had a dental cleaning and a tooth extraction on Monday. He’s almost 2o years old so we (Vet, staff and I) don’t take anything for granted.

I took a bunch of pictures just in case it was the last time I ever saw him. Several came out quite nicely.

FOUR. I am grateful for the time to be around others while they are being creative.

A friend invited me to join her at The Singing Christmas Tree. The music was good and the plot line was amusing.

The best “creative” part of the evening, for me though, was looking at the church’s many decorated Christmas trees.

The highlight of the evening was visiting with my friend. She is highly creative and the conversation took many interesting turns.

FIVE. I am grateful for creativity and life!

I had the opportunity to write and give a talk to the ladies at our church Christmas party.

I spoke about Traditions: how they are helpful, can be distracting, and how to make sure they stay a positive influence in our lives. Click here for the link.

I am grateful for the lives of all the women who attended the party.

I am grateful for the life of the Baby Jesus and the “work” He came to do.

Finally I am grateful for eternal life that I can have because Jesus was born, died and rose from the grave.

Related Post . . .¬†Listen to this teen’s creatively done video. It will make you appreciate your life and the lives of those around you.

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How to Make a Christmas Card Wreath for $2.00

Christmas cards are too meaningful and too pretty to NOT enjoy all season long.

How do you normally display your Christmas cards? I’ve taped them to the wall, stood them up on top of my entertainment center,¬†feathered¬†them in a big bowl, and lined them on twine.

An internet search showed how people are displaying their cards . . .

I recently saw this cork photo wreath and thought THIS is what I’ll do with my cards this year!

But I wanted to do so with a smaller budget. I visited The Dollar Tree to see what would be good substitutes for a roll of cork liner and a cardboard circle (both can be found at any craft store).

My $2 idea is one foam board (20″x30″) and one 16″ wreath (any kind would do since it’ll be covered).

Additional Supplies You’ll Need

  • Adhesive to stick wreath to foam board (hot glue, tacky glue,¬†wood glue)
  • “Adhesive” to attach cards to wreath (tacks,¬†hot glue, tacky glue, double-sided tape, or scrapbook adhesive pop dots)
  • Pen and scissors
  • 15-20 Christmas cards


 Drawing the foam circle.
1.  Lay your wreath on top of foam board.
 2. Trace a circle on the inside and outside of wreath.
 3. I made the circle 1-2 inches bigger than the wreath. I wanted there to be plenty of room to attach the cards.
4.¬†Cut out the foam circle by cutting along the lines you’ve drawn.
This is the wrong side of the wreath.
5. Attaching foam to the wreath. Glue the wreath to the foam circle using the adhesive of your choice. I used wood glue and put books on top until the glue was dry. I did this in the evening and it was dry the next morning.
NOTE: Be sure to have glue dry in this upside-down position. Otherwise the glue will run through the vines of the wreath. Yes, I learned the hard way.
6. Gather Christmas cards you want to display. Lay out your 15-20 Christmas cards and arrange them in a pleasing pattern on top of the foam board.  Attach the cards using tacks, sticky pop dots, double-sided tape, or hot glue.
I used the sticky pop dots. On average I used 3 dots per card.
NOTE: I used some of the pop dots to close the cards. I did not want them swinging open every time I opened/shut the door.

7. Hang up your wreath. My wreath is in my bedroom hanging from an over-the-door hanger.

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