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Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan in 5 Easy Steps

ceiling fanThe weather is warm and the ceiling fan helps move the air around the house. Since the fan blades are dirty, it also moves dust around the house. So today, I’ll clean it in 3 easy steps.

  1. Gather supplies: drop cloth, ladder/stool, spray cleaner, feather duster, and the secret weapon – a sock. You might need two, if the fan is very dirty.
  2. Spread drop cloth under fan. Set stool/ladder on top of cloth, under the fan. Get on ladder.
  3. Dust fan blades. Put sock on dominant hand.
  4. Spray fan blades. (Sometimes I uses vinegar, if I don’t have any regular cleaning sprays.) Wipe off with socked hand. Repeat until done.
  5. Pick up drop cloth. Shake outside. Put away all your supplies.sock

This cleaning project is great for using up odd socks. And I always seem to have odd socks. Even though they go into the dryer as a pair, they come out as singles. Go here to read a poem about missing socks I wrote one distraught day.

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Edited to Add These Tips from Commenters:

  • Crystal uses a vacuum attachment, “that weird little round brush,”  to clean her fan and return air ducts.
  • Melissa puts a pillow case over the entire blade so that all the yuckys fall inside the case and nothing on the ground.
  • Christine uses a microfiber cloth and spray she bought at the same time she bought the fan.

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