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Where Have I Been? Flashpoint Is Now Added to My Must-See TV.

Tonight while getting ready for two full days of school (Fri-Sat) I watched the tube. It started out with Flashpoint on in the background, then it caught my attention, and it is now added to my list of shows to watch (along with House and Army Wives). I wonder what can be discerned about my character by knowing what TV shows I watch?

There’s suspense but not graphic violence, deals with real life issues (in hopeful ways) like physical abuse and its consequences, second chances do happen for the goodies, and there are some cuties. Some of these cuties could possibly rival either one of doodah’s fake boyfriends: See letter “e.”  (Hopefully, I’ll still think this is a good show after watching it for awhile.)

So, on Thursday nights at 9 pm I have a standing date with my fake boyfriend Tee, with the last name of Vee.

What show is on your must-see TV? Include the why as well. Maybe I’ll discover some other shows I should have been watching.

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