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Creating Folders (Labels) in Gmail

This post is for Kay because she asked. This also makes a great Works-For-Me Wednesday post. Go here for other WFMW submissions. I’m #99.

See the grey Search the Web tab (top middle of Google inbox page)?

  • To the right of this grey button, in tiny print, it says Show research options (top line) And create filter (second line).
  • Click on create filter.
  • In the From box put either an email addy or name.
  • Click the grey Test Search button to make sure it grabs the emails you want. I.e. I typed your name, Kay, and 3 came up.
  • Click the grey button  Next Step.

There are 8 possible boxes to click.

I clicked (put a check mark in) 3 of them:

  • Skip the Inbox (archive it)
  • Apply the Label:  in the white box to the right it says Choose Label. Either write a name for the label (name for a folder) or click on one already there. I.e. I wrote in your name, Kay.
  • Click on OK.
  • Also apply filter to # conversation below. ( I had 3 from the search with your name.)
  • Then I clicked on the grey Create filter button.

This last action will take you to your Settings page and show you The following filters are applied to all incoming mail.


Ta-Da! Folders in Gmail. Although in gmail they are called labels.

 Go to this link for Google’s description of the above or go here for an audio tutorial.


My daughter showed me how to do this. I had already written up my instructions before I went to the Google link above.

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