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MORE vs less: Grateful 4 3 Reasons about Decluttering

Day 24 – How does being grateful impact your decluttering?

I have been on a dedicated decluttering journey for 24 days now. It’s long enough to see how decluttering is impacting my life. In fact I am grateful 4 3 things about decluttering.

ONE. Living a decluttered life shows me I have enough for today. I can see why the Bible says to live for today. When I keep (lots of extra) things for “just in case,” I am living in fear or guilt.

  • Fearful that if I don’t save this, I will need it and not be able to get it when I need/want it.
  • Guilt because I paid good money for it and I HAVE to use it up or else I wasted money.

I can peacefully live in the now with the knowledge that I have enough for today.

TWO. Living a decluttered life helps me become pickier with what’s in my space. And as I become more and more decluttered, I am becoming more and more “in like” with the things I do have. I am narrowing down my possessions to what’s most useful, needed, and beautiful.

THREE. As I become more and more decluttered, it is more about de-owning than decluttering. Possessions no longer own me like they used to. Things go back to being things that have a use instead of being something that fills a void or communicates a burdensome memory-emotion.

Your Turn . . . Why are you grateful 4 your decluttering journey?

Day 24 –  31 Minutes of Decluttering = One tub of stuff – miscellaneous papers and office supplies. I love office supplies! In this post I wrote 3 Reasons I Am Grateful For Office Supplies. But there are only so many staples, notebooks, dice (???), post-it notes, binder & paper clips a gal can use in one lifetime. It is now all DECLUTTERED.

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Join me in this experiment of MORE vs less. If you’d like, you can join our private Facebook group that is encouraging one another in this task.

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