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Apps Make it Easy to Document Gratitude

On this 22nd Day of Thanks Living, I choose to use my gratitude app.

There is an app for everything. I.e. Measuring health successes … Keeping on top of financial goals … Mastering language acquisition … Cementing habit formation.

Apps are a wonderful way to stay on track or helping new goals stick.

  • Some apps ding us when it’s time to check in.
  • They provide a convenient place to jot down our stats.
  • They provide motivation.
  • And some apps even have a communal aspect.

So, at the beginning of the month, I researched gratitude apps. I found one that was free and easy to use: Gratitude Garden. It has the following …

  • Dedicated space to list things I am grateful for.
  • I can email this list to myself.
  • I can back this up to iCloud.
  • Every time I post, I get points which can be redeemed to grow/populate my garden.
  • I can receive gratitude cards after I journal. These cards have a gratitude quote and then an action item associated with it.

I am liking this app more than I thought I would. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Easy. I usually know where my phone is and so it is easy to journal. (When I lose my phone, I activate my Tile which helps me find my cell.)
  2. Reminder. To remind myself, I have an alarm set (on my phone) That lets me know when journaling time is.
  3. Small space. Because the space is limited, I don’t feel pressure to write a lot for each “thankful” item.
  4. Accountability. It is my accountability partner. I like looking at the calendar and seeing all the spaces filled in.

I’ve enjoyed going back to reread things that happened these past 3 weeks. It brought a smile and a sense of satisfaction besides more gratitude. I can see myself continuing with this practice.

Your Turn . . .

  • What apps do you already use?
  • What benefit do you most appreciate that apps provide?
  • Consider down loading Gratitude Garden and giving it a go.

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Friday’s Fave Five February 14, 2020

Looking through the lens of gratitude helps me see just how amazing the gift of another day is. “This is the day the Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad in it,” Psalm 118:24

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Friday’s Fave Five. How fun that the two of them coincide this year. I am taking great delight in writing today’s post on five favourite things from the past week. I am linking this post to Susanne’s meme here.

ONE. Missions Tea. Last Saturday we had our annual Missions Tea. The (46) ladies got to eat tea foods, chat, sing (thanks, Andrea), pray, and listen to a missionary (hurray for Tammy) tell us how God has impacted the lives of people in their corner of the world. This time the “corner” was Papua Indonesia. It was a fun, entertaining, learning, and encouraging time together.

TWO. Missions Magnets. Every year, we always make a magnet to commemorate the Tea. This time we made sheep out of air-dry clay. Four of us spent time on this project. Thanks go to Rosemary, Scotti, and Gillian. Our verse was John 10:16.

THREE. Card Exchange. Valentine’s weekend 2001, my husband told me he wanted a divorce. So ever since then, I haven’t had a great feeling about this day (the whole week, really). Read this post, 3 Ways I Made My Day Special on Valentine’s Day,  to see what I’ve done about that. This year I arranged a Valentine’s Day Card exchange with some gal-pals. Tonight I am looking forward to savoring 10 Valentine’s I received in the mail. And I am looking forward to them opening thier card from me.

FOUR. Time off. I worked hard (alongside my team and a few other ladies) to get the Missions Tea just right. So I took time off this week. I slept, read, created some fondant superhero cupcake toppers (for a  Cake4Kids delivery next week), and watched Zumbo’s Just Desserts. I know I will return to work on Sunday feeling refreshed.

FOUR. Ecclesiastes. My evening Bible study is finally starting back up again. It was supposed to start on Monday, but, half the women were either ill or out-of-the-country. So, our new start date is Monday, February 24th. Because some ladies asked, I am also going to do this online, as well. I’ve been enjoying studying this book of the Bible.

FIVE. Telly Time. My daughter and I don’t normally spend much time watching shows. But this week, we decided to watch Next in Fashion. 18 fashion designers competed to become the next in fashion hottest thing. We appreciated the creativity and relative non-drama narrative. The two semi-finalists were two of the sweetest, most gentle people. A lot of the designers actually exhibited those traits. It was cool seeing them give helpful feedback to each other despite the fact that they were competing against each other.

I hope y’all have a heart-warming day today. And I hope you write your own FFF post. Comments are always welcome.

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Friday’s Fave Five – August 3, 2018

“When we aim for gratitude right now, we become more positive, tolerant, and generous.  Above all, we open ourselves to every day happiness, and that openness will eventually change reality.” ~ Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism by Fumio Sasaki

As a way to change my reality into something more positive, I strive to participate in Friday’s Fave Five (FFF) at Susanne’s place (Living to Tell the Truth). Go to this link to read what our favourite moments from this week are. And be sure to link up your own gratitude post. Below are my five faves.

ONE. Library privileges. One of the best things about modern libraries is that we can borrow books digitally from the comfort of our homes, no driving necessary. And I don’t have to go to the library to return my selections. I borrowed the eBook, Longbourn by Jo Baker. It is the group read for Austen in August.

Your Turn . . . Do you borrow eBooks or audio books from the library? What is a title that you suggest?

The cocoon nestled here for a week.

The butterfly stayed on this branch for a whole day before flying away.

TWO. Beauty of nature. My son, Tim, saved a swallowtail cocoon from certain destruction by cutting it off the corner of a building (in a busy area of town) and super-glued it on a branch at home. While I was there, the butterfly emerged. It was a true blessing to be so close, and for so long, admiring the colours.

Your Turn . . . What item from nature have you enjoyed lately?

THREE. Talking with my adult kiddos – We stayed up way too late on Saturday night – actually we went to bed at 12:40am Sunday. And I woke at 5:30 to go back home. But it was lovely, fun, and entertaining to spend two hours talking with Tim and Elizabeth. Usually our time is spent on my grand-kids, so this was a rare treat. I wished Daniella, my daughter-in-law, could’ve joined us, too.

Your Turn . . . Who have you had an unexpected conversation with this week?

FOUR. Walking activity at Church. Last Sunday during our first service time we had options (instead of the sermon, which happened at the 2nd service only). It was a morning for biking, running, walking or singing hymns. I was part of the walking group. The five of us braved the barely okay air. It was fun to talk to folks I don’t normally talk to.

I love that we had a diverse group.

Your Turn . . .  Do you ever walk with a group of folks? Is you church doing anything new this Summer?

FIVE. The yield from my garden doubled. LOL. That really isn’t so grand, since I only picked one thing last week. Yesterday, I picked one zucchini and one crookneck squash. (We had them in a stir fry.) I still have lots of yellow flowers among these two plants. I did as Marsha suggested and Googled why I don’t have more growing veggies. It turns out I have an overabundance of male flowers. I need to be patient for female flowers to grow. .

Your Turn . . . What garden fresh veggies have you enjoyed this week? Did you try any new recipes with them?

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Friday’s Fave Five – Week 6, 2014

FFF birds on a wireFriday’s Fave Five is a time to reflect on the past week. I looked for blessings that brought me a smile and lifted my spirits. This practice makes me a little more grateful.

To join Susanne and the gang at Living to Tell The Story, go here.

One. New Shoes. Not just one pair, but two. I don’t like shopping and so only go when desperate. My left pinky was poking through the shoe, so I think that qualifies as desperate.

I spent my weekend with my East Bay family and somehow I left my new shoes at home. I don’t know why I didn’t wear my new ones out of the store and leave the old ones in their trash bin.

So I had to go out again and buy another pair. Both were a great price. And now I am set for the year, maybe longer.


Family portrait with Daniella, Tim, &  Sofia.



I am so in love with this child!!!


See the bear Tim is holding? He got that from his paternal grandma when he was an infant 31 years ago. I gave it to Sofia last weekend. Her response? She bit and chewed on his nose.

 Two.  Birthday. We celebrated my grand daughter’s 1st birthday last weekend. It was fun for my daughter and I to help my dil with food prep and decorating.

Sofia did a great job with all the attention. And she was an equal-opportunity ignorer of the gifts (except for a Weebles person that she carried around).

Her favourite activity was climbing on 2 stacked guitar cases to get to the red chaise lounge. But that’s what  little kids do, so no one minded.

For tips on making a no-sew fleece blanket, go here.


This is the 1st no-sew blanket I’ve made. It was one of the pressies I gave to Sofia.

Three. Tea Magnets. Every year we have an annual women’s missionary tea. And every year we give away magnets as a favour. Usually the Women’s Ministry Team makes them, but not this year. 7 ladies crocheted and put them together. I will post photos next week.

Four. Rain. Yes, we’ve gotten a little more rain this week, still not enough. Although I don’t prefer it, I am grateful that we will get more rain this weekend. I hope it doesn’t impact the attendance at our tea Saturday afternoon.

Five. Gratitude Answer. In this week’s Wednesday night small group we had the following question, “How should our belief that Jesus tasted death for us affect the way we live? 

My 1st thought was that I should and want to live in gratitude (to Him and for the results of His death) on a consistent basis.

I am sure that my ongoing Friday practice of finding blessings is seeping into my unconscious  thoughts and actions.

Your Turn . . . Share one of your gratitudes.

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even with a broken shoulder i have reasons to be grateful

on april 16, 2011, i went hiking. instead of just enjoying the view, my feet slid down an incline. i ended up with a broken shoulder. these past few weeks i have had spells of fretfulness. a good cure for this is sharing my gratitude list.

1. haircut. my formerly shoulder length hair is now chin length.  i can use a wash cloth to clean my hair on my own.

2. garden. a few weeks ago i spontaneously decided to buy pots and fill them with begonias, impatients, etc.  for my shady patio. now that i am home bound, this view is a great encouragement.

3. meals. many people have circled me with practical actions of care, like meals. until i can shop, chop, and open things on my own, i am very grateful for and depend upon these acts of kindness.

4. hot tub.  today i remembered that my apartment complex has a hot tub. since my muscles were very sore from a small walk today, i went and soaked my calves in the lukewarm water. while not hot, the water soothed my muscles.

  1. 5. healing.  since i am taking fewer pain meds, my thinking is clearer. my body is stronger. the bruise and swelling on my arm looks better too. my nights are not so hot, but i’ve had three great days in a row. NOTE: even though the bruising/swelling is on my arm, it is my shoulder that is broken.
of course, i am grateful to many people. they’ve been helping me with rides to the doctor, my work assignments, house chores, errands, and caring for my dog. the get well cards and messages (via facebook, texts, and phone calls) have cheered me up too. you know who you all are. i am truly blessed and grateful for what you’ve been doing for me.
if you want to share your own gratitude list on this friday’s fave five, go here to do so. 

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40 More Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

“The longer I live, the more that I recognize that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is the key to living from an open heart, that is, living in a spirit of joyful expectation.”  M.J. Ryan, Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give & Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life

So, how does one cultivate an attitude of gratitude? A life full of gratitude comes by doing and thinking gratitude enhancing actions. I compiled a list of 21 ways here. Go here for 13 Ways to Get Your Gratitude On. Below are 40 more ideas on how to express and cultivate gratitude.

  1. Choose to be grateful.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal noting specific others and specific events.
  3. Say gratitude prayers at meal time and bedtime.
  4. Keep a journal of answered prayers.
  5. Create a gratitude paper chain that counts down to a holiday or birthday.
  6. Look around the world and notice how good you have it.
  7. Reflect on how much God loves and accepts you.
  8. Meditate on/memorize gratitude verses.
  9. Begin the day by listing 3 blessings.
  10. Sing your gratitude – I.e.  Base your song on These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.  Do a Powerpoint or your own slide show to this song
  11. Make a gratitude poster.
  12. Seek out and spend time with grateful people.
  13. Don’t complain or listen to complaints.
  14. Don’t watch or at least limit exposure to advertising.
  15. Write out your ABC’s of Gratitude.
  16. Determine and write down your gratitude strategy.
  17. Don’t gossip or listen to gossips.
  18. Practice gratitude everyday. Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founder of the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP), says we should be grateful everyday, but gratitude is especially underscored during the holidays. Rabbi Buchwald suggests a few Jewish customs to help families remember to be thankful on a daily basis. One custom is putting a few coins in a charity box each day. The small amount of change will add up to help someone less fortunate. Another custom is to leave a morsel on your plate at every meal to remember those who are without food
  19. Write a gratitude letter to your children now and then every year.
  20. Share your gratitude list with the world via the internet – Go to this link to post your list.
  21. Create an “I Spy” Gratitude quilt.
  22. Celebrate other people – not just on birthdays and at the holidays.
  23. Create a gratitude crossword puzzle.
  24. Make a gratitude wreath with a wire wreath form and clothespins. On each pin write words that finish this sentence, “I am grateful for . . . “
  25. Walk through the rooms of your house noting what you are grateful for in each room. Post that list in each room.
  26. Listen to a praise song and then verbally or in writing tell God what you are grateful for
  27. Collect gratitude stories.
  28. Establish a Gratitude Book at Thanksgiving.
  29. Study God’s attributes.
  30. Play Gratitude  “I Spy.”
  31. Host or join a gratitudeblog carnival.
  32. Gratitude on the hour – every time the clock chimes, recite something you are grateful for.
  33. Watch what you call yourself – internal self-talk can make you feel good or bad about yourself. When you feel badly about yourself, it is harder to be grateful.
  34. Find gratitude in every situation.
  35. Simplify  your  schedule, possessions and relationships. It’s harder to be grateful if you are overwhelmed  in any one of these areas.
  36. Don’t deny yourself the basics – sleep, healthy food, exercise, solitude, simplified schedule, etc.
  37. Wear silky underwear – or least something that makes me feel special. When you feel good it is easier to be grateful.
  38. Practice The 4 Secrets to Contentment.
  39. Ditch the clothes horse mentality. Be content with fewer, but good quality clothes.
  40. Say “Thank You” every time it is appropriate. “If the only prayer you ever say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.” Mystic Meister Eckhart
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Feeling Full on Gratitude

“Gratitude creates happiness because it makes us feel full, complete. Gratitude is the realization that we have everything we need, at least in this moment.”  M.J. Ryan

Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life

I do have all I need in the moment . . .

  • Place to live
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Visitors
  • Health
  • Satisfying job
  • Consistent paycheck
  • Supportive co-workers
  • My dog
  • Time for a Sunday nap
  • Internet access – especially Google
  • Clothes
  • Clean water
  • Cool weather
  • Cute sandals
  • Working telephone
  • Plans that include “friend” time
  • Breyer’s natural vanilla ice cream
  • Saved soul
  • Something to look forward to (graduation & trip to Jordan)
  • What would you put on your top 20 list? What makes you feel complete?

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    34,684 Applicants Think Australia Job Best in the World; I Disagree

    883391_coral_reefThis “best job” involves getting paid to explore the Great Barrier Reef islands.  And then singing the praises of  the sea, the sun, and the outdoors surrounding those islands via blog and video.

    This exposure will hopefully increase Australian tourism. Go here  for the official website to vote on your favorite applicant. Voting for the 50 final applicants closes March 24, 2009 . Go here and here to read more about this job.

    While it would be marvelous to partake of this lifestyle for its 6 month duration, I don’t think it is the best job in the world. I think I Chronicles 16:4a describes the best job . . .

    “David appointed Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord and to celebrate [by calling to mind], thanking and praising the Lord, the God of Israel (I Chronicles 16:4a Amplified Bible).

    Here’s an advert David could have posted in the Jerusalem Gazette: Looking for Levites to lead the people in worship. Duties: celebrating, thanking and praising the Lord God.

    Live the abundant, grace-filled life and then publicly share via celebration, thanksgiving and praise what God has done. Now that’s something I’d love to get paid to do!  Hopefully this public exposure will show who and what God is like, increase faith, and lead people into a closer walk with God.

    I am thankful for the worship leaders at my church. I believe they do the above.

    Today, I’m going to celebrate by calling to mind things that cause me to thank and praise the Lord God Almighty!

    Isaiah 43:25

    1. God wipes out my transgressions.
    2. He remembers them no more.
    3. He does this for His own sake!

    Isaiah 46: 4 – one of my favorite verses right now for obvious reasons.

    1. God will take care of me . . .
    2.  . . . Even when I am old.
    3.  . . . Even when I have grey hair.

    Habakkuk 3:19

    The Lord God is my . . .

    1. . . . Strength.
    2. . . . Personal bravery.
    3. . . . Invincible army.
    4. He enables me to walk and not stand still in terror.
    5. He helps me make spiritual progress upon my high places of trouble, suffering, and/or responsibility.

    What would be your best job in the world? What causes you to celebrate, thank and/or praise God?

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    Gratitude Idea From Day 23: We’re Blessed So We Can Bless Others

    “I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:2-3

    308967_thank_you-18In the above verses God says one reason He blessed Abram is so that Abram and his kin will bless the rest of the world.  I believe that reason extends to us as well. Believers are to bless others because God has blessed us.

    So, today I am thankful that because God has blessed me, I can, have a responsibility to and will bless people throughout the world.

    People in my church model this.

    • This morning in church we saw that our Big Kids Club (BKC) before and after school daycare blesses families in our neighborhood. The kiddos in the BKC are given safe, fun, loving, and educational care. All of this at affordable prices.
    • And we saw that Mark and the other 5 people on his team , Water for People, blessed families in Malawi by bringing their water, sanitation and hygiene expertise to them. The team’s report will craft a specialized program and find funding to meet their needs.

    Dear Lord, Help me to be on the look out for how You want me to bless those around me. Help me to recognize the blessings that you’ve given to me. Let my heart be FULL of gratitude for them. Let this gratitude spill out of the feelings of my heart and into the actions of my hands, feet and mind. Thank you, Lord, for Your Presence and empowering Spirit that enables me to do Your work and will. Amen.

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    Don’t Have 22 Things on My Gratitude List

    Nope. No thing made it on my list today. Instead it’s all about relationships.

    People are the most important items on my list today. Really they should be the most important items everyday.

    12-days-of-xmas-eveIn fact, that point is the theme for a movie I saw last night: 12 Days of Christmas Eve starring Steven Weber and Molly Shannon.

    The Plot

    Calvin Carter is a self-indulged, wealthy CEO (of a discount chain store) who puts self and making money before family, friends, employees and really his own best interests. Then Fate intervenes. An accident triggers a “Groundhog Days” scenario.

    Carter has the opportunity to make Christmas Eve perfect. In fact, he gets 12 chances to get it right or else the accident turns fatal. His clueless actions cause frustration and pain for those around him and are sadly typical of many who don’t value the relationships in their lives. But Carter does seem to be growing in his appreciation of what “perfect” means.

    This movie, with its humorous treatment of a serious theme, is one I’ll watch again. 

    Watch the movie to see if Carter finally chooses to live a perfect Christmas Eve. It’s a PG rating so I’m sure you can guess the ending. We will be showing it on the big screen at Christmas C.A.M.P. on Saturday, December 6.

    To my peeps, I’m lending out my copy if you can’t attend C.A.M.P. Just send me an email or reply here.

    So, here’s a bunch of gratitude for the relationships in my life. Knowing and interacting with them has made me a better person. I hope I’ve done the same for them. What relationships are you grateful for?

    1. The Trinity
    2. Family
    3. People Like Family
    4. Work Mates
    5. Ministry Mates
    6. School Mates
    7. Profs at Seminary
    8. All Teachers I’ve Had
    9. Small Group Leaders
    10. Current Friends
    11. Friendships I’ve had in the Past
    12. Best Friends
    13. Acquaintances
    14. Prayer Partners
    15. Service Industry People (from mailmen to waitstaff)
    16. Doctors & Their Staff
    17. People at Church
    18. Church Leadership
    19. Mentors/mentees
    20. Bloggers
    21. Authors
    22. Men & Women in the Armed Forces (past & present)

    Here are 22 categories, but there are certainly more I could list. What “category” have I left off?

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    Turn Up The Music Song Inspires Thankful List of 20

    Tonight while browsing the grief section at B&N, I met Andrea and Rob. They are a couple in their mid-life years. Last week they were a couple hustling and bustling with life.

    Today they are  bowled-over, knocked down and and torn apart with grief. Their 21 year old son died.

    You just never know which day will be the last one with someone or a pet. Which day will be the last day in that job, home, or healthy body. So, for today, Live life well, loving on those important people in 1086092_song_amazing-grace1your life.

    Listen to this song by Point of Grace: How You Live, Turn Up the Music. Here are some things I’m thankful for that the song points out or prompted me to think/do . . . .

    1. Waking up this morning with a gentle breeze ruffling my red curtains and the sound of cars mingling with a barking dog (it was a pleasant sound)
    2. Someone has been kind to me so I wrote a thank you note
    3. My dishes remind me of my momma because she and I only had 30 minutes to buy all I wanted from a Portmerion factory shop in England. These are my good dishes and I’ve used them every day for many, many years now.
    4. Wearing a beautiful sweater given to me by Lenny. I received several compliments on it today.
    5. Making wishesI love thinking about the possibilities of what could be. I make wishes when I am in a car and go into a tunnel. I put my hand on the ceiling of the car and make wishes the whole time we are in the tunnel. I’ve done this every time since my 20’s.
    6. Have what I want – friends and family who affirm me, a peaceful home, clean rooms, a masters degree (June 2009), healthy body, sound mind, growing relationship with God and people, a vibrant church – to name a few things.
    7. I want what I have– I have been making this thought a priority lately. It is definitely helping me be more grateful and content.
    8. A peaceful mind – Don’t let regrets rule my mind – I am learning that it is futile to live life peering into the rear view mirror. As the song says, “Don’t spend your life looking back.”
    9. Music -it definitely affects my mood. No faithless, back-stabbing country music lyrics for me. Turn up this song from Point of Grace LOUD. It will do your heart some good. What are some of your do your heart some good songs?
    10. Taking chances – I am your basic vanilla chance-taker but I am risking some. I went to Jordan last year with a team to teach English. I am getting my masters degree. I am grateful for those two things. That’s about all I can think of, but my dd is a great chance taker. Last summer she spent 49 days traveling the Pacific Northwest without an itinerary or much money. Go here to read about her journey.
    11. Ballgames, ballet and holiday visits – Did that when the kiddos were younger. I do want to make those types of outings a priority again. Once I’m done with school I’ll have that time. If I don’t, please knock me upside the head! BUT, I will check and see if Emmy has any more soccer games left. If yes, I”l go.
    12. Kissing and hugging my children – every chance I get when I see them and when they leave
    13. Dancing with Chip – he’s not too fond of this activity, but it makes me smile. Someday I’ll have (grand)babies to dance with again. Do you remember letting them step on your toes and the two of you would twirl around?
    14. Facing the truth – being a truth teller and hearer and knowing that truth really does set me free
    15. Giving to the needy – “Everyone can help one childI wrote at this post. Doing this reminds me that for the grace of God go I. And if it was my child who was hungry and in need of shelter, education, clothes, safety, I would hope that someone would help him/her. I am grateful that I can help someone today.
    16. Praying for the grieving – We have several women at church who’ve lost husbands. I pray for them and their families. I’ll be praying for Andrea and Rob. Will you join me? I am thankful that my grief journey is not at an intense point today. I am thankful for those who have loved on me, been patient with me and prayed for me.
    17. Peace with God – I’m not always in this spot. I am grateful that today and right now I am.
    18. Peace with myself – Again this isn’t always true, but it is today, right now.
    19. It’s not about me – Enough said on that one.
    20. It’s about how I lived – Especially in taking care of my relationships

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    One Thought for Gratitude List on Day 19

    “The most handicapped person in the world is a negative thinker.” By Heather Whitestone, former Miss America. (She’s deaf.)

    31997_open_handBusy, busy with end of term papers. But I am not too busy to thank God for the following . . .

    1. 2 healthy ears
    2. 2 eyes that are functionable with glasses
    3. Limbs that are healthy, painfree and get me where I need/want to go
    4. Hands that type, craft, cook/bake and love with only a touch of arthritis
    5. A fairly healthily body
    6. Active brain
    7. Emotions that allow me to love and live life
    8. Ability to process the bad and good in life
    9. Salvation
    10. Someday I’ll have that perfect body (in Glory)
    11. I’ll have that perfect body forever
    12. Starting to live more and more in the long view of life where most stuff is small stuff so don’t sweat it
    13. I finished the coursework for another class this semester. 2 down.
    14. Final papers for only 3 more classes for this semester.
    15. The torn apart feeling of grief does not last forever
    16. While I may not be completely pain-free from some losses, I can have peace with that loss
    17. Another great book on grief: Healing Your Grieving Heart: 100 Ideas.Compassionate advice and simple activities to help you through your loss. This is written by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.
    18. Janet from Western Seminary – she works in the office and is soooo supportive
    19. Kim from CNC. She works in our church office sometimes. She is also supportive.


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