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Taking my Hobbies from Plans to Implementation to Finishing

It is not good enough for things to be planned – they still have to be done; for the intention to become a reality, energy has to be launched into operation,” (Walt Kelly).

At one time this octopus was a drawing on a page. It was on someone's to-do list. Luckily for us, the artist did more than plan, s/he expended energy and launched this plan of carving this ancient Kauri tree into art.

Oh, I am good at planning. I have pages of plans. For me that is the most fun part of a project.

But, as Walt Kelly said above, energy has to be expended in order for them to become reality.

As I noted, I have pages of plans. I am excited about many opportunities. This post talks about the many hobbies I have been into over the years. As you can see there are so many that it is hard for me to narrow down the list to just a manageable few.

I start this and that project and oft-times, they don’t get finished before I am on to another project. (Luckily this tendency does not stalk my work habits.) This is more true of projects that take a long-term commitment. I.e. Knitting a scarf will get done, but an afghan is harder for me to finish. While working on the project I start thinking about what else needs starting and what needs finishing. Or I become paralysed by these thoughts and don’t do anything creative. It is all very exhausting.

Here I am hugging a turtle carved from an ancient Kauri tree (New Zealand 2011). Some of the literature says these tree trunks are up to 45,000 years old. No matter how you do the dating, they are OLD!

No more! This year is the year of focus. I will narrow the field of my activities.

This week I read a blog post by Katrina from Callapidder Days about Hobby Focus. Katrina said she’s been a dabbler, not becoming proficient in any one hobby. I can echo that.

Katrina is doing something different this year too.

“But I decided that this year, I want to spend some time going a little deeper in a few of them. I want to bring a bit more focus to my hobbying.”

Katrina hopes to become more proficient in a few hobbies, to see if she’d like to pursue them long-term, and finally to discover if dabbling is more to her liking.

What am I hoping to gain by narrowing my activities?

A close up of the turtle carving.

First, I want to finish what I start. By knowing there will be only a few hobbies to pursue this year, I am hoping I can stop my hobby-hopping and concentrate on the few. I am hoping this thought process will bring a freedom to finish because there will be time (later) to work on what’s next.

Second, I want to concentrate on what I am doing. By keeping my thoughts on the present, I hope to better learn the mechanics, enjoy the process, and feel the peace that comes with being satisfied with doing that one thing. There has got to be less stress if I am not bombarding myself with thoughts of past and present projects.

And third, I want to discover what hobbies are a good fit for me now. I realize that as I go through my list, I will find that some hobbies I used to enjoy will no longer interest me. I want to let go of expectations of pursuing them and get rid of any of its hobby-related items.

Trish "swimming" with a dolphin. We did go out on a boat for the purpose of swimming with dolphins. However, they did not slow down enough so that we could join them. This dolphin was obliging & photogenic.

The top three hobbies (besides blogging) are cooking, photography, and sewing. I don’t have a set plan for how I will engage in them. I will most likely jump from one to another. But here are the goals I have for them in the coming months.

  • Cooking – I want/need to get back into healthy cooking. I enjoy baking. It will be fun and relationship building to cook with my nieces, even if only once a month. I want to put family favourite recipes on my blog so that I don’t lose them.
  • Photography – I am going through my photos from New Zealand. I will post some on my blog and/or Facebook each week. And I want to make a photo album with my photos. I have like 2,000 pictures.
  • Sewing– I have some quilts I want to make. A friend, Theresa, is going to show me

    Close up of a dolphin carved from a Kauri tree.

    how to use a rotary cutter next week (next week). I also want to make a wine tote or two.

    I will have time to launch many projects. But I will have time to only finish a few. Therefore, I need to carefully craft a plan that will launch these projects into action.

Your Turn . . .

  1. Can you relate to either Katrina or I regarding our hobbies?
  2. What kind of hobbyist are you? A dabbler or a pro in one or two areas?
  3. Do you finish all you start? Or do you have UFP’s (unfinished projects)?
  4. Do you have a new hobby plan for this year? If yes, what is it?
  5. Do you have any (kind) advice?

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5 Reasons I Love My Hobby . . . this title should really be 5 Hobbies and Reasons Why I Love Them

A hobby is “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.”

Some hobby categories are . . . collection (bugs, stamps, David Winters cottages), sports (fencing, volksmarch, kayaking), intellectual (speed chess, learning a new language, amateur astronomy), artistic (ice carving, pattern drafting, dance), and food related (gluten free, Bar B Q, wine tasting).

Hobbies defy one definition. Hobbies can be quite expensive (car racing) or free (picking up shells on the beach). They can be best done in a crowd (square dancing) or be a solitary pursuit (cross stitching). Some hobbies are done inside (playing  on the Wii) or outside (horseback riding).

There are many reasons to have and love a hobby. Hobbies can bring comfort, emotional or physical release, intellectual stimulus, and a sense of connection.

I have a hard time settling down with one hobby. I am a fickle “wife” who prefers the company of many. Therefore I am not proficient in any one hobby. Over the years I have poured time, money, and affection into hobbies like . . .

  • bowling,
  • camping,
  • card making,
  • cb radio,
  • ceramics,
  • collecting cookbooks and baking/cooking from them,
  • cross stitching,
  • gardening,
  • knitting,
  • learning Spanish,
  • letter writing,
  • photo albums,
  • playing guitar,
  • raising aquarium fish,
  • running,
  • sewing,
  • stained glass,
  • stamp collecting,
  • studying and writing curriculum for my homeschooled kiddos,
  • tole painting,
  • and volunteering.

Blogging is a hobby I have devoted time to in the last 9 years. You can read about that tomorrow.

Sadly besides blogging, I have not given much time to hobbies in the last years. But I am turning over a new leaf and will once again devote time to hobbies.

I cannot pick just one hobby. So despite the blog title, I will share 5 hobbies that have stood the test of time as oldies but goodies. These are hobbies I have dabbled in for many years.

1. Baking/cooking. I no longer collect cookbooks. In fact I have gotten rid of most of the books. Now I get my recipes via Google or Swagbucks or from a handful of food blogs I visit. (Note: I’ve earned $30 dollars so far from Swagbucks).

Once a month I try to get together with Michele and make something new. We’ve baked foods like a mocha cake, lemon strudel braided bread, sausage rolls and peppermint bark.

I love this hobby for several reasons. (1) There is a lovely product to take home and enjoy. (2) It is a creative challenge. (3) I get to spend time with a fun, tender, encouraging friend.

2. Collecting white pitchers. I started this hobby when I lived in England where I spied Deborah’s vast collection of white pitchers. I bought most of them at boot sales on Sunday mornings before church (started at 11 am). Most were in the 10-50 pence range. I have xxx pitchers. I’ve used some as serving dishes, but most are decorative.

I love this hobby for 4  reasons. (1) It was inexpensive. (2) I was collecting a bit of history. (3) The thrill of the hunt was addictive. (4) I liked the look of the collection.

3. Photography. The advent of the digital camera has improved my liking for photography. I can quickly see and at no cost which shots are decent. I have a camera that allows me to take many good shots. There are many sites on the Internet that give good advice too.

I love photography because (1) it allows me to document my personal history and (2) the history of those around me. I love photography because (3) it is a creative outlet. Sometimes I get a certain “picture” in my mind and it is soooooo cool when I can capture that image on film. (4) Since I don’t buy equipment or print out many photos, it is an inexpensive hobby for me.

4. Reading. (1)Armchair travel, (2) stress release, (3) break from life, (4) imagination stretcher, and (5) learning are the reasons I love reading. In the past I have mainly read for educational purposes. Now I am sneaking in books to read just for fun. In the past I also read physical books. Now I am reading more online.

5. Walking. I use this solitary time for three things. (1) I love talking/praying to God about all that’s on my mind. And (2)  when I am done with that brain dump, I like to think about nothing in particular. I fall into a meditative state that is calming and energizing. (3) Sometimes I can’t get into this calm/energized state because my thoughts are still jumbled. At this time, walking helps me to sort out my thoughts.

Finally, I think a walking holiday would be a great social activity whilst getting to really see the countryside. Someday I hope to take a walking holiday in Spain.


  1. Wisebread lists 4 ways to make money from your hobby.
  2. Go here for 10 hobbies that relieve stress. From this list I’d say that gardening, crafting and music are ways I’ve dealt with stress.
  3. This article mentions what hobbies can tell a prospective employer.
  4. “Storm The has a whole lot of articles, tutorials, videos and information about many of these hobbies.” And it has a massive list of hobbies.
  5. Don’t have a hobby? Go here for info on how to find a hobby.

Your Turn . . . What hobbies do you have? Why do you love them?

This is the 8th post in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” series.  Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about.  Tomorrow’s post is 5 Reasons I Love Blogging.

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