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4 Baking Tips to Make Your Time in the Kitchen a Little Easier (WFMW)

Gillian is British and besides making a great cup of coffee, she knows food. Gillian runs her own personal chef business and has the education and practice to make it a tasty and successful one.

At Christmas we made three recipes. I came home with more than delicious sweets. I also came home with some tips. Maybe one of these will help you in the kitchen.

1. Chop sticks are more than an eating utensil. Put one chopstick into the flour bin. Fill up your measuring cup and use the chopstick to level the flour.

2. Whisks are good for dry ingredients too. Need to stir or sift together flour and baking soda (or other dry ingredients)? Then put the items into a bowl, grab a whisk, and start whisking!

3. Honey doesn’t have to be hard to clean off measuring utensils. Grab your vegetable or olive oil spray and mist a fine layer onto the measuring spoon or cup. Now fill it with the golden liquid. It will glide out and not leave any “stickies.”

4. Extra tinfoil eases cooked dessert out of the pan. Line your pan with tin foil, but make sure it extends to either side an extra 5 or 6 inches.  Once the dessert is cool simply grab both sides, lift, and put on top of a cutting board.  So much easier to cut. No scratches to your pan either.

In case you are interested we made pecan pie bars, cranberry orange bread and Nanaimo bars. The recipes will be posted soon.

This post is for Works-For-Me-Wednesday. Don’t know what that is? Go here for FAQ about Works-For-Me-Wednesday. To link up, go here. I am number 57. What number are you?

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