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Finding Laughter: Instructional Videos (day 3)

Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingThis month I am Finding Laughter and using various media/methods to do so. Today’s post is about videos. The videos I will view fall into 2 categories.

This post will deal with the instructional ones first. That’s because I am about the education and less about the fun. Maybe by the end of this month, It’s all about the laugh, the laugh, the laugh.

My Plan

  • Here are two laughter series that deal with how we can get ourselves to laugh. I will listen to at least one of them each day. 30 Day Laughter Cleanse; fear fast and laughter feast and 40 Day Laughter Challenge
  • I will share what I learn.
  • I will report back on my laughter progress.
  • I will hopefully fine tune my laughter muscles (about 300) so that by the end of October I will be a top laugh-a-lete (Laugh + Athlete).

Videos to watch

Your Turn . . . Please share any videos (instructional or otherwise) that make you laugh.

I am joining 100’s of others at #write31days to write every day in October on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Finding Laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be. And be sure to leave a comment. Talking together will make for a richer, interactive experience for all of us.

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Finding Laughter: Introduction & My Plan (Day 1)

Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingI am not easily amused. I fall between Eeyore and Tigger – in truth closer to Eeyore. So it is no surprise that I am not funny either. And when I do say something funny (quite accidentally) I have no understanding of HOW I did that.

But I am drawn to folks who are funny. Like my friend Lorna makes me laugh – a lot! I wish I had a tape recorder so that I could relisten to her words because unfortunately I always forget what it is that we laughed about.

I know there are tons of benefits from laughter. Okay, maybe only 10 or so reasons. But that is still enough reasons for me to want to learn more and actually laugh more. These next 31 days I will . . .

  • investigate
  • read
  • watch
  • interview, and
  • hopefully end up laughing a whole lot more this month.

If you are laughter challenged too, follow along and maybe you too will add more laughter and its benefits to your life this October.


  1. Listen to TED Talks. I will listen to at least one talk each day and report on anything I find useful. I have 50 talks on my list.
  2. Read books and articles. I have about 15 books to look through. But that is not even 1/4th of what’s out there. Again I will report on anything I find useful.
  3. Laugh 10 minutes a day. If Norman Cousins was able to cure his cancer and reduce pain by laughing 10 minutes a day, then 10 minutes a day might help me – maybe even with my diabetes and hip pain. I will read jokes, funny stories and/or watch something humorous. every day.
  4. Assess  bodily responses. I want to come up with an assessment plan to see how/if laughter is impacting my body, mind and emotions.
  5. Crank up my funny bone. Will I end up laughing more by the end of the month than I do now? My hope and goal is “YES.”
  6. I reserve the right to tweek this plan to fit in with my research, time, and evolving interests.

During this month of October I am joining LOTS of bloggers who will be writing every day about a topic. My topic is about finding laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be.

And be sure to leave a comment. Talking together will make for a richer, interactive experience for all of us.

Your Turn . . .

  • Are you an Eeeyore or a Tigger?
  • Do you think it is important to laugh every day? Why or why not?
  • Do you laugh easily and often? If yes, what is your secret?
  • If no, do you wish that you did?

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31 Days of Writing 2015 – Finding Laughter Landing Page

Finding Laughter 31 Days of writingGo here to read what the 31 Days of Writing is all about.

Along with 100’s  of others I plan on writing every day in October 2015 on a single topic. My topic is 31 Days of Finding Laughter. I will spend time each day studying laughter to see if I can improve my laughter quotient.

Read, learn, and discover with me what this world of laughter is all about and is it all that it’s cracked up to be.

31 Posts for October, 2015. They will be added and/or hot-linked as they go live.

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How to Be Happy, Healthy and Holy

I never expected to hear a nun, the speaker for the evening, say,

“Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap” (bumper sticker).

I never expected to be hugging strangers – 17 to be exact. We were only supposed to hug 12 but I got into a hugging conga line and I got carried away. I am more of a serious person than one given to laughter. And so I never expected to laugh a good portion of the 40 minutes Sister Anne spoke to us. But all that occurred.

I went with my long-time friend, Geri, to a women’s event at her church, St John the Baptist Catholic Church. Sister Anne Bryan Smollin, PhD was the instigator of the unexpected. She is a “popular international speaker on wellness and spirituality who receives enthusiastic reviews for her enormous energy, keen insights and sense of humor.”

Oh yes, words, laughter and insight tumbled onto the audience like the waters tumble down the cliffs at Niagara Falls. I definitely had to be in the moment in order to process her rapid-fire speech of jokes, experiences, and wise observations.

The main theme can be summed up in a three-part sentence: Seize each moment by paying attention to life as it unfolds, by taking care of yourself, and by choosing happiness. My lecture notes give a few details on how to do this. They are, obviously, lacking Sister Anne’s vocal energy, but I think you’ll still learn a useful tidbit or two.

Three Myths

  1. You are not supposed to enjoy work. Supported by the TGIF culture.
  2. People who laugh often are lazy, no-good, and un-focused.
  3. As you get older, it is inevitable that you will get sicker.

Two Things Needed For Health

1. Slow down to enjoy and live in the moment now.

  • Seize this moment.
  • Many live with blinders on and miss the holy in the moment, the surprises.
  • Look for the unexpected in each day.
  • Look for the things that will bring joy, and touch your heart and soul.
  • People of gratitude live in the moment. Before retiring each night, recount 3 blessings of the day. Doing this will help you sleep better and wake up happier.
  • We are called to be Resurrection people so live like you are alive.
  • Slow down and see the scenery.
  • Be connected with others. Rejoice in each other’s goodness.
  • Let go of the clutter of old hurts, memories, and whatever it is that is holding you back.

2. Make the choice to be happy.

  • You’ll have to do this (on your own) because this is a lonely culture. It won’t easily support your happy choices.
  • Give up the cross, we need the wood.
  • Many are rigid in their relationships and things. It is their way or the highway. You don’t need to agree but to accept others.
  • Make 3 mistakes a day on purpose. If you do more, you get bonus points. 
  • Choose to be happy, healthy, holy people.
  • We all need a hobby just for ourselves.

Take Care of Yourself

  1. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.
  2. Written on a friend’s mirror: “You are looking at the face of the person who is responsible for your happiness today.”
  3. You need balance.
  4. Grab the joy and grace of each moment.

Four Ways of Healing

1. Laughter.

  • It bonds us together.
  • It helps us know we can deal with life.
  • Brings pain relief.
  • Helps us sleep better.
  • Research shows that memory retention is enhanced 250%-700% more when laughter is part of the learning environment.
  • Read the work by Norman Cousins . He prescribed 4 hours a day of laughter for himself. He healed himself of terminal cancer.
  • Home work – Find 2 laughing buddies.

2. Crying.

  • Don’t hold back the tears.
  • Both laughter and crying release negative energy and emotions.

3. Yawn/stretch/smile.

  • It only takes 15 muscles to smile.
  • Gets oxygen to the brain.

4. Touch.

  • We all need touch to survive and thrive.
  • 4 hugs – survive.
  • 8 hugs – maintain.
  • 12 hugs – growth.
  • Sister Anne had us get up and hug 4 people, then 4 more and then 4 more. Not only did we get our touch requirement met, there was also a lot of laughter, some of it nervous but most of it was joyous.
  • 13 calories a kiss. This is the kiss on the cheek type of kiss. She did not have us kiss others.

Two Skills We All Need

1. Smile.

  • Smiling lights up the brain and can help you remember what you forgot. Go in to room and forget why? Stand there and smile. It just might help you remember why you went there.
  • There are 80 ways of smiling.
  • Bless each other with our smiles.
  • Smiling, laughter and pounding on thymus gland plumps it up and makes it work. Stress will shrink it.

2. Eye contact.

  • Keep eye contact in our homes, schools, places of worship, wherever we are.
  • This shows respect and dignity to others.

Boosting Your Immune System

  • When we do a kind act for someone, it boosts our immune system.
  • When we witness a kind act, it boosts our immune system.
  • Give something away each day; kind word, note, compliment.
  • Whatever you give away comes back.

NOTE: Sister Anne has written three books. You can find them at

It seems that everything that is good for me takes work. I.e. jogging, flossing, keeping an organized schedule. I’m sure you can add to this list. Well, this night I engaged in something that was good for me. It was unexpected. It was fun. And it wasn’t work – at all.

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Friday’s Favourite’s – 9/17/2010

I have been living life more intentionally these past few weeks. Now that I participate in Friday’s Fave Five,  I pause throughout the week to savour the moments of blessings as they occur. One reason I do that is so I will remember what happened so that I can share on Friday. To share your blessings go to Living To Tell The Story to link your post.

1. Friends. This week I spent time with a woman I’ve known for several years. She is a young mom with four children. Her life has been very different from mine in regards to culture, familial relationships, and religion. Her life, at times, has been difficult, but she perseveres. She laughs, loves and listens to me. And I listen to her. We are friends.

This week I also spent time with a woman who I am getting to know. Her background and culture are also different from mine. But we are the same in our devotion to our family and our ministry. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about her little guy and her husband. She is devoted to her pre-k students (in Sunday school.) We also shared laughter and conversation. I am going to like developing this friendship.

2. Secret Friends. The Secret Sister Program at CNC concluded last Saturday with a Reveal brunch. The 35 participants were able to find out who was praying for them these past 6 months. The woman (Barbie) who prayed for me also became a new friend because she was new member of our women’s ministry team. We’ve been doing things together, like kayaking and eating from recipes that she just has to try. I never knew that she was my secret sis! While this is mainly a prayer ministry, Barbie’s notes, and little gifts, like fresh cherries and popcorn, were thoughtful, inexpensive, and made me feel liked and appreciated. I loved knowing that someone was praying for me daily!

3. Alumni Friends. Thursday I talked to two students who graduated with me from William Jessup University. We went through the 2 year program in the same cohort. Van was at my church on Thursday doing a bike tune-up on our youth pastor’s bike. (I introduced them.) I get to catch up on news with Cindy next week. We graduated in 2006 and have hardly communicated with one another since. I hope today’s conversations change that lack with these two relationships and with the others in our cohort.

4. Preaching Class. Pastor Mike is teaching us about expository preaching. There is no agreement on a singular definition. We did agree that expository teaching is on the decline. Respect for the ministry is on the decline too. Hopefully our instruction will help us reverse these declines at least in our spheres of influence. I am so excited because my sista is going to join the class. That will make it 3 men and 2 women in the class.

5. Job interviews. My daughter went to SF this week for two job interviews. One was a framing shop and the other was a ceramics shop. Both interviews went well. DD should hear today whether she’s been hired at one or both places. I am praying that dd’s job search comes to an end soon and that the right job grabs her and hires her! I’d love to hear her carefree laughter again.

Your Turn

What blessings have you savoured this week?

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Laughter Quiz

What makes people laugh is an unexact science. What makes you laugh might not make me laugh and visa-versa. I tend to be a serious person and not prone to laughter. I’d like to change that especially after experiencing a day of laughter at our Thanksgiving feast.

“You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh at you because we are all the same” (anonymous).

Have fun taking this True or False Quiz on Laughter.

  1. True or False. The study of humor and laughter is called humology.
  2. True or False. People laugh thirty times more often when they are with others compared to when they are alone.
  3. True or False. As children go through developmental stages what makes them laugh changes.
  4. True or False. Laughter is contagious.
  5. True or False. Laughter is physically good for you.  
  6. True or False. An adult laughs 400 times a day whereas a child laughs 17  times a day.

Click below on (more…) to read the answers.


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Laughter Has My Gratitude

 Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.  ~Victor Borge

I am grateful for laughter. The kind of laughter that comes from  . . . safe relationships  . . . gentle teasing . . . silly humor . . . anecdotes of the absurd and/or slapstick . . . unintended meanings . . . clean jokes . . . and stories with surprising endings.

This is the kind of laughter we experienced today at our 2009 Thanksgiving Feast at Ocean Beach.

I cannot remember the specifics for our laughter, but I DO remember laughing within the cocoon of loved ones.

Click here to take the Laughter Quiz.

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Click on (more …) for All Photos from 2009 November’s Photo-a Day.


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