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Questions, Prompts, & Colouring Pages Help Gratitude Flow

On this fifth day of Thanks Living, I purposefully choose to answer a prompt in my gratitude journal.

Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal has 151 pages. It is written by Lori Deschene. It is an interactive medium to help remind us and to help us reminisce about the things worth appreciating.

I will complete at least one page a week as part of my daily gratitude practice during November. I will also date the page so when I look back I can see when it was done. I probably will not go through the book in order from page 1-151.

Tonight I am doing page 69. The prompt is as follows: I appreciate sleep because …

What an appropriate page. I spent the last hour shopping for a specific sleep aid. My sleep has been especially horrible and I am getting desperate now. I think writing about sleep will be a good way to wind down.

Your Turn …

  • Answer the following: I appreciate sleep because …
  • What do you do when you have chronic sleep issues?
  • Have you ever used an interactive journal as part of your own gratitude practice?

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Walk and Be Grateful for Everything

On this fourth day of Thanks Living, I purposefully choose to walk and appreciate everything and everyone I see.

“Gratitude can pull a person out of a slump.” ~ Max Lucado

Being kind, praying for others, and thanking God for people is one way to change our own moods for the better.

Recently, Max Lucado (pastor, speaker, and best-selling author) felt down because of being diagnosed with a heart condition. So he came up with a plan. As Max took a walk, he determined to thank God for everything and every person he saw.

This worked. Max said, “Not only does being friendly and kind make the recipient feel good, but it’s also a health booster for the one bestowing the kindness.”

Being outside is also a mood booster all by itself. So take a walk outdoors, especially if you are feeling blue. And, like Max, determine to thank God for everything and everyone you see.

I usually walk indoors, around the church sanctuary or in the hall at home. It is safer, free from pollutants, I can do this at night, and the flooring is smooth. But I am going to take at least two walks a week outside. Maybe I’ll see some folks that I can greet and smile at.

Won’t you join me?

Your Turn …

  • Have you ever noticed that engaging in gratitude can improve your mood?
  • Will you join me in walking, praying, and greeting this week?

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