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4 Assessments To Make Retreats More Meaningful

In 6 weeks about 50 women from church will be going to Women’s Retreat 2008 in the Tahoe area. In order to receive the most impact there and long term, I’m going to journal/assess 4 areas.

I’ll assess my relationships, the challenges/problems in my life, the Retreat experience and my follow up/accountability plan.

  1. Assess my relationships. This will be in 3 areas: (a) God, (b) myself, (c) others. I will take the time to ask and honestly answer the following two questions in the three areas. (i) How’s my giving? (ii) How’s my receiving? I am purposefully making them broad categories so I don’t go into this pondering time with preconceived notions.
  2. Assess the challenges/problems in my life. Again, I will do 3 things. (a) Look at what’s not working in my life. (b) Look at what’s working. (c) Brainstorm and pray (by myself or with a friend) about what to do next.
  3. Assess the Retreat experience. (a) What are the golden nuggets of info that have impacted me? (b) What will I continue to do at home or start once I’m home? (c) These are some of my ideas from past retreats: include pampering in daily life; have planned meals instead of chaotic snacks; implement a flexible, fun schedule and follow it; more time in Nature; have more silent time.
  4. Assess my follow up/accountability plan. Without such a plan, all my gold nuggets will turn into dust and puff away with the wind. Therefore, I will answer the following questions. (a) Who will I share my insights with? (b) What do I want her to do with/for me? (c) When will I talk to her?

I will also take time to create an evaluation card for my life. Every three months I will look at that card to see how I am doing. I will share these results with my accountability person.

Your Turn – – – So what’s your plan to make retreat more meaningful?

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