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6 Words That Define Philosophy of Life

spending time thinkingI was recently asked to define my philosophy of life using only 6 words.
My brain was stumped. So the first thing I did was to look and see what some other folks said or might say. These are “folks” for whom I have great respect.

Jesus might say one of the following:

  1. The Father and I are One.
  2. Want greatness? Humble servant, always obedient.
  3. I always do the Father’s will.
  4. My life, for yours, for eternity.

Saint Augustine could be quoted as saying … Desire what I know God desires.

The Westminster Larger Catechism says … Glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Somethings I say:

  1. Don’t let fear make your decisions.
  2. Walk with your eyes forward. Ouch! (I added the ouch to make it 6 words.)
  3. Do not make decisions at night.

Wondering what I’m doing? The other day, Theresa from Stitches of Grace sent me this meme. I keep thinking about it. Even in my dreams.

I’ve written 3 other posts about it. One is what others say is their 6 word philosophy. The other one is my reply. And then 9 years later I wrote this post.

Writing my reply has given me perspective on life. Upon further contemplation, I think I have a way to go. I’m still so self-centered. In reality my life does not always match up to my philosophy: Joyful Hope, Patient Affliction, Faithful Prayer.

I don’t want to be a complainer who doubts hope. I don’t want to be bitter about my afflictions. I don’t want to be feckless in prayer. It is EASY to do the don’ts.

I want to live an uncommon life of being joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

Father God, fill me with Your Spirit’s joy, patience and faithfulness. Help me to remember that life on Earth is an ongoing task that is sometimes hard, therefore, requiring hope, patience, and prayer. Give me Your power to live life in obedience and to live life well. Amen.

Your Turn . . . What does it mean to live an uncommon life? . . . Does that appeal to you? . . . How would you do that? . . . Share your philosophy in 6 words or more.

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11 Generations Participate in 6 Word Philosophy of Life Meme

Thinking at the ruinsI’ve been reading the answers people have been leaving to this meme. It’s causing me to think some more; AND the opportunity to investigate blogs outside my norm.

Since I’m the curious sort, I investigated to see how far back this meme goes. Looks like about 11 generations. Heidi (who lives in the Netherlands) is the first person mentioned. Heidi has 2 blogs and I wasn’t able to find the original post. Her blogs are as follows: Celebrate the Seasons, Needle Necessities. She is also part of a group blog titled Creative Home Life.

  1. Heidi from the Netherlands tagged Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses. Rhondi’s answer is . . . Laughed, cried, worked, played, loved, prayed. Rhondi tagged Deb of Posted From Home.
  2. Deb’s six words are: Live Life With a grateful heart. Deb of Posted From Home tagged Tara from Days Missed on a Hammock.
  3. Tara’s philosophy is . . . Make Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons. Tara from Days Missed on a Hammock tagged Oliver Rain.
  4. Oliver Rain’s answer is . . . Everything Works Out in the End. Oliver Rain tagged My Cakies.
  5. My Cakies lives by the following philosophy . . . Enjoy God & Make Him Known. (Side note Look here for a beautiful felt crown for a princess. Can you tell I’m a princess at heart?) My Cakies tagged Jenny at Babyfingers.
  6. Jenny’s answer is . . . Exit your comfort zone everyday. Jenny from Babyfingers tagged Julie at the Knotted Apron Strings.
  7. Julie’s contribution is “Do the Math . . . Count Your Blessings.Julie at Knotted Apron Strings tagged Theresa from Knitting Non Pareil.
  8. Theresa’s answer is . . . Learn to love who you are. Theresa from Knitting NonPareil tagged Theresa from Stitches of Grace.
  9. Theresa’s 6 words philosophy is . . . . Seek first the kingdom of God. Theresa from Stitches of Grace tagged me. My answer is Joyful Hope. Patient Affliction. Faithful Prayer.
  10. So far one person has responded to my tag. Catlady doesn’t have a blog but she commented: “One day at a time, sober.”“I stayed with the basics. After all, if I’m not sober I’ve lost God and me and, ultimately, everything else.”
  11. Theresa also tagged Amy from Journaling Back to Joy. Her 3 people have answered. Teresa, The Virginia Queen Bee’s Answer: When I am weak, then I am strong. Perri’s, My Life in Bits & Pieces wrote: God’s in control, I’m at peace. Michelle at Happy Mom 777 also said: Seek first the Kingdom of God.

This was fun researching. So many wonderful projects, photos, thoughts and recipes to look at.

Your Turn . . . Have a looksee and tell me what struck your eye. Either on the blogs or about the 6 word summaries.

Also let me know if we can go back further than Heidi. Thanks. 🙂

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My 6 Word Philosophy of Life Brings Perspective

Coming up with my Philosophy of Life took some thinking. What is my philosophy of life? What truths do I follow consciously or unconsciously?

And it took 12 tries:

  1. God loves me. Live like it.
  2. First things first. Forget the rest.
  3. Weary but still hanging in there.
  4. Live life on purpose every day.
  5. Forgetting is easy, forgiving is hard. (At 50, forgetting is a natural talent.)
  6. Friends are treasures. Tell them often.
  7. Loving God. Loving others. Loving myself.
  8. Life is hard. Deal with it.
  9. I love being mom, auntie, sister.
  10. Breathe. Eat. Read. Walk. Think. Talk.
  11. Forgive often. Pray always. Love now.
  12. Joyful Hope, Patient Affliction, Faithful Prayer.

I choose #12 as my 6 word philosophy of life.

It comes from Romans 12:12: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. This has been my on-again, off-again verse for the year for many years.

  • It gives me proper perspective on how to handle life.
  • It also reminds me that life here on earth is short, has a purpose, and is preparation for a greater forever destiny – Heaven.
  • Most importantly it reminds me that Someone (God) is in control, has the answers and power and wants to share both with those who ask and obey.

Your Turn . . . Take time to wrestle with your philosophy. Your philosophy will guide how you behave and think. . . . Then post you answer here. . . . How about tagging someone so they too can benefit from this meme?

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This meme was brought to you by . . . . Theresa from Stitches of Grace . She tagged 3 people (me, Lynette and Amy) for this meme.

Memes have rules. Here are the rules:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you. Done.
  2. Post the rules. Done.
  3. Share a 6 word philosophy of life. Done.
  4. Tag 3 other people. I’ll tag 6 because in RSVPing there is usually a 50% chance of a No: Lori, Doodah, RunningShoes, Jenny, Alanna, Can’t Backspace. It would be awesome if either Catlady or Duker left their 6 word philosophy in the comment section.

Be warned. This is not as easy as it looks. Be sure to let me know, if you do participate.

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