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3 Teacup Cupcake Recipes You Need to Try for Your Next Tea Party

This past week I baked five different cake recipes trying to figure out which was the tastiest. I ate them all myself! Good thing each recipe only made one cake. And an even better thing is that a teacup was the “pan” for the “cake.”

Here I am having a mini  cinnamon cake and tea in matching tea cups.

Here I am having a mini vanilla cake and Sweet & Spicy Tea in matching tea cups.

I got this idea after reading that cupcakes might have originated in the 19th century (in America) when folks used actual teacups for “pans.” I am doing a series on tea and so thought this would be a good project for me to do. As I mentioned I tried four different recipes. This recipe is the winner according to my taste-buds.  This vanilla cake is tender, moist, light, and tasty even without frosting. This recipe also has the best tasting butter-cream frosting.

This pink flower is attached to an "excavating" tube that is 1 7/8th's inches. Just the perfect defrom a cup that is 3 inches deep.

This pink flower is attached to an “excavating” tube that is 1 7/8th’s inches long. This is the perfect length in which to take cake from a cup that is 3 inches deep.

This chocolate teacup-cake came in second.

  • I think this is largely due to my preference for vanilla cake.
  • Make sure that the cake is cooked all the way to the bottom.
  • This cake rose the highest of any of the cakes.
  • The chocolate frosting with this recipe is a tasty one.
  • Because I like frosting with my cake I used a nifty cake hole-digger (aka excavating tube) to remove some cake from its center. Of course I filled the center with frosting.
I baked all 5 cakes in this same teacup. This boxed mix cake was tasty - even without the egg.

I baked all 5 cakes in this same teacup. This boxed mix cake was tasty – even without the egg.

This was the easiest teacup-cake to bake.

  • You need three ingredients: cake mix, water, and oil. It was surprisingly tasty.
  • I know you could bake this in the microwave, but don’t do it. There is a night and day difference to the texture. Think rubbery versus light, moist, and tender.

General tips . . . 

  • One site said to use a liner. In my experience, the one without the liner rose higher. Both slid out of the cup just fine.
  • Once site said to not grease the cups because it would inhibit the cupcake from rising. I greased the cups each time and all rose just fine.
  • Buy a set of measuring spoons that has a 1/16th measure. Or else just double the recipe and bake 2 teacup-cakes.

Your Turn . . .  Have you ever made teacup cupcakes? Eaten one?

Crafts and Food Made for the 21 Days of Tea Series . . . 

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