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My Winter Bucket List (2021)

Dec 21, 2020 – March 19, 2021 are the dates for this bucket list.

Since March we’ve been dealing with a pandemic and I didn’t do a lot of noteworthy, cool, or imaginative things. Most likely we’ll still be sheltering in place by the end of winter. Therefore, I want to have a handy list of things I can do to add sparkle, satisfaction, and connection to my Winter 2020-21 bucket list.

In fact, there are 80+ ideas. I know I won’t get even half completed. But I love having options. What’s on your Winter Bucket List?

Activities, Indoor

  1. Movie marathon
  2. Puzzle – 3 of them

Activities, Outdoor

  1. Drive-In Movie
  2. Snow Trip
  3. Make a snowman


  1. Mend socks
  2. Moisturizer – esp for hair/scalp
  3. Winter Makeup Style


  1. New Year’s Eve/Day
  2. Saint Patrick’s Day
  3. Valentine’s Day


  1. Fuzzy, warm slippers
  2. Matching PJ bottoms
  3. Large Scarf


  1. Make Cards
  2. Singing – 2 times (virtual probably)


  1. Marble Spinners
  2. Winter playlist
  3. Scissor holders


  1. 30 days of finances
  2. One expense I am cutting out – no idea yet
  3. No spend month


  1. Bacon Jam
  2. Baked Alaska
  3. Cakes – one new a month
  4. Daily Kale smoothie – at least for a month
  5. Gingerbread house
  6. Hot Chocolate Bombs
  7. Meringues with fruit compote
  8. Orange recipe
  9. Soup recipes – 3 new ones


  1. Game Night
  2. Learn how to play Among Us
  3. Pass the Parcel

Grand daughters

  1. 2 birthday ideas
  2. Art projects on Zoom
  3. Dance Party
  4. Game
  5. Movie
  6. Send a package
  7. Tea Party


  1. I RISK I am going to take – no idea yet
  2. 10,000 steps
  3. Bidet
  4. Fitbit
  5. Keto recipes: breakfast, lunch, & dinner (4 each)
  6. Better evening routine
  7. Better morning routine
  8. No food after 6pm
  9. No electronics after 6 pm
  10. Pilates tape


  1. 12 tubs challenge – do 3 tubs
  2. Composting genius
  3. Cultivate seeds for late Spring planting
  4. Finish my room
  5. New photos in 2 turquoise and White frames
  6. Patio planter
  7. Replant from tall beds
  8. Winter fire spot


  1. Crochet – teddy bears
  2. Juggling
  3. Virtual class
  4. Virtual tour


  1. 1 comedy movie each month – 3 of them
  2. 62 list
  3. Movie Chat – 3 of them
  4. Travel-related
  5. Trilogy
  6. Winter related


  1. Agatha Christie – 6 of these
  2. Book Club books – 3 0f them
  3. Bookshelf – 3 of them
  4. New Testament
  5. Prayer book – 3 of them
  6. Tools of the Titans


  1. Deliver a meal
  2. Foster Kittens
  3. Improve skills for Cake 4Kids: 3 classes
  4. One small way to make the world a better place – no idea yet
  5. RAKs – 3 times
  6. Read and implement “From Social Media to Social Ministry”


  1. Blog posts –  3 of them
  2. Holiday Thank You cards
  3. New Year’s Resolutions
  4. Tea Experiment
  5. Word Search

Your Turn . . . 

  • What are a couple of my ideas that you’d like to try?
  • What would you add to the list?
  • Do you make bucket lists?

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Two Month Winter Bucket List Check Up

Here’s an update on my Winter Bucket List since December 22, 2012. This post will cover what I’ve done from January 22-February 21.To see what I specifically accomplished the first month, (December 22-January 21) go to this link. 

No frosting for these sit-on-the-rim cookies because I mistook chicken stock for almond milk. The cartons look similar and I didn’t read the label. And for some reason I didn’t want to put chicken-flavoured frosting on my cookies. 🙂

Baking. Made cookies that sit on the rim of a mug. Yesterday I saw these cookie cutters mentioned (regrettably I don’t remember which blog) and immediately asked on Facebook if anyone knew whether our local Cost Plus carried them.

One reply said “Yes” and another reply said, “Let’s go shopping.” So, we went shopping!

In the afternoon I made a batch of gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free ginger cookies and let them chill for several hours. Last night my daughter and I cut out and baked them. Very delicious.

Health. I’ve been drinking green smoothies every day. I have only missed two days of smoothie drinking. I haven’t lost any more weight, but I am sure that I am getting healthier. How could I not going from very few veggies and some fruits to 6ish veggies and fruits per day just at breakfast.

Movies.  I have watched 8/9 Oscar movies. I am hoping to watch The Artist this week.

Photos.  I have taken a weekly self-portrait. It is harder than I thought it would be to come up with a “subject” for each week. I like the journal aspect of it. I will put this on my Spring bucket list.

Spontaneous Trip. I’ve visited my daughter twice in this 4 week period.

UFP’s. Post family portrait. See last photo.

Volunteer. Teach craft class (with 1 student). I love to check out the blogs which have art projects for kiddos. I do this for the Sunday school and for my nieces. Okay, I do this for me, too.

I came across a post for making a clay owl. One of my nieces had her birthday this month and I knew that her youngest sister (Em) would like to make the owl as a pressie.

I gave my owl to my daughter. :)

Here is the original clay owl post from the 4 Crazy Kings blog.

Em and I had a blast. And I learned from my 10 year-old niece that it’s okay to go with your own creative touches.

Last family photo with our beloved dog, Chip (2012)

Writing. Blog. I posted 18 times on my blog. This does not count the advertising I did on my blog for small groups and women’s events. My goal was 25 times in the 3 month period.

Make 2012 resolutions. I actually wrote these in January, but have not posted them. There are only 3 resolutions, but they are complicated because they contain many steps. I might do a review post on them at the end of the year. Here is a helpful printable checklist for writing resolutions.

I have not accomplished so much this month. This is due to Chip’s ill health and then death (January 29, 2012). I have been grieving for my room-mate, cuddler, and precious fur-friend. I do have precious memories of him. And is probably typical, I have some regrets.

We will see how productive I can be this last month of winter.

Your Turn . . . 

  • Do you have a Winter Bucket List?
  • If yes, what have you done so far?
  • Or, what winter-related activities have you accomplished?
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 NOTE: I have the good fortune to partner with Fawnda from Fireflies and Jellybeans for a giveaway of her tote pattern to a Fruitfulwords reader. (I was one of her pattern testers.)  Go to this link for the details. The deadline to enter is February 26th, 2012.

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One Month Winter Bucket List Check Up

Here is what I’ve done on my Winter Bucket List since December 22, 2012.

Artistic. I printed out an owl calendarbut have to redo it because I made it too small.. ..  ..  I made snowflakes to decorate the walls for 3 areas in Children’s Ministry wing at church. Scroll down to see one of the snowy scenes my niece (E) and I created.

Baking. I gave my niece (K) a choice of making a fabric flower barrette (on my Fall Bucket List) or baking/cooking something. She wanted to bake. So we made her award-winning California Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cooking. I did one round of once-a-month cooking. I made sweet potato enchiladas, meatballs and pasta, sweet potato shepherds pie, and chicken tortilla soup. My daughter was here when I made these. Instead of putting them all into the freezer, we ate about half of it.

Health. I have surpassed my goal of having a green smoothie for breakfast (3-4 times a week). It has been every day; 21 days now..  ..  ..  I have eaten mindfully every day/night. As a consequence I have lost 6 pounds..  ..  ..  I made toothpaste with my daughter.

Home. I decluttered one shelf from a home bookcase..  ..  ..  My daughter helped me to pick colours for my living room. We matched it to one of my favourite mugs. I am hoping to paint the next time one of my kiddos comes to visit.

Movies. I’ve watched 3 Christmas movies: Bush ChristmasBlack Adder’s Christmas Carol, and Holiday in Handcuffs.

Office. With my daughter’s help I rearranged my office, bought a rug, curtains, and frames..  ..  ..  I decluttered books from one whole bookcase in my office. The bookcase is now in Pastor Mike’s office (in the closet)..  ..  ..  I set up a tea area in my office. I have had tea, on average, 2 times a week.

Photos. I took photos at the ice rink in Rancho Cordova..  ..  ..  And I have taken a weekly self-portrait.

Savings. I emptied my pink, plastic pig and rolled $162.00 worth of coins. This money is for a trip to Disneyland in Fall of 2012.

Spontaneous Trip. On January 17th, on a whim, Chip and I went to the Bay Area to celebrate my son’s birthday. After eating at Revel Kitchen and Bar, Chip and I went back to Elizabeth’s place and spent the night.

Writing. I’ve post 24 times on my blog. This does not count the advertising I did on my blog for small groups and women’s events. My goal was 25 times in the 3 month period.

Wow. I am pleased with what I have done so far. 

Your Turn . . . 

  • Do you have a Winter Bucket List? If not, it isn’t too late to do one.
  • If yes, what have you done so far?
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Skating is Off My Winter Bucket List

I fulfilled one of my Winter Bucket List items this week. I went to the temporary ice skating rink in my city and took some photos. It is part of our history; this is the first outdoor rink here.

I still have another day or two before they take it all down. I hope to catch a ride on the Ferris Wheel before then.

I entertained  fleeting thoughts of joining the youngsters on the ice. But when I saw how slippery it was and remembered how hard the ice is, I decided against strapping on the skates. I did not want to end up looking like this again. (#5 at this post.)

I learned how to ice skate when I was 7 when we lived in Anchorage, Alaska. In the winter, we’d ice skate at recess. I had skating lessons for a while. Being a dare-devil and stubborn helped me learn quickly.

I also learned, rather quickly, NOT to lick the frozen tether ball pole. Just because it looks like a popsicle does not mean it acts like one!

I never progressed passed some fancy footwork and skating backwards. Even then I had to concentrate on what I was doing. My skate toe picks would catch on the ice and I’d tumble. Back then girls did not wear hockey skates.

I could never multi-task like the girl on the left is doing. During my 15 minute stay she texted at least 5 times. I saw another young girl doing the same.

We don’t have to worry about Big Brother watching our every move. Cell phones do that just fine with their easy access to posting texts and photos to other phones and social media outlets like Facebook.

I love the social aspect of skating: Crack-the-whip, chase, couple skate, line-skating. Or even holding hands just because you need the steadying influence (real or pretend) is a great reason to skate. 😉

I am getting stronger and healthier this year. I have a goal to step out on the ice come December. I want to feel the wind on my face as I glide around the rink – backwards.

And if you have a camera phone and want to photograph that moment – I say, bring it on!

That’s a moment I’d like to record – before I trip on the toe picks.

Your Turn . . . 

  1. When was the last time you ice skated?
  2. Would you join me on the rink in December? Why or why not?
  3. Could you, would you text while skating?
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A Winter of Self Portraits for 2012

One of the items on my Winter Bucket List to take a self-portrait each week.

Photo 1: Getting healthier with home-made toothpaste. (12.29.11)


Photo 2: Love my haircut by Geri. Should I colour the gray? (1.5.12)

Photo 3: I haven't missed a day drinking my green smoothie. (1.12.12)

Photo 4: Chip and I are cuddling while we wait to see the Vet. (1.19.12)

Photo 5: Careful sorting yielded 4 books for the used book store. (1.26.12)

Photo 6: Holding Chip for the last time. (2.2.12)

Photo 7: I planted Daffodils in Chip's honour. This gave me hope. (2.9.12)

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