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Traditions – theme for CNC’s Women’s Christmas Party: 1-3 pm, Saturday, Dec. 3rd in Rudat Hall

“A tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present,
with origins in the past” (Wikipedia).

 The holidays are FULL of traditions. Some examples include . . . . .
  • How you dress
  • When and how you decorate
  • The foods you cook/bake
  • What activities you engage in

 While the Christmas Season can be crazy busy, it is important to participate in at least a few of your traditional family times for 2 reasons. 

  1. Traditions help anchor the relationships with family and friends. The laughs, love, and meaningful moments build strong bonds and memories. These positive bonds and memories help the relationships to deepen and to maintain cohesion during hard times.
  2. Participating in traditions also gives a sense of belonging.  It identifies who “my group” is. “My group celebrates this way.  It makes me feel happy and secure when we spend time together doing our family/friend traditions.”

 CNC has traditions too. They allow us time to deepen relationships and build memories which promote a sense of belonging. One CNC tradition is the Women’s Christmas Party.

 All women are invited to attend our 2 hour Christmas party. Bring one of your traditional family’s dishes to our afternoon potluck. We will invite some of you to explain how/why this food is a tradition in your family.

More traditional fun. In addition to eating and visiting with one another, we’ll play a traditional British party game, Pass the Parcel. And in keeping with tradition at our Christmas parties, we’ll have a devotional.

 P.S. Bring a friend to share in this memory-building time.

Your Turn . . .
  • What are some of your family traditions?
  • How/why are they meaningful to you?
  • Do you “have” to do them or do you skip them now and again?
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CNC Women’s Party Features Traditional Christmas Food: 1-3 pm, Sat. Rudat Hall, Dec. 3rd

What are some favorite foods you have each Christmas time?

Perhaps it’s . . . 

My family, like yours, has ideas about what makes up Christmas Dinner. Baked orangey-yams with butter and a sprinkle of sea salt, mashed potatoes with gravy, and sliced ham are a few of my family’s savory favorites. On the sweeter side we like Green Stuff (similar to Orange Stuff but you use pistachio pudding and no jello), pumpkin pie, and fudge.

Bring one of your family’s dishes to share at our annual women’s CNC Christmas party. We will invite some of you to share a story that goes along with your traditional dish.

Our 2 hours together will fly by. In addition to eating and visiting with one another, we will play a traditional British party game, Pass the Parcel. And in keeping with tradition at our Christmas parties, we will have a devotional.

Not just a fun time. Women’s ministry hopes that all who attend will have fun with friends old and new, put aside worries, and leave with the peaceful truth that God is in control.

P.S. Bring a friend.

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CNC Women’s Regifting Christmas Party, Saturday at 2pm on Dec. 4th

Pam with Christmas LightsAll women are invited to attend the Christmas regifting party in Rudat Hall. Bring a friend. Bring a plate of hors d’oeuvres. And finally bring one wrapped gift for the regifting exchange.

There are 4 rules for the regifting exchange.

Rule 1. Please do not buy this gift.

Rule 2. Bring a past gift that you cannot use or some other item that is no longer wanted or needed in your home.

Rule 3. Silly, unusual, useless, or elegant items are all acceptable gifts.

Rule 4. Just don’t buy it.

In addition to snacking well and having fun, Pamela Finney will encourage us with her devotional on regifting. Pamela explains, “Regifting—the act of giving to someone a gift one has received but does not want. Well, I have chosen to regift some of things that I have received from God and have welcomed into my life and want to not only keep but also share with others: the gifts of . . .

  • contentment,
  • forgiveness,
  • gratitude,
  • discovery,
  • servitude, and
  • desire for what really matters.

Come on Saturday, December 4th at 2 pm to receive these gifts and learn how to do your own “regifting.” Call Susan at 635-5992, if you have any questions.

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