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Five Reasons Women’s Retreat is a Good Value!


At our last women's retreat Jeanne and Barbie led morning exercises in the grassy area outside the lodge.

At our last women’s retreat Jeanne and Barbie led morning exercises in the grassy area outside the lodge.

1. Q.   How much is it and what do you get for the money?

A.    Women’s Retreat 2013 is $180.00. It is 2 nights and 3 days at Zephyr Point, May 31-June 2, 2013. The rooms are hotel style and have fresh sheets, plenty of hot water, and a bed for each woman. The majority of the rooms sleep 2. Check in is 5 pm on Friday.

2. Q.   Anything else?

A.    You get six meals: Friday night dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday. There will also be snacks provided on Saturday afternoon and evening. If you have food requests (like vegan or lactose-intolerant), the kitchen will accommodate you. Be sure to mark that on the registration form.

3. Q.   Is that it?

A.    Of course not! The teaching and worship time will be top-notch. Jenny Arnez is one of our speakers. As always the schedule is not jam-packed, so you’ll have some free time on Saturday.

4. Q.   That’s a lot for $180.00 That’s it, right?

A.    No way! Each woman will also receive a notebook that has lots of room for note-taking, exercises for quiet time, and resources to continue the learning once home.

5. Q.   Wow! Surely this is it?

A.    Oh, no. The Women’s Ministry Team always spoils each attendee with a bed treat. This secret item is different every year. The only way to get one of these gems is to attend the Retreat.

Q.   Count me in! How do I sign up for the Women’s Retreat this coming May 31-June 2? NOTE: This is not Memorial Day Weekend.

A.    Fill out a registration form which is located on a table in the Foyer. Or email me ( and I will send you a form. Turn it in with your deposit to the office, put it in an Offering Box, or mail it. Do this today. The spots are limited.

Deposits are due March 10th. You can talk with me or Sydney (our book keeper) to make payments. The final payment is due May 5th.

If you have a question, contact Pastor Susan at  or 635-5992 x14. 

Your Turn . . . . When was the last time you attended a CNC retreat?  . . . . What was your best memory?

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Come to Retreat June 10-12 Because . . .

It’s a one time a year event. If you attend, you can refresh your relationship with God, others and yourself. Your chores and other responsibilities will be put on hold.

Therefore, the distraction-free environment (except for the awesome surroundings of Lake Tahoe) will allow you time to . . .

  • Worship,
  • Learn,
  • Play, and
  • Have solitude.

Sign up today. Click on the link for the Women’s Retreat Brochure 2011 or pick one up from the Secret sister bookcase. Fill it out and turn it in with your deposit. The deposit is due March 6th.

Have questions? Contact me at or 635-5992.

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11 Reasons Women Attend Retreats

The following comments came from the Retreat 2010 evaluation. These comments are typical of what we see from year-to-year. Since the same ladies are planning this year’s retreat, expect to see the same great results. 🙂

  1. I came because it is the only real way to get to know people.
  2. I came to hear the speaker.
  3. Reputation of CNC women’s retreats.
  4. I always do. So tradition!
  5. I am refreshed and blessed year after year.
  6. Time away with the anticipation of growing closer to the LORD.
  7. Fellowship with fun and friendly ladies (including time with my wonderful cousin).
  8. Good value for the money.
  9. Knowing that I personally needed the time away for ME.
  10. Close, comfortable location.
  11. Your Reason Goes Here!

50 ladies have the opportunity to attend the women’s retreat at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center June 10-12, 2011. There are 25 hotel style rooms in the lodge (double occupancy). Join us as we enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, friendship, and time away to grow in God’s Word and love.

Retreat 2011 Brochures are available on the Secret Sister Bookcase or me and I will email you one ( Or you can get the Women’s Retreat Brochure 2011 by clicking on the link.

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6 Lessons About Retreat That Will Ease Your Nerves

CNC women are going to Retreat June 11-13, 2010. We’ll be preparing our homes, work, family and friends for the weekend away. Some women will also be preparing their hearts.  Hopefully one or two of these lessons will help you go to this Retreat more prepared and with less anxiety.

1. Retreats can be scary. I thought I was the only person who was afraid to go on a retreat. But after talking to the ladies, I learned that quite a few were nervous. Our reasons were all different, but most were based on fear. I am so glad I didn’t let my fears convince me to stay home.

2. I don’t have to do everything. We were encouraged to take care of ourselves. If I felt the need for some alone time, that was okay. I could stay in my room or take a walk during a scheduled event or free time. I just  let someone know my whereabouts, when I went out alone.

3. Don’t expect perfection. Something always goes wrong… It could be the food, an irritating personality, hurt feelings, lumpy bed, etc.  Sometimes I didn’t agree with everything the speaker said. Even though things go wrong, when I focus on God and what He has to teach me, all the little difficulties are by far worth it.

4.  It’s a great opportunity to build relationships. With my busy schedule, there’s never enough time to devote to friends. At retreat, I have time to do just that! Retreat is a great time to develop and nurture a strong network of healthy relationships.

5.  The schedule had a good balance. We didn’t spend all our time in meetings. There were four sessions which included music, instruction, and group time. I loved the Saturday free time (about four hours). I was able to have alone time AND girlfriend time. The weekend schedule was just right for me. See #2.

6.  Sessions were respectful. At my first retreat I was afraid that I would be embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. But it was a groundless fear. The teachings and the discussions were respectful and allowed me to participate as I was comfortable.

Note From the Retreat Team: Whether or not this is your first retreat, it is our prayer that you see God in a new and powerful way. May you build friendships that last a lifetime. May you see Him in your life story and that the things you learn will help light your path.

Hat Tip: I’d like to thank Denise Drake for editing this piece.

Your Turn – – – What are some lessons you’ve learned that have prepared you to better enjoy retreats?

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How Would You Answer These Questions?

Answer 7 questions to determine how to spend June 11-13, 2010.

  • Looking for a way to get to know CNC ladies better?
  • Want to spend some quality and quantity time with God?

    Jenny Arnez

  • Open to hearing what Jenny Arnez (our speaker) has to share with us?
  • Hoping to snag some hours just for you?
  • Would a hotel-style, 2 woman room (with bathroom) surrounded by the beauty of Lake Tahoe soothe your soul, mind and body?
  • Like to spend free time  playing games like Apples to Apples and  Spoons or chatting late into the night?

Most importantly, are you available Friday, June 11th- Sunday, June 13th?

If you answered these questions with a “YES,” click on the following link for the  writeable brochure 2010 pdf  for more information. We’d love to have you join us for this once a year event.

Contact me today. I’d love to answer your questions, qualms, or corrections!

P.S. We are also taking names for a waiting list. There are usually openings the last week because of unforseen circumstances.

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Our Story Can Include Freedom Because Christ’s Death Bought It For Us

I cried while watching  Taking Chance tonight (movie starring Kevin Bacon). A young marine, PFC Chance Phelps, died in Iraq. The movie showed the impact of his death and it showed the respect and love others had for PFC Phelps.

Today women and men in our armed forces die to protect freedom. Women and men in our armed forces from past decades died to protect the same. I pray that I, that we, live honorably in recognition of these sacrifices.

Christ died for the sake of freedom too. He died in order that I might, that we, might have freedom from sin and freedom from the grip of eternal death. I pray that I, that we, live honorably in recognition of His sacrifice.

And while Christians have freedom from sin and freedom from the grip of eternal death, sometimes some of us mess up. We don’t live honorable lives. Or we let an unhonorable past cripple our today and thus our future. We don’t let Christ’s sacrifice make a difference in our lives. We discount the impact of His death.

Sister, God has a good future for you, no matter what your past or present-day sins. He longs to complete the good work He started in you on the day of your salvation. He rejoices over you and isn’t shy to let you know this.

Retreat 2010 is about seeing that good story God has for us. Our speaker, Jenny Arnez, will lead us in exploring this story. Please, accept this invitation to Retreat 2010. Our prayer is that each attendee will be positively impacted by the death of Christ . . . that we’ll leave with a clearer sense of God’s love . . . that we’ll grasp and live out our own good story . . . and that we’ll live in the freedom Christ’s death brings.

Mark  June 11-13, 2010 on your calendar as busy! The Retreat is at Zephyr Point. Pick up your Retreat brochure from the brown Secret Sister bookcase.

Turn in your registration form and deposit by Wednesday, March 10. There are only 50 spots. The balance is due Sunday, May 16. LaRee and Marsha are the gals with the information to your questions. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Journal Exercise to Complete at the End of Retreat

We just spent a lovely weekend right by Lake Tahoe. The weekend’s topic was an overview of  Boundaries and presented in a low-key, sensitive manner. One attendee said she enjoyed how the topic was shared without guilt. Me too.

630844_fenceI also liked the word picture that boundaries, like fences, should have a gate.

Boundaries are supposed to be able to “breathe,” to be like fences with a gate that can let the good in and the bad out. Individuals with walls for boundaries can let in neither bad nor good. No one touches them.

God designed our personal boundaries to have gates. We should have the freedom to enjoy safe relationships and to avoid destructive ones.”  (Boundaries by Dr. Cloud & Dr. Townsend, pp 52-53)

At the end of a retreat, class, or seminar, I like to evaluate the experience. This helps me to see what I learned and how to incorporate the learning into my life.

Below are some questions to ponder after your next retreat.

  1. What were your expectations and hopes regarding the following: The topic  . . . Yourself . . . The ladies . . . God?
  2. Were your expectations and hopes met in each of the four areas? Why or why not? How?
  3. What one or two ideas made a great impact on you this weekend?
  4.  What will you do with this information?
  5.  Who will you share it with?

Your Turn – – – How did you answer the questions? What questions would you add?

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Journal Exercise to Complete Before Retreat

1182879_woman_writing_in_the_agendaBefore I attend a retreat, seminar or class, I take a few minutes to write down my expectations. This helps me to be more focused during the event. I am going on a women’s retreat in a few days, I’ll be doing some thinking & writing.

What are my expectations and hopes regarding the following . . .

  • The topic?
  • Myself?
  • The ladies?
  • God?

Being intentional about my actions will help me receive some of the benefits I want from retreat. Below are some ideas.

Topic – What do I want to learn and use from this topic? When/where/with whom will I go over my notes from the sessions? Complete the Boundary Building . . . On Your Own pages? Talk with others? Journal?

Myself – What do I need? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Quiet? Rest? Play? A listening ear?

Friendships – This weekend will I be making a new friend or deepening an existing relationship? During the free time? During meals? While driving to and from retreat? Will I spend some time playing? Asking questions and really listening to the answers? Sharing what’s on my heart?

God– What do I need from God – a Word of encouragement, direction, wisdom and/or healing?  When/where will I set aside time to spend reading, praying, journaling, being quiet?

We always have a booklet at retreat. It has notes from the sessions, resource pages, etc. The above questions will also be in the booklet so the ladies attending retreat will have the opportunity to answer the same questions.

Your Turn . . . What are some questions you’d ask yourself to get prepared for retreat?

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Retreat RSVP Postcard

Ladies, RSVP today. My daughter made this post card.


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4 Assessments To Make Retreats More Meaningful

In 6 weeks about 50 women from church will be going to Women’s Retreat 2008 in the Tahoe area. In order to receive the most impact there and long term, I’m going to journal/assess 4 areas.

I’ll assess my relationships, the challenges/problems in my life, the Retreat experience and my follow up/accountability plan.

  1. Assess my relationships. This will be in 3 areas: (a) God, (b) myself, (c) others. I will take the time to ask and honestly answer the following two questions in the three areas. (i) How’s my giving? (ii) How’s my receiving? I am purposefully making them broad categories so I don’t go into this pondering time with preconceived notions.
  2. Assess the challenges/problems in my life. Again, I will do 3 things. (a) Look at what’s not working in my life. (b) Look at what’s working. (c) Brainstorm and pray (by myself or with a friend) about what to do next.
  3. Assess the Retreat experience. (a) What are the golden nuggets of info that have impacted me? (b) What will I continue to do at home or start once I’m home? (c) These are some of my ideas from past retreats: include pampering in daily life; have planned meals instead of chaotic snacks; implement a flexible, fun schedule and follow it; more time in Nature; have more silent time.
  4. Assess my follow up/accountability plan. Without such a plan, all my gold nuggets will turn into dust and puff away with the wind. Therefore, I will answer the following questions. (a) Who will I share my insights with? (b) What do I want her to do with/for me? (c) When will I talk to her?

I will also take time to create an evaluation card for my life. Every three months I will look at that card to see how I am doing. I will share these results with my accountability person.

Your Turn – – – So what’s your plan to make retreat more meaningful?

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