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7 Top Q&A about the Annual Missionary Tea Saturday, February 23, 1-3pm

Our CNC women’s annual tea is coming up and I’ve been getting some questions. Below are the 7 most common ones. If you have one that isn’t listed below, be sure to leave a comment or call me at the office.

The Tea is meant to be a time of relaxation, getting to know one another, and learning about missions. " missions is a matter of unspeakable significance," (Matt Smethurst).

The Tea is meant to be a time of relaxation, getting to know one another, and learning about missions. We believe that “missions is a matter of unspeakable significance,” (Matt Smethurst). And it’s a cool thing to be involved with.

  1. Do I have to wear a dress? No! Only if you want to. Some ladies come wearing hats, gloves, boas, and dresses. Others wear jeans. Wear what’s comfortable.
  2. What is the agenda for this afternoon? We will have time at our tables drinking tea, eating delicious food, and chatting with the folks around us. Then we will adjourn to the Sanctuary where we will have some music, prayer, and hear from our speaker.
  3. What does it cost? This is a free event for ladies. However, the guests are asked to bring food for the 6-7 ladies that they will be sitting with. Your table hostess will call and organize this.
  4. What is the date and time? The tea is on Saturday, February 23rd at Cordova Neighborhood Church. The tea will start precisely at 1pm and end precisely at 3pm.
  5. Why do I have to RSVP? We only have so many tables and chairs. By RSVPing, we are sure to be able to
    Ladies who attend thois event will be among the first to know about a new women's program that will start the end of March.

    Ladies who attend this event will be among the first to learn about a new 6 month women’s program that will start the end of March. This is exciting stuff!!!

    have a spot for you and your friend (if you’ve invited one).

  6. When is the last day to RSVP? Sunday, February 17th is the last day. We want to make sure all the hostesses have the list of ladies for their table by Monday, February 18th. That way they have time to contact their guests.
  7. What if I get sick and can’t attend? Please call your hostess (or me) right away. We might have ladies on a waiting list that we can then call and invite. This is a popular event and we want everyone who desires to attend, to be able to attend.

If you have questions or need to rescind your RSVP, contact me at 635-5992 x14 or

Your Turn . . . RSVP TODAY if you haven’t done so yet. Let me know, if you’d like to be a guest or a hostess.

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Teapots Deserve to Be Used – Join CNC’s Annual Tea

Are you yearning to have a tea party, but haven't put that date on the calendar yet?

Are you yearning to have a tea party, but haven’t put that date on the calendar yet? Yearn no more!

Do you have a cute or unusual tea set? When was the last time you used it?

Here’s an idea. . . . 

  • CNC’s annual Tea is Saturday, February 23rd, 1-3 pm in Rudat Hall.
  • We are looking for a couple more hostesses.
  • Each hostess has 6-7 ladies at her table.
  • Each guest provides appetizers for their table.

Reply here or call the office (635-5992). I will give you the scoop.

Your Turn . . . Sign up today as a hostess. . . .  Do you have a tea service? What does it look like?

Not ready to be a hostess? Then sign up as a guest. Each guest will bring appetizers for their table. The hostess will talk with her guests prior to the tea to talk about the food to bring.

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CNC Will Serve Only Drinkable Tea on Saturday, February 23, 1-3pm in Rudat Hall


Which tea is your favourite? Mine is English Breakfast which is not pictured here. I already drank it all.

There is some dispute as to how many types of teas there are. It seems the number is between 4-7. There is no dispute, however, that at least one tea is not good for the body to drink.

Which one of the following teas does NOT promote health for the body?

  • White
  • Green
  • Compost
  • Herbal

If you guessed compost tea, you would be correct. Compost tea is a tea for the garden.

It is decomposed, nutrient-rich organic matter that is then recycled as fertilizer … soil conditioner, natural pesticide, erosion control, and landfill cover.

SIGN UP TODAY to be part of CNC’s Annual tea. Sign up a friend too.We want to make sure you (two) get a seat.

No Compost Tea Served.

Each table will seat 6-7 ladies. The guests will provide the appetizers for their own table. Your hostess will be in touch with you before the tea.

Your Turn . . . Reply below or call the church office at 635-5992.

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7 Traits of a Successful Tea Hostess

People with the gift of hospitality genuinely enjoy being around others. Your smile, good humour, and other-oriented manner make you a people magnet.

CNC’s women will soon attend their annual tea. Many details are organized in order for this event to be successful. One detail is recruiting hostesses for the tables.

We still need a couple of hostesses. The Tea is Saturday, February 11, 2-4 pm at CNC.

Wondering if you have what it takes to be part of this elite group of women? Read on to see if you, too, have the 7 traits that help make hostesses shine.

1. You have an awareness of visitors. It’s like you have a radar as to who is new to a group. There is no new person who is not a friend in the making for you. You tend to make a beeline in their direction because . . .

2. You have a desire to make people feel welcome. New social situations make most of us uncomfortable. You don’t want guests to feel this way, so you intervene. You are able to do this because . . .

3. You are attentive to the needs of visitors. You have the ability to give special treatment or say the right things so others feel more comfortable. You do what it takes to meet their need at that moment. Because you are good at networking them into social circles . . . 

4. You are good at helping people become part of a group. Everyone has a need to belong. Your hospitality skills help guests and the “group” to relate well to each other from the beginning. Because you are not pushy . . . 

5. You respect the boundaries of your guests. You are good at not being aggressive in your words and actions toward visitors. You gently lead and let them decide for themselves what actions they will then take. People respond well to you because . . .

6. You enjoy people. Your body language, words, and actions all point to your interest in others. You are sincere and have fun in your relationships. You make the encounter about the other person and not your own needs/wants. People are drawn to you because . . .

7.  You smile at people. This shows that you have a friendly, welcoming attitude. In addition, you are able to emphatically relate to others making them feel understood and liked.

I am thinking of several CNC women who embody these traits and haven’t signed up yet. Come on, ladies, you know who you are!

Contact Michelle White (Tea Coordinator) today to become a hostess. She has a letter of suggestions. If this is your first year as a hostess, don’t worry, Michelle will be there to guide you. In fact, since she, too, has the gift of hospitality, you will be taken care of well.

Your Turn . . . 

  • Have you signed up as a tea hostess yet? If not, what is holding you back?
  • Have you ever done this at CNC? If yes, what encouragement do you have for ladies who are thinking about being one?
  • Would you share a time a hostess helped you feel more comfortable at one of our teas?

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Women’s Tea is Happening Today

tea_magnets-from-last-years1CNC Ladies,

Today is our World Focus Weekend Tea. It’s a fun, uplifting and educational time.

Ladies always go home with a collectible magnet. The magnets in this post are ones from previous years. This year’s magnet is sooooo cute. But you have to attend in order to get one.  🙂

So drop what you are doing and come on down to the church. We’ll have a place for you.

It’s from 2-4 pm.

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Beautimous Tea Invite

Look at the invite my daughter created. The artwork is hers.

The map is painted on a shell (about 6″x4″ ) she found in Baja.


It’s not too late to RSVP. Do so today!

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Women’s Annual Tea is 2 Saturday’s Away

tea_pot-sam-made-coloring3CNC Ladies, RSVP today as either a hostess or attendee. We want to make sure we have enough seating. Saturday, Feb 21, 2 pm will be here before we all know it.

So RSVP NOW by responding here or calling the church office. 

There is no cost to the tea but do bring a tea food for the buffet table . Go here, our church website, and look for the CrossRoads. Download it so you can read the article about the Tea.

I’m thinking about making cucumber sandwiches. Yummy!

What are you bringing? 

The drawing was made by my artistic niece, S.

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60 Acts of Kindness, Intentional & Random to do my 60th year

The Finish Date.

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