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Memorable Posts from 2012 (Part 2)

last year

Do you ever look back at previous posts? I do for two reasons.

One. To remind myself of what happened in a certain year, month or week.

TWO. To remind myself of what I learned.

The second half of this year saw two months (July and August) of no online writing. I was in a funk and seriously thought about quitting the blog world. But then the energy came back and I KNEW I couldn’t quit.

November I was prolific since I posted something everyday!

Keep on reading to see which posts where most meaningful to me. Go to this link to see Memorable Posts from 2012 (Part 1).

July . . . Nothing

August . . . Nothing

September . . . 

October . . .

November . . .

December . . . 

Your Turn . . .

  1. What is your fave post from this list?
  2. How about from your own blog?

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Memorable Posts from 2012 (Part 1)

last yearDo you ever look back at previous posts? I do for two reasons.

ONE. To remind myself of what happened in a certain year, month or week. 

TWO. To remind myself of what I learned.

Like me, are you ever surprised at what you wrote? Once in a while I say, who wrote that? That is some good writing!

Here are some posts from last year that tell a bit about my life or what I learned. I hope you are encouraged as you read.

January . . .

February . . . 

March . . . 

April . . . 

May – Nothing

June . . .

Part 2 (July-December) Coming Soon.

Your Turn . . .

  • Which of these posts are most meaningful to you?
  • If you have a blog, which post(s) are most meaningful to you? Share the title here and I will go read it at your blog and leave a comment.

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Most Viewed Posts from 2011

I’ve enjoyed looking back at my posts from 2011. Below are the most viewed ones (month-by-month) and a few of my personal favourites.

January – 5 Benefits from Attending Retreats This is a group photo of our staff attending last January’s Leadership Retreat. It was a lot of fun hanging out with these folks.

February – 5 Reasons I love Blogging  tied with Five Ways I Take Care of Myself

March – I did not write anything this month. I guess I was too busy getting ready for and then taking my vacation to New Zealand.

April – 6 Things Chronic Pain Taught Me 

On April 16, 2011 I went hiking for the first time in decades. I slipped down an incline and broke my left shoulder.

May – even with a broken shoulder i have reasons to be grateful

June – Writing Down & Reading About Blessings Makes You 25% Happier

July – Citrus Jello Salad Recipe – A family favourite

August – Grateful for 5 Things Done on my Summer Bucket List

September – What is This? 

October – Thankfully I am Alive and No One is Hurt  

November – 5 Reasons to Not Decorate for Holidays

December – Traditions: How to Get Past the Meaningless to Find the Meaning

My Personal Favourites

Your Turn . . . Tell us in the comments or link to your blog . . . 

  • Which of my posts from 2011 have meant the most to you?
  • Which posts have you written that are most viewed? Your personal favourites?

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60 Acts of Kindness, Intentional & Random to do my 60th year

The Finish Date.

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