Tidbits about Me . . .

This post describes Who I Am.

My biggest struggles are grief, procrastination and clutter. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, praying, and thinking about ways to overcome these hurdles. What are your biggest hurdles? Can you relate with mine? Leave a comment here or on the posts below telling me your thoughts.

NOTE: I noticed in June 2010 that grief is no longer a major struggle. Wahoo!

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The categories Chronic PainGratitude, and Divorce are samples of what’s leaking from my brain to my heart. I hope you’ll find the leakage useful. Go ahead and leave a comment telling me how it is useful and what else you’d like to know.

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I’m 55 (March 2013), female, divorced and graduated 6/09 from Western Seminary with an MA in Pastoral Care to Women. Even though it’s 2013, I’m still embarrassed to admit/talk about the failure of my marriage especially to those in my Christian world.

I’m a pastor at a growing church where I oversee children’s ministry, and am hands-on involved in women’s ministry and small groups. I like to write about what’s happening in our small groups ministry, children’s ministry, and women’s ministry.  This Body of Believers loves me and others like me who sometimes struggle to live an authentic, growing, loving relationship with Christ and others.

I have two marvelous adult children that I homeschooled most of their schooling career.

My son, Tim, is now a journeyman carpenter  working in the Bay Area. His hobbies include disk golf, video games and playing the bass. He has an amazing heart! Tim and his lovely woman (Daniella) have a daughter which means I am a GRANDMA. Yep, I am a proud one!!!

My daughter , Elizabeth, graduated from the Academy of Art University as a sculpture majour. She does freelance art ans is now moving into a 2nd career (paralegal to nanny) . Her current hobbies are juggling, yoga, and gluten/dairy/egg-free cooking. Need something organized or beautified? She’s your woman!

I became a Christian 3 days before my 16th birthday. 37 years later I’m still growing. . . . AND . . . I’m going on a “God hunt.” Will you join me? After all, how can I resist the One who calls ME daughter?


25 Things About Me

1. Nicknames? Susan, Susie, Sue (Don’t like that one), Sues, KC (Kinda Crazy), Auntie (love that one), Mom (love this one best)
2. Piercing’s? Ears – unfortunately allergic to most metals
3. Most recent movie you’ve seen in the theater? Narnia – by myself (2006). I was taking the light rail home from work and fell asleep. When I woke up I was in Folsom so decided to watch a movie. I had to have my sister come get me because light rail stopped running at 7 p.m. and I was there at 7:10. Updated to add: I saw Prince of Persia in June 2010. It was like a fantasy action movie of Arabian Nights meets Indiana Jones with intrigue, romance, goreless action, and gorgeous lead stars.
4. Eye color? Brown. Always wanted violet-colored eyes though. Maybe someday I’ll get contacts.
5. Favorite game? WII Bowling
6. Favorite foods? Currently – Homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, my mom’s chicken enchiladas, steak with garlic mashed potatoes
7. Ever been to Africa? No, but ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a missionary doctor there. During my senior year of high school, I let my counselor talk me out of (I was full of fear) applying to med school; after all being a doctor was not compatible with being a mom. This was in the mid-seventies in Canada. At times I have twinges of regret that I didn’t at least try, but I absolutely do NOT regret getting married and having children. If I could go back and do it again, I would choose my children.
8. Ever been toilet-papering? Oh yes! Check out my dd’s custom tp tipis.
Ever love someone so much it makes you cry? Double oh yes! I’ve cried from the pain of rejected love and from the beauty of love – like saying my wedding vows, seeing my newborns for the first time or watching them being baptized.
10. Been in a car accident? Yes, car was totaled when an 18 wheeler crashed into us. No-one was hurt. For decades, whenever I passed a truck a shiver of fear would journey up and down my spine.
11. Favorite day of the week? Sundays – it is energizing to see and hear God’s Word and how it is changing/healing/connecting lives and my Sunday afternoon nap.
12. Favorite restaurant? Right now – Applebee’s for their Chinese Chicken Salad
13. Favorite sport to watch? Anything my kids/nieces are in; enjoyed watching Avalanche games (in the stadium not on TV); would like to see a live pro football and pro baseball game
14. Favorite drink? Hot cocoa on a cold day, Frapacchino or Coke Zero on a hot day. Until April, 2010 I was a Pepsi girl, then I tasted Coke Zero and it’s  hands down my fav. Yes, I could even pick it out in a blind taste test.
15. Favorite dessert? Bread pudding, my sister’s chocolate chip cookies, Ruby’s lemon meringue pie, Breyer’s natural vanilla ice cream – I like desserts.
16. Favorite Fast Food? Does IHOP International Burrito count? If not, In-and-Out burger animal style
17. How many times did you fail your driver’s test? Passed it first try. When I went to school (in Texas) our school schedule included driver’s ed. The most fun part was all the time we got to spend driving via the simulator.
18. Which stores would you choose to max out your credit card? Barnes & Noble, amazon.com (for the books), any office supply store, Home Depot, and Capital Nursery.
19. Bedtime? Usually around midnight. However, I am working on this. My goal is 10 p.m.
20. Favorite TV shows? Joan of Arcadia when it was on and Army Wives. I usually forget to watch it though. I used to like House, but it is getting too harsh and discouraging. Grey’s Anatomy has a good premise, but I don’t like how women are portrayed as soooooo needy and mistake-prone.
21. Lake, Ocean or river? All are soothing and beautiful, but I’d prefer to walk along the ocean for an hour of solitude.
22. How many tattoos do you have? Zero, but I’vealways wanted one. Scandalous, no? My sister and I almost gone one when we went to HI with my mom; the shop was closed. I think my sista was relieved.
23. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Besides what I’m already doing? A spy, missionary doctor, lounge singer, United Nations interpreter
24. What job would you not like? Anything to do with sewage or working on a dairy farm. Lennie, I once worked as a night-time receptionist at a funeral home.
25. When you get to the Pearlie Gates, What do you want God to say to you? I like Lennie’s reply, “Welcome home, Beautiful.” My second choice would be, “Daughter, I am pleased with you. Good job.”
  • Consider yourself tagged. Either answer here or let me know where to read your answers.


  • 1. Tara Sloan  |  . at .

    What an amazing destiny in Christ you are walking out!!!!


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    Thank you for your kind words, Tara. Christ is indeed faithful to accomplish His will – even inspite of me. 🙂


  • 3. Becky Conway  |  . at .

    Hi Susan!

    I used to be Becky Mancilla and I had the blog, This Girl’s Life. I saw that you just recently left me a message there, and I was so excited to find that! My life has DRASTICALLY changed…I am re-married and boy, did God pour down blessings upon me in the person of my new husband. He is truly a dream come true. I would love to share more, but in the meantime, please come see me at my new blog!!!

    Thanks for getting in touch!


  • 4. Spring  |  . at .

    Saw on the “25 things about me” section that Joan of arcadia was your fave show too (when it was on). How I love Joan of Arcadia. I have the DVD from season 1 and when feeling down, I watch them. This has led me to a deep conviction that we are ALL Adam Rove, and that God is intervening on our behalf frequently. I was so delighted to see another fan! (only show I ever protested being taken off the air).


  • 5. Spring  |  . at .

    Ever since my divorce I’ve linked my name with a goal instead of a man’s last name.

    I LOVE this. What a way to honor yourself! Sometimes I wonder about the American tradition of women taking a man’s name…I did it for a few years and then changed back to my own last name (which feels like my real last name). Some like the feeling of family one last name creates and that’s cool, but I think there are those for whom the name change is a painful loss.

    Like the update 🙂


  • 6. Miracel  |  . at .

    Amen to all things that you said! I applaud the way how you have turned your failure into gold. May you continue to inspire others with your story. God bless you!


  • 7. Spangler  |  . at .

    I’m one of the lucky people who knows you and loves you. I love that you meet with my mom to pray regularly, I love that you enjoy the music in RENT, I love how much you respect yourself, and that you are working in an area that will help other women feel loved, healed and empowered. About the tattoo? George Carlin said that you’re not spiritual just because you have something Japanese tatooed on your bum. So don’t feel bad you don’t have that, because Susan2009, you are a Godly woman, and you know what the Bible says about that.. you treasure above gold, you!


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