MORE vs less: 31 Days of Decluttering 2017

I am conducting an experiment this October of MORE vs less. I will spend this month decluttering. I have no idea if at the end-of-the-month I will be different; if my life will be different. The books on decluttering say so.

I will declutter for 31 minutes a day. And I will write about decluttering every day. Join me in either/both ventures.

I will create a private Facebook group so we can share our progress, insights, and tantrums privately. And it will also be a place where we can encourage one another.

To learn more about who I am, go here.

#write31days  . . . I am joining 100’s of bloggers who are determined to write every day in October on one topic. To read more about #Write31Days, go here.

31 Posts for October, 2017. They will be added and/or hot-linked as they go live. You can go through the list from 1-31 or start wherever you desire. The most important thing is that you start.

Day 1 Introduction – Decluttered bookcase by the front door. Best thing = empty space for library books and videos.

Day 2 – How to Think Clutter-Free

Day 3 – Does This Belong in My Dream Home?

Day 4 – 7 Fears Contribute to Clutter

Day 5 – Check the Expiration Date – it’s not what you think

Day 6 – Clutter is Delayed Action

Day 7 – Decluttering While on Vacation

Day 8 – Systems Now Prevent Work Later On

Day 9 – 31 Thing Fling

Day 10 – It is Possible to Change

Day 11 – Sort Items Into Project Piles

Day 12 – Your Future Self Will Thank You for Today’s Action

Day 13 – Do One More Thing Today

Day 14 – Talk to the Hand – Being Proactive About What Comes Into Your House

Day 15 – 15 Decluttering Quotes

Day 16 –  Decluttering My Fantasy Self

Day 17: Learning from “Coming Clean: A Memoir”

Day 18 – Getting Things Done Motivates Getting Things Done

Day 19 – Books on Decluttering

Day 20 –  Using a Declutter To-Do List

Day 21 –Dealing With “I Might Need It Some Day”

Day 22 –Know Your Decluttering Purpose

Day 23 – Decluttering Doesn’t Have To Be Linear; You Can Zigzag

Day 24 – Grateful 4 3 Reasons about Decluttering

Day 25 – There is No Perfect Moment to Begin 

I am on vacation until November 20th. I could have gone live with the posts while I was gone, but I want to also include what I decluttered. Pairing these two helped me stay on top of both goals: decluttering and writing.

Day 26 –  Using Clutter Goggles to See What’s Really There

Day 27 –  Would You be Okay With Living in a Storage Unit?

Day 28 – How Two Experiences Impacted My Decluttering Journey

Day 29 – God’s Point-of-View on Decluttering

Day 30 – How Is Clutter Holding You Back?

Day 31 – 4 Things I’ve Learned in My Decluttering Journey

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