MORE vs less: Using Clutter Goggles to See What’s Really There

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Day 26 – I would use my clutter goggles, if I knew WHERE they were,

Colorblindness and clutter-blindness have a similar characteristic. In colorblindness. a person cannot clearly distinguish different colors of the spectrum.

In clutter-blindness. a person cannot clearly distinguish clutter from non-clutter. A clutter-blind person does not notice the piles of stuff mixed in with the useful stuff. While folks around them are disturbed by this mess, the clutter-blind person is not. And in many cases is comforted by having their stuff out and available.

Colorblindness has no cure. However, clutter-blindness does. It is a simple trick. Wear Clutter Goggles.

This is a habit you cultivate that helps you see what is out-of-place. Each time you leave a room, put on your (imaginary) clutter goggles. Purposefully look at the space and observe the piles on all the surfaces. Notice what’s out of place. Now take a few minutes (set the timer) to tackle at least one thing.

  • Collect all the pens/pencils and put them into one container.
  • Hang up your clothes or put them in the hamper.
  • Move the thrift store box out to your car.
  • Re shelve books.
  • Stack dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Throw away trash.

I learned the idea of clutter goggles from Lorie Marrero. She suggests putting them on so we can see the cluttered area for what it really is – a disorganized, overflowing shelf, drawer, table, closet, trunk, etc.

The clutter goggles I spoke about are imaginary. But there are “goggles” that you can put on in order to see what’s really there.  Denise Drake, a friend and fellow declutterer, has an idea that she uses. She uses a camera as if they were goggles.

Denise takes a photo of the area to be decluttered. By doing this, she can have an objective look. The disorganization and excess really stand out. She also takes a photo when done. These before and after pictures not only bring great satisfaction at a job well done, it shows the difference in a way that cannot be missed.

Wear them  in only one room. You could even decide to wear clutter goggles (or take a photo) all day in only one room. By the end of the day, you’ll have sorted out many of the out-of-place items.

As we make this an ongoing habit, our spaces will be freed from clutter. Won’t that feel good?

Day 26 –  31 Minutes of Decluttering = Storage closet is done!

Your Turn . . .  Have you ever used a camera as clutter glasses? . . . Do you think this tip would work for you? . . . What else could we use to replace imaginary clutter googles?

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  • 3 Tips on Clutter Blindness [A Messy Minimalist Video] 1. Purposefully look and stare at every item in a room. Assess the problem areas.  Accept how bad your clutter is. … 2. Invite a detail-oriented, clean-freak friend over to assess the same room. Accept her findings. …. 3. Frequently check out your known problem areas in all parts of your home. I.e. Surfaces, corner of the room, floor.
  • How to Think Clutter-Free by FruitfulWords

Go here for the landing page with all the posts for MORE vs less: 31 Days of Decluttering. #write31days  . . . I am joining 100’s of bloggers who are determined to write every day in October on one topic. To read more about #Write31Days, go here.

Join me in this experiment of MORE vs less. If you’d like, you can join our private Facebook group that is encouraging one another in this task.

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