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Top Two Things I’ve Learned about Blogging (T2T)

Don’t shoot me. I know it’s not Tuesday, but I really want to answer this question. To read others who answered this same question go to the Undomestic Momma blog, 64 people have answered at this link.

Two things I’ve learned.

1. Read deeply. There are soooooo many good blogs out there. And I want to read them all. But it is just not feasible. So I am learning to pick a few and get to know them.  I read for more than information. I also read for community. But to make sure I don’t spend more time on my virtual life than my real life, I set a timer and then get off-line once the timer dings!!!

2. Leave comments. Since I am reading blogs for more than information, I am trying to slow myself down long enough to leave a comment after I read a post.  I leave comments to acknowledge I learned something, I now have a new point of view, or I related to the writer. Sometimes I have something to offer. Leaving a comment helps me to live in the moment by fixing that idea in my head.

What two things have you learned about blogging? Please let us know either in the comments or write your own post!!!

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