Scattering Kindness: A 31 Day Adventure

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Join me in making the world a better place.

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Do you ever do special projects for your birthday? I.e. Folks will collect money for a charity or accomplish 30 things by the time they are 30.

I like to do things involving my birthday years.

  • I read 58 books when I was 58.
  • I watched 59 musicals when I was 59.
  • This year I want to do 60 Intentional and/or Random Acts of Kindness (RAK’s).

I think it is important to do acts of kindness, intentional and random. These acts cheer up others and sometimes provide some much-needed help. It helps our world to be a nicer place. It helps me to be a nicer person.

RAK’s and I have history. These are meaningful actions that make individual and global differences.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. Scott Adams

I have written several blog posts about them, already.

This year for #Write31Days, I am doing my series on acts of kindness, intentional and random. The title is Scattering Kindness: a 31 Day Adventure.

Doing 31 acts of kindness for this series will help me get half of my birthday list done. And hopefully, I will discover that this time of focused energy will make me and my world differently.

“Your one random act of kindness may not change the world but it might make a difference in the life of someone today” ~ Maria Koszler

Below is a brainstormed list of kind acts of service.  What should I add to this list? I want to do 60 by the end of March 2019. As I complete and write about an intentional or random act of service, the link will go live.

NOTE: I did not finish the series in March 2018. I completed 23 actions/posts. I will finish 8 of the original ideas and then do 14 more additional actions/posts this Lenten season for 2020. I hope to have all the rest (60 in total) of the actions/posts done by the end of May 2020. 

  1. Adding Beauty 
  2. Adopting a plot at a cemetery
  3. Baking a Birthday Cake for Someone You Don’t Know
  4. Becoming an Organ Donor
  5. Being a Friendly Driver
  6. Being a Good Housemate
  7. Being a Trail Angel: Giving Away Food At Trailheads
  8. Being on Time
  9. Calling Someone by Their Name 
  10. Creating a Gift
  11. Delivering Meals
  12. Doing a Run/Walk
  13. Donating a Book to the Library
  14. Donating a cell phone and used ink cartridges
  15. Donating to a Foodbank
  16. Donating to Soles 4 Souls
  17. Feeding People
  18. Filling Operation Christmas Child Boxes
  19. Following up
  20. Gifting a Banana
  21. Giving 31 Positive YELP reviews
  22. Going On a Walk
  23. Going to the Funeral
  24. Helping a Teacher With Classroom Supplies
  25. Hemming or Mending
  26. Hosting a Card Making Workshop
  27. Knitting caps for preemies
  28. Organizing a Sock Drive
  29. Organizing Meals
  30. Leaving a Generous Tip
  31. Leaving a Surprise in a Library Book
  32. Leaving Behind Nice Pens
  33. Looking Someone in the Eyes
  34. Mailing a card (service member, elderly person, a child with cancer)
  35. Making a Phone Call
  36. Make and deliver cinnamon rolls
  37. Neighboring Well
  38. Organizing a Card Exchange
  39. Painting Kindness Rocks
  40. Paying Someone’s Way Who Can’t Pay You Back
  41. Picking up groceries for a neighbor
  42. Picking up Trash
  43. Planting a Tree
  44. Playing Nicely on Social Media
  45. Praying
  46. Providing a loan through KIVA
  47. Providing dinner for a family
  48. Putting Away Shopping Carts
  49. Putting compliment notes in a public restroom
  50. Putting toilet paper in a park bathroom
  51. Reading to a child
  52. Recording a Book 
  53. Reminiscing with a Senior
  54. Sending a devotional book to a single mom
  55. Sending flowers
  56. Sitting with Someone
  57. Taking Time to Notice
  58. Trick-or-Treating
  59. Using Your Manners
  60. Visiting a Nursing Home
  61. Volunteering at Neighborhood Meal
  62. Writing a Thank You Note
  63. Writing a Letter

Your Turn . . . What would you add to this list? . . .  What was the last act of kindness, intentional or random, you did? . . . Do you do anything unique to celebrate your birthday? . . . Will you join me in this adventure?

This post is part of #Write31Days where bloggers write every day in October on one topic. I am writing about Acts of Kindness, random and otherwise. By November, it will be interesting to see if I am different and/or my community is different. To see what other bloggers are doing, go here.

You can practice being kind by leaving me a comment.

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Thanks go to Elizabeth Symington for making my #Write31Days button and basic graphic for the kindness quotes. Elizabeth is writing a 31 days series on Summer of Service in Yosemite.

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Friday’s Fave Five – September 28, 2018 Kindness is Organizing Meals for One in Need

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  • 1. motolocochica  |  . at .

    I think it of an Act of Kindness by not always complaining and being negative around friends. You are already super positive, but maybe a No Complaining Day could be considered a RAK?


  • 2. wendyj59  |  . at .

    You have a great list going there. Staying positive isn’t always easy but you definitely have a head start. Good luck with the challenge.


  • 3. sharybary  |  . at .

    I totally love the birthday goal idea. I’m going to be thinking about how I could do that, but I would have to do 65 this year.Guess I better do 66 next year. My time is running out for this year. Your idea for the 31-day Write is awesome. I’ll be looking forward to the suggestions you make!


  • 4. Mary K. Hill  |  . at .

    I loved your list. I can’t wait to delve into this series even more.


  • 5. Rob  |  . at .

    I like walking alone from choice. but it’s amazing how many people walk alone because they are lonely; don’t just pass people by, always say hello, you will often others be pleased and want to chat, and appreciate your time.



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60 Acts of Kindness, Intentional & Random to do my 60th year

The Finish DateMarch 1st, 2019

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