Kindness is Writing a Letter

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Do you write letters on a regular basis?

I like to. In fact, I have several letter writing projects on this blog.

However, I got bogged down and didn’t keep either project as an ongoing habit.

Today I received a letter from a friend who lives locally. She moved to a different area and attends a different church. I let my life overrun my schedule. We were out-of-touch with one another. My friend gave a recap of her year and shared answered prayers. I felt such joy reading about the faithfulness of God in her life.

Her letter reminded me of our shared interests and love for one another. Her letter rekindled a desire to make this friendship a priority. I texted her right away to say, “Yes, let’s meet up.”

This weekend, I will take time to write her. Yes, I will do that even though we will see one another soon. I want my friend to receive the same joy I had after reading her letter to me. After all, kindness is writing a letter.

Can writing a letter really be called kindness? Yes! If the letter is attentive, considerate, friendly, and thoughtful, it is a kind act. Both the writer and recipient benefit from this kind act. Such letters reaffirm friendship, reminisce on shared history, and remind of what’s important in life – people.

I want to get back to my letter-writing habit. It is a great way to let others know how important they are to me. So, I am going back to setting aside the third Sunday of each month as a letter-writing time. (March 15th will be my first time to do this.) Of course, I can write more letters than this, but my realistic goal is once a month.

Your Turn . . .

  • Do you think letter writing is an important habit to cultivate?
  • Do you see it as an act of kindness?
  • When was the last time you wrote a letter? How did you feel after writing it? How was it received?
  • Will you write a letter this week?

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