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Wheat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Recipe/Tips Website (updated links, info, & photo)

Elizabeth enjoying a DELICIOUS gluten-, dairy-, and egg-free meal.

There are many such websites out there, but I’d like to recommend: Surprisingly Thankful (food blog) by Elizabeth. She’s a newbie to blogland as her start-up was this January 3rd (2008).

Elizabeth says, “I cook weird and often surprisingly good recipes because of my food allergies. I am a little restricted in what I can eat: no cow dairy, chicken eggs or gluten (which is in wheat). Being allergic to “all things American” has forced me to be creative in another avenue of my life.”

The recipes on her food blog run from  . . .  smoothies,

Elizabeth has tips on how to clean your blender -the easy way and how to make home-made “soy sauce substitute.”  There are sections on food reviews, Getting Startedand (of course) DESSERT. She suggests 2 cookbooks that support the wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free lifestyle.

Elizabeth’s art blog is just as amazing.  Weird and Surprisingly Good is about the art secrets, trials, and triumphs Elizabeth experiences as a practicing visual artist. She has a strong interest in braille, reading, juggling, and labyrinths, and is the creator of cactus lights

So stop by Elizabeth’s place (food blog, art blog, or website) and give her a hello by leaving a comment or two. I know I will frequent her blog.

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“Don’t Worry America, Mum’s Got Your Back”

In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I’d like to repost this.

“Don’t Worry America, Mum’s Got Your Back.”

I spoke with Kathleen last night and she said, rather proudly, that an announcer on BBC America said the above statement.

Danger is always a tactical option for our enemy.
The news coming out the last twelve hours has once again reminded us that danger and death are a stark reality in a world consumed with following man-made and demonically influenced ideologies (from simple selfishness to terrorism). Our out-of-control world will always remain that way as long as we insist on ignoring our Creator God and His plan.

When we don’t embrace God’s plan, by default we follow the god of this world’s plan. Satan’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy all and any good thing – including people, especially people.

But God is in Control
In 1994, Twila Paris wrote a song titled God Is In Control after obsessing about the world’s instability.

God spoke to Twila’s heart. “He said, ‘Just remember, people do what they will, but at the end of the day I’m the One with the ultimate authority. Remember that I am in control.’ ” (Taken from an online article in Christianity Today, August 2006).

“Oh, yeah. God is in control, Twila thought. The overused phrase had almost become a cliché. But as Twila reflected on the meaning of those four words, it hit her. We as humans sometimes choose to do terrible things. But the truth remains: He is in control.”

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for Your all-consuming care for us and that sometimes we get to visibly see that care.

Thank you, Lord, for friends (like Great Britain) who look out for us at a time when people in other nations and even in our own, denigrate* our government, our help and our way-of-life.

Mighty God, please use this latest terrorist attempt to bring people to You and to help us to place our trust in You in a bigger way. Help us to believe and live like You are in control. Help us to live in a more selfless way in order to do Your will on Earth like it is being done in Heaven.

Finally, Merciful Saviour, bring sweet relief and salvation to the family and friends who are left behind after terrorist attacks everywhere and specifically to those of 9/11.


* I think there is a huge difference between denigrating, maligning and defaming America and openly discussing, in a polite helpful way, our “growth” areas.

Oh, and God? Thanks for getting my back too!

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Peace and Hope While in the Depth of Pain – John Stumbo’s Story

1105960_pain_and_hopeThe theology one has about God makes all the difference in how one handles the pain of hard times. It is the person with faith, the person who sees God rightly, that can say in the most painful of times, “God is in it and God is good.”

I recently heard John Stumbo’s story. At that time he was the pastor of Salem Alliance Church in Salem, Oregon. At the beginning of the week of October 17, 2008, John thought he had the flu. By the end of the week that was far from the truth. Many months and 100 tests later, the doctors still don’t know why John’s body weakened to the point of death (several times). One of the medications produced delusions some fun, but many dark and eerie.

Overview of John’s Reactions to Pain (Illness)

  • John described having a deep peace despite his desperate illness.
  • The hope John had in seeing Jesus upon his death helped John get through the dark, delusional times.
  • This deep sense of hope helped keep John sane.
  • The prayers and encouragement (verbal as in calls and cards, practical as in money and meals) aided John in his journey during the dark times and now in his journey back to health.
  • These events have been good for his spiritual journey, marriage and congregation. God has already begun to use it.
  • After 100 tests the doctors still don’t know what was/is wrong with John.  But God is still in it and God is good.

Quotes I especially liked

  • I had my hand on death’s doorknob ready to push the door open but I had about 3000 of you pulling back on me not letting me in. I didn’t have a chance to get into heaven with all you people praying for me.
  • I’m running a marathon I didn’t plan on running.
  • I don’t really like the journey I’m on…but God is in it and God is good.
  • Some of you don’t like the journey you’re on either right now. You’re in a tough spot . . . Economically hard times . . . Financially bad news . . . Relationally tough situations . . . Physically struggling. Please know according to Psalm 139, He is the God of the light and the darkness.
  • God is in it and God is good.

When I’m going through a painful time in life, I listen more readily to people who have been through their own painful times. John has been through such a painful time. Yet he still clung, and clings, to the truth that God is in it and God is good. I love this example of perseverance and faith, this illustration of a man’s deep love and trust in God.

Many times life doesn’t make sense and in fact its not always a likable journey. But it is also a fact that we, Christians, don’t travel alone. God is with us. And often, often we are surrounded by a faithful group of people who cheer us on with their prayers and encouragement.

Let’s Talk About It. Where are you in this journey?

  1. Needing prayers and encouragement? Who will you contact for this? Will you do so today?
  2. Able to offer prayers and encouragement? Who has God laid on your heart to help? Will you do one thing today?
  3. Do you believe that God is in your painful journey and that God is good? Why or why not.
  4. Listen to the video. What are your reactions? Favorite quotes?

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34,684 Applicants Think Australia Job Best in the World; I Disagree

883391_coral_reefThis “best job” involves getting paid to explore the Great Barrier Reef islands.  And then singing the praises of  the sea, the sun, and the outdoors surrounding those islands via blog and video.

This exposure will hopefully increase Australian tourism. Go here  for the official website to vote on your favorite applicant. Voting for the 50 final applicants closes March 24, 2009 . Go here and here to read more about this job.

While it would be marvelous to partake of this lifestyle for its 6 month duration, I don’t think it is the best job in the world. I think I Chronicles 16:4a describes the best job . . .

“David appointed Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord and to celebrate [by calling to mind], thanking and praising the Lord, the God of Israel (I Chronicles 16:4a Amplified Bible).

Here’s an advert David could have posted in the Jerusalem Gazette: Looking for Levites to lead the people in worship. Duties: celebrating, thanking and praising the Lord God.

Live the abundant, grace-filled life and then publicly share via celebration, thanksgiving and praise what God has done. Now that’s something I’d love to get paid to do!  Hopefully this public exposure will show who and what God is like, increase faith, and lead people into a closer walk with God.

I am thankful for the worship leaders at my church. I believe they do the above.

Today, I’m going to celebrate by calling to mind things that cause me to thank and praise the Lord God Almighty!

Isaiah 43:25

  1. God wipes out my transgressions.
  2. He remembers them no more.
  3. He does this for His own sake!

Isaiah 46: 4 – one of my favorite verses right now for obvious reasons.

  1. God will take care of me . . .
  2.  . . . Even when I am old.
  3.  . . . Even when I have grey hair.

Habakkuk 3:19

The Lord God is my . . .

  1. . . . Strength.
  2. . . . Personal bravery.
  3. . . . Invincible army.
  4. He enables me to walk and not stand still in terror.
  5. He helps me make spiritual progress upon my high places of trouble, suffering, and/or responsibility.

What would be your best job in the world? What causes you to celebrate, thank and/or praise God?

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Happy Birthday to Lynette!

Hey friend, sister and co-worker,

Happy Birthday on your 45th year. I am blessed to know you, Lynette.

You’ve been a source of joy, friendship, and wisdom in my life. Thanks. 🙂

May God continue to gift you with His discernment, strength, and laughter. This come with lots of love, prayers and friendship too.

Hey to my other friends, Leave a message for Lynette here in the comments or at her place at this post.

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Understanding God Through (some of) His Attributes

 Recently my daughter, an artist, created a piece that tried to explain color to a non-sighted person. She did this by assigning textures to each color. Obviously a sighted person can immediately see the short-comings in this comparison. But to the non-sighted this effort was as good as any since color, to them, is an incomprehensible attribute of our world. She was trying to explain by building a bridge from their known world to the unknown world of color.

Trying to explain God is like trying to explain color to a non-sighted person. He is totally incomprehensible. So, the only way to even get a glimpse of God is to build a bridge from our known world to the unknown world of God.

Author and theologian A.W. Tozer builds such a bridge on attributes of God. Tozer, in his book The Knowledge of the Holy, says an attribute is “whatever God has in any way revealed as being true of Himself” (12). Though Tozer shares 19 attributes he maintains, “God, being infinite, must possess attributes about which we can know nothing” (13). So, obviously this explanation of God through attributes falls short.

Though this bridge falls short, Tozer uses it for an important reason: to get the Church thinking rightly about God once again. The sad truth is, the Church does not even realize that she has surrendered her high opinion of God by making Him something manageable and understandable.

Indeed theses ideas “lie buried under the rubbish of conventional religious notions and may require an intelligent and vigorous search before it is finally unearthed and exposed for what it is” (2). We all have heretical thoughts/beliefs about God. One way to unearth these is to read about God’s attributes and compare our ideas to truth.

The Knowledge of the Holy describes 19 attributes of God. Each chapter begins with a prayer and in six to eight pages boils down the essential points of each trait. The information is concise and simple enough for a new Believer and yet deep enough to use as support material for papers in seminary. (Several years ago I read chapter 13, The Divine Transcendence, many times in order to get a grip on that topic for a final.)

Don’t be fooled though. Even were I to memorize each word of The Knowledge of the Holy, I would not fully know God. But any information I do internalize surely helps me grow in knowledge, faith, hope, and love. Every time I read this book my AWE of and for God increases.

NOTE: In October 2006 I wrote about The Knowledge of the Holy here. I had to reread the book for an assignment for today and so updated the report. If you do click back to that post, be sure to answer those questions here.

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