10 Benefits of Praying With a Group

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This past year I was part of a small group called The Power of a Praying Woman. In fact, I took that class twice. It was an awesome, instructional time of learning how to pray out loud. Lynette did an awesome job facilitating this group. Besides the instruction, we also had time to actually put the instruction into practice via prayer at each session.

We received benefits from praying together as a group. I came up with 10 benefits.

  1. Because you are accepted by group members you learn to accept yourself.
  2. Church attendees, family, work mates and friends become Christians and receive other miracles in their lives.
  3. The answers to prayer bind you together as a group. Your love for each other and for God grows. Your faith also grows.
  4. You become aware of the stressful and crisis situations in one another’s lives. So now you know how to pray specifically for one another.
  5. You are surrounded by God’s presence.
  6. You (eventually) lose your fear of praying out loud because of the practice (of prayer).
  7. You learn how to pray out loud by hearing more experienced people pray.
  8. You realize that you are more like each other than different from each other. So you learn to replace your fear and suspicion of one another with acceptance and love.
  9. You get to know one another better.
  10. You receive God’s love though the other members of the group.

Your Turn . . .

  1. Which of the above benefits have you received because of praying with a group?
  2. What benefit would you add that is not on the list?
  3. Are you part of a praying group? Why or why not?
  4. What will you do this week because of reading this post?

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  • 1. Iris  |  . at .

    This was great, thanks for sharing. I have to start attending small groups. Speaking in front of people is hard enough, I would be even more nervous praying! Thanks for this info.


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      It would be lovely to have you in our small group, Iris. 🙂 If/when you attend one of the groups I am in, I do not require anyone to pray out loud. It is okay to go at your own level of comfort.

      I, too, get nervous speaking and praying in a group.But I have to admit that as I do so, I get more comfortable.


  • 3. Brenda  |  . at .

    I NEED to pray with other people, that is how I remember that I am part of something larger than myself and find comfort in the compassion shared by others. And my burden feels lighter because it is shared.

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    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Those are 3 more great benefits of prayer, Brenda. Thanks for sharing.


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