Kindness is Organizing a Sock Drive

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This post is part of #Write31Days where bloggers write every day in October on one topic. I am writing about Acts of Kindness, random and otherwise. It will be interesting to note how I am different and/or how my community is different


 Socks are like a national right, right?

I don’t like having cold feet. I wear socks, not slippers, when feeling chilly. I love socks: plain, patterned, mismatched, whatever. I love socks.

So when I was asked to organize a sock drive for my church, I didn’t hesitate. The collected socks will go to folks who attend the October Neighborhood Meals (NM). Neighborhood Meals is a free community meal served the last Friday of every month at Cordova Neighborhood Church from 5:00 to 6:00 PM. If you are hungry, come and eat; if you’re not, come and serve.

Any type of sock is accepted. But Carla Wilson, a long-time organizer of NM, suggests we bring mainly men’s socks. Black socks are most requested because they don’t show the dirt so easily. These black socks are also comfy for women.

We already have 30 pairs of socks! We will be collecting until the end of the month. The socks will be dispersed at the Friday meal in October, the 26th. Please consider supporting this act of kindness.

Happiness is warm feet.

Kindness is giving someone socks so they can have warm feet.

Have you ever thought about organizing a sock drive? In 2008, Ryan Lundquist (from my area at that time) sought to collect 680 pairs of socks so that each homeless student in our school district could have a pair. The drive scored 3,144 pairs of socks!

Organizing a sock drive might be more energy than you are able to extend. How about donating one pair?

Can you imagine NOT having socks especially as we come into the rain and cold of Fall? 

Your Turn . . .  Are you at a time in your life, when you can take on organizing a sock drive?  . . . If you live in the Sacramento area, please consider this act of kindness, donating socks to the October Neighborhood Meals.  . . . If you don’t live near me, consider buying socks and donating them to your school district and/or local shelters. . . . 

Everyone deserves socks. 

You can practice being kind by leaving me a comment. 

My Landing Page for This series . . . Scattering Kindness: A 31 Day Adventure.  Please leave me an idea or two that I can add to my acts of kindness list. The idea can be intentional or random.

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Kindness is Making a Phone Call Friday’s Fave Five October 5, 2018

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  • What a great idea! The church we helped to start has a great outreach ministry to our homeless/street people in our community and I’m going to mention this to the Outreach pastor (and donate myself, of course!) I love socks and slippers and already I’m wearing them a lot in the mornings and evenings… so this was a timely reminder!


  • 2. motolocochica  |  . at .

    I was already familiar with the concept of a sock drive, but it didn’t don on me until now on why it’s so important. I’d much rather be hot than cold. I can’t imagine not owning a pair of socks. I think I need to go get some black socks for this drive. Thank you for making me think. 🙂


  • […] Organizing a Sock Drive […]


  • […] Go here for yesterday’s post: Kindness is Organizing a Sock Drive […]


  • 5. wendyj59  |  . at .

    Great idea. Not something I’ve heard of here but we do have fairly regular collections of general clothing. Charities will post a large plastic bag through the door and you fill it and leave it outside to be collected



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