100th Post – 100 Things About Me – In No Particular Order

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  1. I like to eat chocolate cake (with chocolate frosting) in a bowl covered with half and half.
  2. I have a piano in my home I have not played. I hope to start lessons soon. I had lessons when I was in grade school. I wish my mom made me continue.
  3. I’ve also taken clarinet and guitar lessons.
  4. I have no innate sense of rhythm – I cannot clap and sing at the same time. Although, SI says she can teach me that as well as piano. I’m sure about the piano, not so sure about the clapping.
  5. I am allergic to pine trees, cats, lillies, and grass.
  6. And now parakeets. I just give away Tea and Luke, two gorgeous parakeets, because within 10 minutes of being in the same room with them my asthma got REAL bad. They are in a temporary home – anyone able to give them a permanent home? They come with a nice cage, lots of toys, and food. And they love to chatter! I miss them.
  7. I am allergic to metal too. So that means no jewelry.
  8. BUT I found a gorgeous pair of earrings that I am able to wear. I originally bought them for my sista for Christmas. I couldn’t remember if she had a pair like them so I wore them over to her house. Long story short: She doesn’t. My ears didn’t react. So I got an early Christmas present and sista still doesn’t have hers.
  9. I have half of my Christmas shopping done and all wrapped! (Did this in August.) I wrapped them all in red wrapping paper. Once the tree is up, I’ll put on green ribbon and bows.
  10. CL (4 y.o.) had a dream about me, knights and a castle. I’m not too sure about the details but it sounded like I wasn’t in any way connected to something scary. Too cute.
  11. It was also too cute when he asked, “Sue, will the birds stay here fo-ever?” I think mom’s in trouble. It was so much cuter in person!
  12. I have 17 shoeboxes to give to Operation Shoebox. Most are NOT from me. Cindy, my friend and fellow graduate from William Jessup University, is a teacher and got her students involved. They received community hours (ch) for doing this. It’s (ch) required at their school.
  13. I like to look at and buy cards. However, I’m not too good about mailing them.
  14. Daylight savings time ALWAYS screws me up. My kiddos don’t understand and think a. I’m weird, b. Making it up and definitely c. BOTH.
  15. I collect white pitchers. I bought most of them in England at boot sales for 25-50 pence. A boot sale is a bunch of people gathering in a parking lot and selling their wares from their trunk (boot).
  16. I learned how to drive a stick shift when I was 30 years old in England. The hardest part was not driving on the left hand side of the road. It was being able to go once I stopped on an incline.
  17. I love all kinds of surprises. I.e. On Saturday night I met friends, Clayton and Judy, from England for dinner. (They now live in WA.) Tim, my son, was able to go with me, BUT they didn’t know he was coming. You should have heard the joyous cries and seen the tears. Tim spent a lot of time at their English farm caring for sheep, slopping hogs, etc.
  18. My oldest niece is going to have a baby in the Spring! Wahoo! I’ll be a great-aunt. And I’ll get to snuggle a baby with my DNA.
  19. I was able to watch two of my nieces be born.
  20. Two of my nieces have my middle name: Jean. (Not the same two as in #19.)
  21. I don’t let anyone sleep on my pillow.
  22. I keep important messages in shorthand on my palm. I call it my solar powered palm pilot.
  23. I don’t like crumbs in the butter, peanut butter, mayonnaise, or jam containers.
  24. The meat has to be on the right-hand side of the plate.
  25. I like to go bare-foot. Even when I lived in places that snowed (CO, Canada), I’d check the mail without first putting on shoes.
  26. I’ve been a calendar girl and even had my own month! It was a calendar put out by the dairy association and I was an infant. Unfortunately the calendar has disappeared in one of the many moves we made throughout my growing up years. Just as well, no-one likes a braggart with proof.
  27. I once had a spider plant that I named Priscilla. This confused my dad to no end. He kept calling my brother’s wife Priscilla – her name is Crystal.
  28. If it’s a full moon, dark outside, and you pretend to be a monster, I’ll get irrationally afraid, scream, and run away from you.
  29. I have a phobic fear of the dentist and heights. Mammograms – piece of cake. But dental work and the catwalk? Again with the irrational fear.
  30. I have a knife wound in my derriere. Not an exciting, blood pumping story. Dull and stupid more describes the incident.
  31. Even though I am a native Californian, I have never seen a whale in the wild. Doesn’t it seem funny to call the coastal waters of CA “the wild”?
  32. I’ve been to Disneyland so many times I’ve lost track. My favorite rides are the Pirates of the Caribbean and It’s a Small World. I also like the Haunted House and Tom Sawyer’s Island. Oh, and the fireworks are spectacular. For a spell, my folks had a home in Anaheim. We could see the fireworks from our home.
  33. It’s probably been a decade since the last visit. Time to go again. Anyone game?
  34. I’ve had three surprise parties. I was surprised by one of them.
  35. I feel embarrassed, lost and sad about being divorced.
  36. My children, Timothy and Elizabeth, mean the world to me and I would relive everything in my life so that I could have them, again, as my children.
  37. I wore my first contacts at 13. I stopped wearing contacts at 27. My eyes became too dry.
  38. I am a flybaby. Not a very good one, but at least I am taking flysteps.
  39. I have friends in England, Canada and New Zealand.
  40. When I read the Bible I underline the parts that “speak” to me. When I am in need of encouragement, I copy those underlined verses and read them over and over.
  41. I like decorating Christmas trees according to a theme or color.
  42. I love walls painted with COLOUR! My front room is painted a warm brown and my back room is yellow. My son calls it the “we all live in the yellow submarine” room. My front door is maroon.
  43. My favorite singing artist is Twila Paris.
  44. My favorite (right now) song is In Christ Alone.
  45. I like to read the Minor Prophets when I’m feeling out-of-sorts.
  46. I try to read a Proverb and a Psalm each day.
  47. I like to take notes and underline verses in my Bible.
  48. My first Bible was an NASB.
  49. My current favorite version is the NIV.
  50. I like to look up verses at Biblegateway.com so I can (easily) read them in different versions.
  51. Would you use your boyfirend/husband’s toothbrush? No – unless stuck in the wilderness for weeks and weeks and weeks.
  52. What about a friend’s? No. Not even if stuck.
  53. If you could go back and relive one day, which one would it be and why? Any day at home with my children. At the time I felt fatigued and worried too much about peripheral things. I’d like to savour the mundane and enjoy the simple pleasures of home.
  54. When were you the most ill you’ve ever been? I had a gall bladder attack which lastest several days. Recovery lasted several weeks. During the attack nothing comforted me; I was in too much pain to really think about anythihg. I just tried to sleep.
  55. What comforted you through that illness? During the recovery phase I kept telling myself that I’d get better someday so do what it took to get there. I didn’t let myself project into the future.
  56. Who was your very first crush and how old were you? Carl is the first boy who took my breath away. I was about 8 or 9. I was so into Carl that I had to write, in chalk, on the back of my dresser, about our eternal future, Susie + Carl. One of my niece’s has that dresser. Isn’t it funny that I have no memory of what he looked like, what I liked about him or if he even knew I existed. All I know is that it was very important at that time.
  57. When my kids were of (legal) trick-or-treat age we took them to the air force base. It was awesome to see ALL those kids going house-to-house. Just like when I was a kid or just like in ET. HUndreds of kiddos in costume roaming the streets.
  58. Except for one year, I sewed them a costume. One year was way too crazy and I didn’t have the time. I felt like such a failure as a mother because I didn’t make that time.
  59. My mom always made my costumes too. My favorite one was a yellowish Indian costume with real beading and feathers.
  60. My mom’s favorite costume was me dressed as Mrs. Piggly Wiggly: Wig, big clothes, a pillow stuffed in front and back. I cried. After I won the prize for first place I stopped crying.
  61. Every time I hear Melodramma by Andrea Bocelli I cry after the first few moments of music. I don’t understand the words but I understand the feeling.
  62. I cry during movies, commercials, books, weddings, baptisms, singing at church. I can’t stop myself during these times.
  63. I hate for anyone to see me cry when I’m sad.
  64. I scream during a scary part of a movie. And on scary rides.
  65. I like to wear jeans. One day my niece, S, asked if I had any other pants becasue all she saw me wear is jeans. Now I am trying to branch out a bit. Thanks S.
  66. I fractured my ribs as the result of a bike accident. My brother was on the handle bars while I steered a fast path down a steep hill and turned into a driveway of pebbles. Brother flew clear and was fine. The handle bars smashed into my ribs and I wasn’t fine. I think we were mimicking something we saw on TV. We were tweeners.
  67. I climbed a telephone pole and got stuck. The fire department had to rescue me. I was about 3 or 4.
  68. I like gardening. When I lived in CO I shopped at a grocery store that also had a garden section. That way I could bring home plants each week to put into the yard.
  69. I graduated from high school in 1976. The same year as America’s bicentennial.
  70. My birthday is the same day as the Girl Scout birthday.
  71. I loved being a Girl Scout. I especially enjoyed working for the merit badges. I had the most badges in my troop. Sometimes I now get to help one of my niece’s work on a merit badge.
  72. I was a co-leader for my daughter’s Daisy troop. We lived in England. Those girls were so precious. My co-leader, Deborah, was great at planning activities. We had a lot of fun together.
  73. Growing up I was a copious reader. I was good for nothing until the book was done. My mom would have to hide my book if she wanted me to do something.
  74. I haven’t done much pleasure reading the past few years. But I still have the same urge to finish the book in one sitting.
  75. I saw the northern lights when I lived in Canada.
  76. I went scuba diving off the coast of Galveston, Texas.
  77. While there we boarded The Calypso: Jacques Cousteau’s boat. Unfortunately Jacque was someplace else filming something.
  78. I’ve received flowers from a secret admirer.
  79. I like to send cards and gifts anonymously.
  80. I went with my family on an Easter egg hunt at Henry the 8th’s favorite castle – Leed’s. Beautiful grounds laden with Cadbury eggs.
  81. I used to be skinny. So long ago I don’t remember.
  82. I’ve never had plastic surgery, but if I had the money, I’d seriously consider it.
  83. I chickened out getting lasik surgery. The week before I was to go I had my last doctor appointment. My regular doctor couldn’t see me so I had his replacement. He wore glasses. And said, “If it were me, I wouldn’t do this.” He then said something about the possibility of my eye exploding because I have (controlled) glaucoma. That was all I needed to hear. No surgery for me.
  84. I have had laser surgery for my eyes to correct glaucoma. But at that point it was do this or take tons of medication daily and face the possibility of going blind. The laser surgery was quick, easy and effective. And the glaucoma is still under control without medication.
  85. I lose things easily and often – especially my keys, calendar and purse.
  86. I saw puffins in Scotland on the island of Skye.
  87. My favorite bird is the Rocky Mountain Bluebird. I saw it in CO.
  88. I heard a Mocking bird and Cuckoo bird in England.
  89. I saw penguins on the beach in Felixstowe, England. Not many people believe me. But I did!
  90. My dream is to fly high like a bird in a hot air balloon.
  91. I jumped on a bouncy castle on my last birthday. My wonderful family pooled their money and ordered one for the WHOLE day. I couldn’t believe what hard work bouncing is. And HOW FUN it was. Thank you again, FAMILIA.
  92. I often called my mom “mamacita.” I miss you mamacita.
  93. I’ve had four screen names: momoftimandliz, BlessedMom, ScrappinAuntie, and Susan2007. The first three are obvious. The 2007 referred to when I thought I’d have my masters. Looks like it’ll be 2008 or more’n likely 2009.
  94. I was once kicked off an online scrapbook forum. The moderator made a harsh, personal comment about someone in the group. I wrote back that I was uncomfortable with such information and asked that such comments not be made public. I was banned for flaming! Oh, the uproar it caused. I had such hurt feelings. Now it seems so silly.
  95. I can only hear on the phone if I put the phone to my left ear.
  96. I hear best, in person, if I can also see your lips. Sometimes my kiddos tease me by hiding their faces or by covering my eyes.
  97. I finally bought a headset for my telephone. Now I can multi-task with two hands. I also got a new phone so I can be sure that I’ll get ALL my phone messages. I can’t believe how inexpensive it was. Too bad I waited so long.
  98. I hope to see The Polar Express at the movies this year. I especially like the dance and song about hot chocolate.
  99. The weirdest job I had was a night-time receptionist at a mortuary. My best job is working at CNC.
  100. I don’t know how people can live life without a personal relationship with God.

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9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Becky  |  . at .

    Hot-hot-hot, hot chocolate! The only rule: don’t let it cool! Hot-hot-hot, hot chocolate!

    I also love that song. My nieces and nephews light up like light bulbs when I sing it to them.


  • 2. Theresa  |  . at .

    What a fun list! I have been working on mine and it is way too serious! LOL Maybe I need to lighten up. Are you going to post a picture of you with your new specs?!


  • 3. Lynette  |  . at .

    What great way to learn new things about your friends. How long did it take you to do it?
    The time change screwed me up too…
    your Christmas shopping is done, show off.
    I’m only up to 27 posts, think I will shoot for 50 by March 2007, is there something special for hitting 50 posts?


  • 4. doodah!  |  . at .

    Susan2007 – I just read these, and I have to say:

    You are wonderful!!!

    Thanks for sharing all these things about you!


  • 5. Lynette  |  . at .

    Read your 100 things again just so I can get to know you more. I gather you like birds & would love to soar with them.


  • This was fun to read! We have quite a few things in common! When is the Girl Scout birthday? Is that the same as Thinking Day – 22nd February?


  • 7. susan2009  |  . at .

    Becky – The hot chocolate scene is my fav part! I’d love to dance that scene in a show.

    Theresa – Post whatever comes to mind. Some of mine came out in categorieslike birds, eyes, costumes, etc. I’ll like reading whatever you post.

    Lynette – I’m not sure how long it took me. I started a WORD file about a month before the 100th post and added to it periodically.


  • 8. susan2009  |  . at .

    Doodah – thanks. I think you are wonderful too. I always ENJOY reading your posts because you are thoughtful and funny and vulnerable.

    Lynette – funny thing is, Lynette, I’m not what you’d call a bird lover. My son is. And I “taught” him quite a bit about birds when we homeschooled. Together we read lots and lots of bird books. Sometime I’ll tell you about his great t*tt story. It is not x-rated. I just can’t say some words, even if they are innocent.

    Keziah – I noticed that we do have things in common. I tried to leave a post on your site but my compuer wasn’t co-operating. One is that I also sleep walk. I can’t rememebr if I wrote that here.

    The Girl Scout’s Birthday is March 12th, Juliet Lowe’s birthday.


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