Grateful 43 – Courses I’ve Taken

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“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence,” Abigail Adams.

When was the last time you learned something new? I like to keep my brain and abilities sharp. One way I do that is by taking classes.This past year I majoured in classes about “helping people.” I was privileged to be able to take ten courses. And I’ve learned insightful, new, useable information from each one. These courses are helping me to deal more effectively, compassionately, and wisely with folks.

It is on my Blog to-do list to write about what I’ve learned from each course. As I write those posts. I will hot link the title of the course. But for now, I will list them. … Aging Well … Church Chaplaincy … CPS Mandated Reporting … Crisis Intervention Training (2 classes) … Mental Health First Aid … Peacemaking … Senior Scam Stopper Seminar . . . Strength Deployment Inventory . . . Suicide Prevention.

ALL of the courses were helpful. But for the sake of this post, I will narrow it down to 3. I am grateful 4 3 courses I’ve taken. 

ONE. Aging Well. The older I get, the more I want and need this type of information. And since one of my areas of responsibility at work is overseeing the Senior 55+ group, aging well information is pertinent for them, too. … Some of the majour take-aways are as follows … LISTEN FIRST and then think and respond … Stay close to God … Laughter is of prime importance … Gratitude is also important … Build up a support group NOW before you need it.

TWO. Crisis Intervention Training. My sister and I attended these two classes along with law enforcement personnel. We learned basic symptomatology of the most common mental illnesses. And more importantly we learned considerations and tactics for communicating with mentally ill people. … The most enlightening exercise gave us a glimpse into what is going on with someone with schizophrenia. We put on earphones and were bombarded with negative, intrusive, and unrelenting voices. It was a little scary and hard to think. I can’t imagine living with that on a regular basis!

THREE. Peacemaking. Living and interacting with people can be tough, messy, and confusing. Having guidelines for dealing in PEACE with one another is a most valuable tool. This course helped me to better understand God’s peace and how to respond to conflict with grace, forgiveness, and obedience.

Your Turn . . . What courses have you taken this year? 

I am writing a gratitude series titled Grateful 43. I will do this for 43 days. And I will write three things for which I am grateful 4 each topic. Do you see the play on the words 43 and FOR THREE?  Go here for the 43 Days of Gratitude JOURNAL Prompts

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