I Am a Declutterer of Books

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Of all the categories of my possessions, the book category has the most items. And it is the hardest category for me to purge. When I get into a fret about what to keep and what to give away, my daughter reminds me that I have time. I can take the time I need to do this sorting at my pace.

Books hold many memories for me especially the ones associated with homeschooling. It’s been 11 years since I’ve homeschooled. (11 years? Where did THAT time go?) It really is silly to hold onto these books. I am not going to use them again. I am not a homeschooler any more. It is time to update my (internal) image.

This week and last, I’ve been going though the bookshelves again. I want to and need to pare down my possessions. Bye-bye four bags of books. They were mostly books associated with our homeschooling days.

Don't these shelves look good? It is cool to see space on my shelves. It is cool to see my few knick-knacks. My goal is to empty one bookcase. I have 3 at home.

I have a lot of notebooks: 2 shelves worth. That is my next project. See what's in them: then toss, file, or give the contents away! Notebooks need to go.

NOTE: The middle photo is the 5th photo in my series, A Winter of Self Portraits. When I was brainstorming a list of items for my Winter Bucket List, I came up with the idea of taking 12 self-portraits.

Your  Turn . . .

  1. Do you have a lot of books? Is it easy or hard to manage these?
  2. Is there something that is hard for you to declutter? If yes, what? Why?
  3. Take your own self-portrait and share it with us.



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  • 1. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    Good for you! As you know, I did just declutter my books. And it is a hard job!


  • 2. mrs green @myzerowaste.com  |  . at .

    Hey 🙂 Thank you for linking to our post on decluttering books and I’m glad my little mantra helped you release some more! I think you’ve done a wonderful job and should feel very proud of yourself.

    As an aside note and as a fellow animal lover, I was really sad to read about Chip. I send you every blessing that you are able to make the most of the time you have left together…

    Warm wishes
    Mrs Green


  • 3. Katie @ Making This Home  |  . at .

    awesome job! Decluttering my bookshelves is still the HARDEST decluttering for me to do. Good luck with the notebooks next.


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