Friday’s Fave Five (10/16/15)

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“I dove into the ocean of gratitude and I never found the shore”, (Patch Adams).

fall 2015 fffI recently wrote a post about Patch Adams and the above quote is something that stuck with me. Today, I am swimming and looking for five blessings from last week.

ONE. Walking partner. A couple of months ago my daughter put up “wanted walking partner” notices around my apartment complex. Last week I got a call. Now I have a partner with a schedule and stride that match mine.

TWO. Celebrated a niece’s 14th birthday. We had the traditional waffles and ice cream for breakfast and met again for a birthday dinner (lasagna). It was awesome to celebrate Emily. She is a talented, friendly, and godly young woman.

THREE. Three laughter dates. I am on a roll. (1) I spent time in the church nursery last week. I worked hard to get some of the kiddos to smile. And when there was laughter, I felt like such a success. (2) I interviewed Lorna for my series Finding Laughter. I always laugh and laugh and laugh around her. (3) At Emily’s birthday celebration we also played Telestrations. This is like the Telephone Game played through drawing instead of talking. There was LOTS of laughter and lots of head scratching. 


Hate my printing, but LOVE the pumpkin.

FOUR. Decorated a pumpkin. It only took me 15 minutes (once the pumpkin dried from being painted brown). And the other cool thing is that I already had all the supplies.

FIVE. Jog-a-thon volunteers. Last week our church was asked to help at a local elementary school’s jog-a-thon. 16 volunteers in total were there – 12 were PEPpers (age 55+). Their counting and encouragement skills were appreciated!

Your Turn . . . Leave a comment with a blessing from your week. . . .Or write your own post and link up at Susanne’s Living To Tell the Story.


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  • 1. Faith  |  . at .

    oh how fun!! a jog a thon….for me, at age 55, that is the perfect thing!!! i could handle jogging! was it a 5 K??

    happy birthday to your niece……the game sounds fun!

    keep up the good work with your power walking!!! ive been a bit lazy this week other than the hike! but that gave me 8.4 miles so I guess that is something, right?

    pretty pumpkin!

    enjoy the weekend!!


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hi Faith,

      The jog-a-thon was for the elementary school kiddos. They jogged/walked for 25 minutes. The older people where the “markers.” Every time a kiddo came around to us, the adults put a tally mark on the card that was pinned to his/her back.

      Thanks I really enjoyed decorating the pumpkin.

      Oh, yes, your hike certainly counts for a lot!


  • 3. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    I’m impressed that you had all the supplies for your craft project! You’ve certainly accomplished a lot this week. And I love that quote at the top. Perfect for Five Favers 😉


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      I guess that’s what hapenns when you don’t throw anything away – you are prepared for the next spur of the moment project. 😉


  • 5. Kathie  |  . at .

    That’s such an awesome quote – I’ll be thinking of it!

    A walking partner that matches your stride and schedule – how lovely for you!

    A laughing date – I like the sound of that. And you had 3? Awesome!

    Great job on the pumpkin – I clicked through – you did really well. As far as the printing goes, if you want to try some lettering there are tons of ideas on pinterest. I’ve been practicing some easy lettering for hand-drawn birthday cards. It’s much simpler than calligraphy.

    Happy weekend!


    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks, Kathie. I checked Pinterest and found a couple of sites. I know this will help with the current and future projects.


  • 7. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    My oldest son introduced us to Telestrations – we always laugh excessively with that game! Glad you found a compatible walking partner, celebrated a niece’s birthday, and had a successful nursery and jog-a-thon experience this week.


    • 8. susan2009  |  . at .

      When playing the game it became obvious that you had to try to think like the person who gave you the drawing. But too many times I was stuck with no answer and had to make something up.

      The resulting copious amount of laughter is the BEST thing about the game. Glad you guys like it too.

      I just learned about this game. I wonder what else I am missing out on?


  • 9. karen58  |  . at .

    Love, love, love the quote. And a walking partner is a great fave. I should include mine on my list, she is so much fun to walk with. I clicked on hour pumpkin picture to see it better. It’s so cool the way you did it!


    • 10. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks, Karen. It was so easy. I wound burlap ribbon around the pumpkin and adhered it with hot glue. I was going to glue back the stem but didn’t like how it looked. So I made a “flower” (sort of) out of the ribbon.

      Hurray that you have a compatible walking partner too.


  • 11. Susanne  |  . at .

    That is a super cute pumpkin! I love that quote! It’s going into my little quote file. Great idea to find a walking partner in your building and matching your stride too. Love the way you are pursuing laughter!



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