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Using Fruitful Words to Combat Complaining

fff-delicate-leavesIt is Friday and so I want to look back at my last week and share five of my favorite blessings.  Filling my head with good news, positive memories, and great outcomes help me stave off complaining. This is my No Complaining Month.

If you’d like to join in with Friday’s Fave Five, write a post and link it here to Susanne’s meme. She writes at Living to Tell the Story.

ONE. I bought a new bottle of shampoo. It smells yummy (coconut) and makes my hair feel so soft. Why is it that I run out of shampoo way before I run out of hair conditioner? Do you have that issue?

fruitfulwords125TWO. This month is #Write31Days. My topic and action plan is No Complaining.

  • My 1st goal is to not complain for 21 days in a row. I had one set back so I am on Day 12 of no complaining. I am wearing a Gratitude bracelet to help me stay alert.
  • My 2nd goal is to have only fruitful words come out of my mouth: praise, gratitude, positive solutions. I am grateful for this opportunity to make sure I keep a guard on my lips and that I have a cheerful attitude especially when times are a challenge (like when I am driving).

THREE. I am connected with a school in the Middle East that accepts kiddos with special needs. I am grateful for Facebook because we get periodic updates. This week one of the youngsters received a wheelchair from a grant. His life is a little easier now. And the smile on the student’s face is AWESOME. And because pf Facebook a bunch of us could share in the joy of this answered prayer.

all-at-ksfFOUR.  Last weekend I went to So Cal with a mom and her teens. Each teen brought a friend and I was the friend for the mom. We went to Knott Scary Farm and Huntington Beach. Both venues were a lot of fun. And I experienced a lot of firsts: funnel cake, white chocolate candy, Knott Scary Farm, and listening to the Bible on DVD. We listened to Mathew-Luke.

FIVE. MY BED. I really enjoy my job – a lot. But I also enjoy vacation days. We had Monday off and I did a lot of sleeping. I caught up from my time in So Cal. So the last item on my gratitude list is my bed. It is so comfy. And being able to wear pj’s ALL DAY added to me feeling sooooo relaxed.

Your Turn . . .

  • What is your favourite smell for a shampoo?
  • What do you do to keep yourself from complaining?
  • If you are on Facebook, what do you most appreciate about it?
  • I haven’t been to a haunted house in decades. The ones at Knott Scary Farm were the right amount of scary and fun. I did scream but not from fear, but because I was startled. When was the last time you’ve gone to a Haunted House? Will you go to one this year?
  • If you had a holiday on Monday, what was the most favorite thing you did?

No Complaining Update: I am now on Day 12/21 of no complaining.

Today is Day 14 of the #Write31Days online October writing challenge. My topic is 31 Days of Fruitful Words INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING. I know I will be challenged in more ways than writing every day. If you’d like to have more fruitful words coming from your mouth, please join me from October 1-31, 2016.

Go here for the landing page which has all the posts from this series.

Go here to see what #Write31Days is all about, the categories and the bloggers who are participating.

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Friday’s Fave Five: 12-18-2015

Holiday FFFHello, Friday. It is time to share five blessings from my last week. To tell us your blessings, leave a comment or write a post and link up at Living to Tell the Story on the Friday’s Fave Five meme.



Bip and I are showing off our garland and our smiles.

ONE. Craft Night. Even though December is a BUSY time Lina walked 8 adults and 2 children through the mechanics of folding a magazine into a Christmas tree. We even made origami garland and ornaments. We had some goodies and lots of laughter and chatting interspersed with our folding. I am grateful for friend breaks (especially during a busy time) and getting the chance to create,

TWO.  A BUSY SUNDAY. I coordinated two events for this day. The 1st one was the Kids program. This year the kids (from PreK – Senior adults) combined forces to help us celebrate last Sunday at church. Their influence and presence were seen in receiving the offering Advent reading, special music, and skit. Joan and Jeanne deserve special mention for their creativity and leadership in making this all happen. It was a memorable morning highlighting the Jesus we love and serve.

The 2nd event was the Senior Christmas Party. Whew! A lot of details were followed one after the other in order to make this event happen. And each detail was executed WELL! MANY thanks go to the PEP 55+ ministry team (Jeanette, Marsha, and Shirley), Trudy, Joan, and Gillian for the roles they filled. Our catered event was beautiful and tasty. The seniors were truly spoiled!


For a variety of reasons I did not decorate this year for Christmas. So my daughter did a couple of things to “Christmasfy” my apartment.

THREE. Surprise visit. We had a death in the family and my daughter was able to come home for a few days thanks to her manager who re-arranged her schedule (even though it is a HECTIC time) and to a generous friend who lent Elizabeth her car.

The cell reception to Yosemite is not that great so we don’t get to chat much. Although we did while she was here! And she surprised me by making and hanging decorations from my ceiling and with a poinsettia plant. It sure looks festive in my room!!!

FOUR. Making meals. Several times a month my friend Marsha and I gather to eat soup and salad and watch a movie. Sometimes we bake/cook together. This past week we made a cheesy brown rice and chicken (with bacon) casserole. We gave these to two different families. I am grateful that I have a friend that does such things with me.

These 2 lovely ladies were waiting patient;y for the celebration to start.

patiently waiting for the celebration

FIVE. Wedding. I enjoyed attending this wedding. Weddings are always a great reminder of how to love well. The couple exemplify selfless love and I enjoyed hearing some of their recent history. God has a prominent place in that history.

I am grateful for their example and desire to live according to His will.

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Friday’s Fave Fave – 12/11/15

“Find the good and praise it,” (Alex Haley).

Getting together with these folks was surely part of the good of my week.

Getting together with these folks was surely part of the good of my week.

A look back at my past week reveals things that are good and a cause for gratitude. In this post I share five such things.

ONE. Family Traditions. On Sunday I had the privilege of being part of my grand daughter’s first Christmas cookie-making time.

  • I forgot to bring a few things so we walked to a near by outside mall to a kitchen store. The walk, the lights on the street, and being with one another added so much to the day.
  • You know how kiddos (especially ones of the toddler variety) LOVE to
    Daddy taught Sofia the proper way to 'clean" frosting off the beater.

    Daddy taught Sofia the proper way to ‘clean” frosting off the beater.

    dump sprinkles onto their cookie creations? Well, not my Sofia. She very delicately gave two tiny shakes of the jar onto the chosen cookies. Although she was quite generous when using the frosting tubes.

  • But like every other kiddo, she’d lick the knife and eat a cookie when the adults weren’t looking.
  • Truth be told, I ate a few cookies that way, too.

TWO. Praying Friends. I believe in the power and “help” of prayer. I am so blessed to have a circle of folks who pray for me regularly. And blessed to have folks I can call or text to say, “please pray!”

Sofia and I also made our 2nd annual Christmas ornament. Last year it was a glittered hand-print (her's of course). This year it was a glittered Sofia The First ornament.

Sofia and I also made our 2nd annual Christmas ornament. Last year it was a glittered hand-print (her’s of course). This year it was a glittered Sofia The First Princess ornament.

THREE. Celebration of Life. I went to a memorial service for a friend’s father this week. It was such an inspiring service. I hope my life reveals such inspiration at my life’s end. I am grateful for Jim’s legacy and example. Both make me want to be a better woman.

FOUR. Music. This week music has cheered and inspired me . I have also used it as an aid to study and for sounder sleep.

FIVE. Small Group. On Mondays I facilitate two small groups. We are going through Face-to-Face with Naomi and Ruth: Together for the Journey by Janet Thompson.

  • I love hearing the answers and questions they have from the book, the Bible, and each other.
  • I love seeing their insights and growth. I love seeing the affection they have for each other.
  • We had an especially thought-provoking time last Monday. Two of my fave questions were as follows. (1) How teachable are you?  (2) What kind of person brings out a teachable spirit in you?

Holiday FFFThese are five of my blessings from last week. Share in the comments or link up at Living to Tell the Story to share your own post of five blessings.



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Friday’s Fave Five – December 4, 2015

leaf FFFIn light of the shootings in SO CAL this week, this is an appropriate gratitude quote: “Counting blessings is the quickest way to restore balance in the face of disaster and tragedy” (Margaret Brownlwy). 

ONE. I spent the last weekend with my daughter. And one of those days was spent in Yosemite. My daughter moved into a one bedroom last week (in Yosemite National Park) and asked me to bring down a couple of things. I am grateful that I got to eat a turkey dinner with her even if it was on Saturday and in the food mart. I am also grateful that she is soooooo happy.

TWO. Celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday at Starbucks. Theresa set up her own party. What a good example that is for me to see others ask for what they want/need. I got to have a Peppermint Mocha, celebrate Theresa and also chat with Lori. I am blessed by their perseverance in life, their walk with God, and they way they love/like me.


This is the 3rd snowman ornament I’ve made this season already. I am getting out of control!

THREE. Made a snowman ornament. I used this tutorial for an owl ornament and substituted snowman stickers. I LOVE my ornament. Crafting is always a great stress reliever for me and also is way I can think without pressure. Does that make sense?

FOUR. 71 sign ups for my church Senior Christmas party. This year my team and I switched things up and instead of a potluck, we are having it catered. And we also changed the venue. Because of these changes, I was hoping for 50 folks. I am thrilled that 71 people trust us with this updated event.

FIVE. A new sweater. A woman from church sometimes brings me things that she finds on sale. I wish I had that knack at the thrift store. This time it is a sweater and it is PURPLE. I’ve been looking for purple tops because I want to wear purple on the 4 Sundays of Advent. The only person who knew that was God. I am doubly BLESSED.

Up for sharing some of your blessings? Leave a comment or go to Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Fave at Living to Tell the Story to link up your post.

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Friday’s Fave Five – November 20, 2015



My grand-daughter is good medicine

I’ve been remiss these past weeks and haven’t written a Friday’s Fave Five. Here is this week’s offering.

ONE. I’ve been coping with a cold for 3 weeks now. I spent several days last week with my son’s family getting loved on. And after an impromptu visit with friends (Shula & John), I came home with tea, vitamins and some fresh eggs from their hens. I am feeling better  – just a lingering cough.

TWO. I attended a Tea, fashion show and fundraiser sponsored by The CLUB. It is a respite program (adult day care for folks with memory issues) that meets at our church. The food and company were delicious. And the models (regular women) did a great job and I have some new wardrobe pieces in mind to purchase.

THREE. Celebrated a friend’s birthday. Marsha and I took Gillian to lunch at Plates Cafe & Catering. We all ordered the special of the day, meatloaf sandwiches and sweet potato fries. YUMMM. This restaurant is run by St John’s Shelter for Women and Children. They help homeless women find a footing in life by offering them training and work so they can increase their job skills and employability.

My version of a prayer pumpkin

My version of a prayer pumpkin

FOUR. Prayer pumpkin helps with a new way of praying. Have you ever prayed according to topic each day? If yes, what were your categories?

I haven’t until recently. I am quite liking this method. I don’t know where to stop without feeling guilty. I believe in the power of prayer and I know that when I do stop there is still so much more to pray for. This new way of prayer (for me) is giving me some doable boundaries. Does that sound silly or shallow?

FIVE. I repotted a plant. Trudy (volunteer receptionist at work) brought everything I needed to repot my philodendron plant, months ago. Finally this week I did the dirty deed – mainly because it wouldn’t stand up anymore. I am grateful it has recovered quite nicely and adds lovely life to my office.

leaf FFFYour Turn . . . Write your own FFF and link up at Living to Tell the Story. Or leave a comment sharing your own blessings from this past week.

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Friday’s Fave Five 11/6/2015

This princess and I had pizza with some family before going out to

This princess and I had pizza with some family before going out to “harvest” candy.

One. Church Celebration. We celebrated the ministry of our pastor and his wife. They have been here 25 years. It was heart-touching to be reminded of their godly example, investment in lives, and leadership.

Two. Grand daughter time. She spent the weekend with me since her parents were at an out-of-town wedding. We were busy: activities, food, trick-or-treating.  Go to this link to see some of what we did.

Three. #write31days. I wrote about Finding Laughter. I missed two days, but I plan on finishing those. Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot. My biggest take away is that laughter is a choice just like being grateful is a choice. And the best foundation of this choice is Christ.

Four. New blog. I’ve been toying with starting a new blog as a way to get back on track with GREAT self-care. I started a diabetes blog this month because November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Come visit me.

leaf FFFFive. Sick Days. I have a cold and am glad I have time to take off work to just get better. PS. Leave tips on how to quickly.get over this cold

Leave a comment about one of your blessings. Or go to Living to Tell the Story to link up your own Fridays Fave Five.

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Friday’s Fave Five (10/29/15)

leaf FFF“I have an obligation to seek out and find ways to demonstrate my gratitude for this life I enjoy,” (Stephen Lundin in Fish!)

These past two weeks have been especially busy. Last week I didn’t even take the time to write a post for FFF. This week I am doing it! To join in with this awesome gratitude practice, go see Susanne’s meme at Living to Tell the Story.

One. LOTS of unexpected help with Retreat. There are always lots of details to nail down or that come up the week before retreat. This time was no exception. I had help with proofing and notebook detailing (Lori and Trudy), anything to do with graphic production and placement – think signs, name badges, notebooks – (Marsha), printing (Shula & John), music (Jeanne). THANKS, ya’ll helped make this week not burdensome.


Watch out, Tammie, you are being ball-barted.

Two. Retreat itself. The following (and more) happened – lots of connection (serious and silly) between women, good relaxation, time to get to know one another better, hearing and applying God’s Word especially regarding the fact that He is the God who sees and is involved in our lives.

During one ice breaker, we threw 4 balls around for 20 seconds at a time. When “STOP” was yelled the woman with the pink ball was “IT.” She looked at her right, index finger and read out loud the question under it. And of course answered it.

Three. Walk with my new partner. Our schedule didn’t mesh up much (because of retreat and other evening meetings) but we did get one walk in. Since we always have a LOT to talk about our time flies!

November is National Diabetes month and I plan on being more regular about my walks and health in general. Isn’t it sad that it takes a national month to get me more motivated?

I really needed my selfie stick but I forgot to bring it.

I needed my selfie stick but I forgot to bring it.

Four. Saw a movie. My ladies group from church had planned on seeing He Named Me Malala. But I made a BAD assumption. Just because a theater  showed  previews there doesn’t mean they’ll show the movie there. Evidently there are required to show all the previews of upcoming movies.  When Malala comes out on video we will show that at church (16 signed up).

Only four of us ended up going to the cinema anyway; we watched The Martian. It was intense and good! About a month ago I put this book on hold. I am now 26th on the list – out of 220 copies. I will let you know how it compares.

we had lots of choices for the cheese fondue: asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, bread cubes, honey crisp apples, yellow peppers, new potatoes, pretzels

Say, :”Cheese!”

Five. Surprise party complete with cheese and chocolate fondue dinner/dessert. After the movie Bip and I went shopping for what we’d bring to the party the next night (pretzels, french bread and veggies). Valerie was totally surprised and we were all spoiled by the delicious food, decor, and company. It is soooooo fun to show up at an event as a guest.

The cheese fondue dippers were asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, bread cubes, honey crisp apples, yellow peppers, new potatoes, and pretzels. It was all soooooo yummy.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment about something that happened this past week that you are grateful for,



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