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Friday’s Fave Five (10/2/2015)

FAll FFFAnother week passed and so I get to look for the blessings and share them. Below are five of my fave experiences. Go to this website for the current FFF meme.

One.  Fall Bucket List achievement on target. On September 23 I posted this year’s fall bucket list. This year I divided the list into months. And the September list is almost all done! Hurray me especially since I have a finishing problem.

i cannot believe this turned out so CUTE. I keep staring at it!

i cannot believe this turned out so CUTE. I keep staring at it! Is it okay that I am proud of it and myself?

Two. Made a Fall wreath and hung it on my office door. Susanne, you might have created a monster. That is two fall projects in two weeks! More deets are at this post.

Three. upgraded my phone WITH a minimum of fuss. After only a little trouble I was able to download (or is it upload) my complete contacts list. I was sad  that I did lose all my texts. So far nothing is too different except that Siri seems to be having more problems than usual understanding me.

Four. Started my write31days project. I will write about Finding Laughter every day for the month of October. Day one is written and a decent schedule for the rest of the month is sketched out.  My goal this month is simple, laugh more.

Five. Worthwhile girls’ program: International Princess Club. On Sunday I attended a Divas & Desserts Party where the founder (of IPC) explained how helping girls accept their worth and love (from/of God) is the number 1 way to combat human trafficking. I appreciate Amy’s work and passion.

Your Turn . . . Share a blessing from your week.

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Friday’s Fave Five (9/25/16)

FAll FFFI enjoy my habit of looking over the past week to pick 5 blessings. There are usually many more than 5, but these are the ones that are the most meaningful at the moment. Join Susanne’s meme at Living to Tell the Story. You can read more Friday’s Fave Fives or share your own.

At our Speed Game Night we played 3 games in one hour - at 15 mins a pop. There were 56 games to choose from.

At our Speed Game Night we played 3 games in one hour – at 15 mins a pop. There were 6 games to choose from.

ONE. Game Night. 26 ladies from church gathered for games and nachos. We laughed, played, ate, visited, and listened to a devotional. Of course it was about games. This went so well we will have another game night each quarter of 2016.

TWO. Retreat. Our Women’s Retreat is October 23-25. We had a bake sale last Sunday which brought in enough money for one scholarship and for some of the retreat expenses. Hurray! And another hurray is that we had an unexpected person inquire about going. I LOVE it when newer ladies take that scary chance and decide to go on an outing with us.

book cover FlaggTHREE. Finished a book. This time it was a funny one: The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion: A Novel by Fannie Flagg. I am looking for more books to read that fit into the humour category. Have you got a suggestion?

FOUR. Prayer. This week I went to see the War Room with 4 friends. (Someone suggested it last week in FFF. Sorry I cannot remember who.) Powerful! We are now going to have a ladies event in January where we watch that movie, have lunch, and then discuss the themes and how to implement them.

AND I had an awesome answered prayer (on behalf of a friend regarding her employment) – the ink wasn’t even dry before it was answered.


Thanks, Geri! This now lives on my table in my work office. The intent is make sure I keep my table/desk tidy.

FIVE. Fall Decoration. Last week Susanne talked about decorating for Fall. I don’t normally decorate for seasons other than Christmas. But this year, I put that on my Fall Bucket List. And I now have my first Fall decoration. I had the idea and the pumpkin. My talented friend, Geri, had the flowers and the inspiration. THANKS for the idea, Susanne.

I will be decorating a pumpkin (from my Fall Bucket Ideas). Anyone have an idea besides the obvious?

Please leave a comment about a blessing from your past week.

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Friday’s Fave Five (9/17/2015)

This week I watched a TED Talk given by doctor, clown, and humanitarian Patch Adams. He briefly described how he went from suicidal to emotionally thriving. Part of his answer had to do with gratitude.

He said, “I dove into the ocean of gratitude and I never found the shore.

Right now I, too, want to dive into the ocean of gratitude. Below are bright spots from last week.

ONE. I am grateful for good sleep (most nights) and my favourite pillow.

TWO. I love working with the ministry team to the Seniors (55 year and up). We had our monthly meeting this week and boy do we laugh (besides getting a fair amount of work done).

THREE. I am part of a secret sister program at church. Those who participate pray for one woman and she doesn’t know who that is. I am.appreciative of my sister. She is thoughtful, wise, and good-natured. It is a pleasure to pray for her. And of course I am grateful to have someone praying for me. Our reveal party is Nov. 7th.

FOUR. My grand-daughter facetimed me this week. Hurray! That kind of news makes any day BRIGHT.

FIVE.  I was a Bunko substitute for a friend’s group this month. . . . Delish dinner, fun ladies, easy game to play, and we donated all the winnings to a friend’s sister who lost her home in one of the fires here in Northern CA. I am grateful to be around this group of generous, inclusive ladies.

FFF tamara'sYour Turn . . .  C’mon, dive into the ocean of gratitude with us Friday’s Fave Fiver’s. Link up at Living to Tell the Story or please share a highlight (or two) in the comments.

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Friday’s Fave Five (9/11/2015)

“Yes, Nina, life is hard, unfair, painful. But life is also guaranteed – 100%, no doubt, no question – to offer unexpected and sudden moments of beauty, joy, love, acceptance, euphoria.” The good stuff. It is our ability to recognize and then hold on to the moments of good stuff that allows us to survive, even thrive. And when we can share the beauty. hope is restored. (p 37, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair: My Year of Magical Reading by Nina Sankovitch)

FFF tamara'sOn this 14th anniversary of 9/11/2001, I think it is fitting that today I read that there is absolutely good stuff folded in with the unfair and traumatic. But I need to be alert to finding and sharing it. And in doing so I  can more than survive, I can and will thrive. So to honour 9/11/2001, I am sharing examples of “beauty, joy, love, acceptance, and euphoria” from my past week as part of Friday’s Fave Five. Go to Living to Tell the Story to share your own beauties from the last week (or leave a comment here).

These baby pine cones start life as a purple cone with pink spikes - they look so punk.

These baby pine cones start life as a purple cone with pink spikes. They look so punk. This is as beautiful as it is surprising.

beauty – my daughter (Elizabeth) shared some of her stories and photos of Yosemite:

I had the honour of watching my grand daughter for 4 nights after the wedding. Having Sofia's toys around certainly helped create joy.

I had the honour of watching my grand-daughter for 5 nights after the wedding. Having Sofia’s toys around certainly helped create joy.

joy – having your favourite toys around especially when you are in a new situation.

Sofia even helped with this symbolic act.

Sofia even helped her mommy (Daniella) and daddy (Tim) with this symbolic act.

love – my son married his sweetheart and they symbolized their love by planting this tree together.

Photo of me (holding the stick), Nancy (Daniella's aunt) and Nora (Daniella's mom).

Photo of me (holding the stick), Nancy (Daniella’s aunt) and Nora (Daniella’s mom).

acceptance – I have a new toy – selfie stick. Just accept that I am going to be bringing my hot pink stick for a photo of all of us. It makes me happy.


My 2 1/2 year old grand-daughter climbed this wall until she had it mastered. She was so PROUD of herself. Me, too.

euphoria – accomplishing something that is tough and scary.

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Friday’s Fave Five (9/4/15)

FFF springWow – this week went by so quickly, packed with activity. I am glad I keep a calendar of my days so I can easily look back to be reminded of what happened when and with whom.

Next up is my list of five blessings from this past week. To link up your own or to read more lists, go to the FFF meme hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

ONE. Gratitude Calendar. One of the past recent weeks my Wednesday small group studied “overwhelmed.” I gave everyone a $1 planner that goes from August 2015 – December 2016. We brainstormed some various ways to use our new planner in order to combat overwhelm.

The suggestion I am following is using it to write down something I am thankful for each day. It is small enough to fit into my purse (or back pack). And since it is small I have no need to feel guilty about not writing LOTS on each day’s space. A friend from the class (Denise) even helped me transform the bright pink cover into something more eye-pleasing.

Your Turn . . . Do you have a 2016 calendar yet? Do you keep a daily gratitude journal?

TWO. Finished 3 books this week. I spent most of my free time finishing these fast reads. Book 1 – The Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge. Some FFF writers suggested this book . . .  mental illness . . . spiritual discipline . . . love and renewal . . . an unexpected find. . . Book 2  – The Registry by Shannon Stoker. A friend lent this (first book of a trilogy) to me. Such a different premise for how the USA ends up financing herself – by the sale of *&%@#*  – – You’ll have to read the book to find out!.  . . Book 3 – The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I’ve read it before and reread it for the Reading to Know Classics Book Club. Whenever I read this I am reminded that the satanic influences around me are real and that they are often very subtle. So I want to stay alert to God’s leading and love. BTW – our Barb is leading the discussion on this book.

Your Turn . . . What is the latest book you’ve read? Have you read any of the above 3 that I mentioned? Any more book advice?

THREE. Two Day Staff Planing Retreat. Every 3 months we gather and plan the upcoming quarter for church. It is always helpful to nail down dates, hear what the other ministries are up to, and make sure there is just enough on the calendar to encourage growth but not so much that we get ourselves overwhelmed.

In addition to planning we also played. We were introduced to a new game called Coup. I even won one of the hands. But it might have been pure luck that I won. While I am competitive I am not a skilled card player as I am too lazy to keep track of the cards and plan ahead.

Your Turn . . . have you ever played Coup? Does your work do this type of planning? Do you ever do it for your personal life? I never have but I am thinking that this could be a very beneficial task to do.

FOUR. LONG talk. Sunday after church I had lunch and a 4 hour visit with a friend (Pam). It was meant to be short since we both had things to do. But after lunch we sat in the car with the windows down and talked and talked and talked. The reason we stopped when we did was because my cell phone rang. I am glad we had that time. I don’t know about Pam, but I still got everything done that needed doing (by bedtime).

Your Turn . . . When was the last time you had a LONG conversation with someone? Didn’t the time just fly by?!!

FIVE. Clothes shopping. I typically don’t enjoy shopping because it is so hard to find things that look okay. But today the unexpected happened; I went shopping and came home with a HAUL (of course all on sale). I needed some new work clothes and so this was a real treat for which I am grateful.

Your Turn . . . Did the unexpected happen this week? Share what that was. . . .  Feel free to answer these questions or share a blessing or two from your past week (in the comments).

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Friday’s Fave Five (August 28, 2015)

FFF springSome weeks the body doesn’t do so well and all the senses have “issues.” This week allergies and asthma tackled my senses (I’m guessing b/c of all the fires in CA).

But I am fine now and am very grateful to have my senses back in working order. So in honour of them rallying, below are five ways my senses blessed me this week.

ONE. SIGHT – Watching a (new to be) series about the Celts (on Amazon). I have Scottish ancestry and boy was I surprised to learn that Celts hail from Central Europe.

Your Turn . . . What is your fave sight? Has anything about your ancestry surprised you?

TWO. HEARING – Ladies Night Out at a nearby church. Our ears were treated to a concert and comedian act – lots of great music by Danny Gokey and lots of clean, funny jokes by Kerri Pomarolli. What made this extra wonderful is that a friend had an extra ticket and invited me to join her and 2 others.

Your Turn . . . What is your favourite sound?                                                         Besides music, mine is a baby’s laughter, rain on a tin roof, and my grand-daughter asking me, “What you want, Grandma?”when we are playing in her kitchen.

THREE. TOUCH – Field trip to Ocean Beach (SF) with ladies from my church. My touch receptors worked overtime feeling the sand on my feet (I always walk barefoot across the shoreline). And our faces were chaffed by the sun and wind. Even though the wind does cause some skin damage, I LOVE the wind.

Your Turn . . . What is your favourite touch?                                          Walking barefoot on the beach is always a favourite. But then, getting a massage from someone who knows what they are doing, is also a fave.

FOUR. TASTE – Senior’s (from church) 4th Sunday meal was at The Spaghetti Factory.  There is always something lovely to enjoy from the opening act of the warm bread and garlic butter to the pasta dishes to the spumoni final act.

Your Turn . . .What is your fave taste?                                                                    Mine is ice cream. The only time I really want spumoni is when I am at The Spaghetti Factory. I don’t even know if you can but that flavour in the grocery store.

FIVE. SMELL – My fave perfume. I don’t wear perfume very often because so many folks at work (I work in  church) have allergies. But one night I treated myself and I wore it to bed. Even if I have to say so myself, I smelled good! I will have to do this more often – silly, I know.

Your Turn . . . What is your favourite perfume? Do you wear it very often?

Why don’t you share some way(s) your senses blessed you this past week? You can link up your own post at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story.

PS. I am probably way late to the game in learning this tidbit of sense knowledge, but did you know that humans have more than 5 senses? I just found out while writing this.

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Friday’s Fave Five (August 21, 2015)

FFF springFriday’s Fave Five is a great opportunity to scan the week and share some of my blessings. I am soooooo grateful for many things, but these are the highlights. Go here to read other FFF posts and to link up your post.

ONE. Ideas from other FFFers. Reading other’s posts give me good ideas to copy. For example last week I read about 3 recipes. And because 2 of them were veggie-based (always trying to get more veggies in my diet) and because they sounded so good. I made them: Nikki’s ratatouille and Karen’s tomato pie.

My version of . . . 

  • Ratatouille – I read the comments and liked the suggestion about roasting the veggies before combining everything. However I didn’t do it the way that was suggested –  (each type of veggie separately). I roasted them all together like Ree from The Pioneer Woman suggests. I don’t know how this meal tastes without roasting the veggies, but let me tell you, THIS is so flavorful and worth the time.
  • Tomato Pie – I didn’t have mayonnaise so I looked at other recipes to see how they made their pie. I ended up combining this recipe with Karen’s recipe. HINT: The quality of your tomatoes really DOES matter. This is probably a “duh” for most of you, but I am new to this type of pie. I WILL make it again and with a gluten-free crust next time.

Your Turn …

  1. Do you like to try new recipes?
  2. Do you collect any type or only certain ones – I.e. I mainly look for vegetable, gluten-free and sugar-free recipes.
  3. What are some things you’ve learned from other FFFers?

TWO. Fancy nails. Last week my niece (Kadie) was sporting a gorgeous french manicure. When I learned that it cost $6.36 and not only did she do it herself, it was easy! I was intrigued. And even more so because she offered to be MY manicurist. They are press on nails (from Target). They wear well and still look great almost a week later. And I LOVE that you don’t have to scratch up your nails in order to get them to adhere. So once the fake nails come off, the nail bed still looks just fine.

Your Turn …

  1. I LOVE manicured nails, but I don’t do such a  great job on myself, nor does the polish last long without chipping.Do you have any tips?
  2. Do you have any family members that spoil you like my niece spoiled me?

THREE. Time with family.  Wow  –  a great week with family. Some of us met up in Grass Valley to go to the county fair. I went to Berkeley to see my son and his family. And I had the honour of speaking with my sister-in-law (in a different state) for almost an hour. I am grateful for all this family time that came about unexpectedly.

Your Turn …

  1. Did you have any unexpected family time this week?
  2. Have you been to a fair in your area this summer? It has been decades since I last went.

FOUR. Snowman ornament 2015. I LOVE snowman ornaments. I LOVE making snowman ornaments. Emily (another niece) and I made snowman ornaments this past weekend. Now that the prototype has been made, I am all set for when I get with the rest of the family in December for us all to make one.

Your Turn …

  1. Do you collect themed ornaments?
  2. Do you make ornaments? If, yes, are they themed? I’d love to see photos.

FIVE, Baseball game. I mentioned to a co-worker (Sydney) that I would love to go to a River Cats game this year. The River Cats feed into the San Francisco Giants (WINNERS of 3 World Series in the past 5 years) and so in baseball world, going to RC games is a big deal. Since Sydney LOVES baseball, she arranged for the staff to go (all except one). It was an enjoyable time of laughter, food and talk.  To top it off we got to YELL our approval at some of the plays and even won, 9-4. Such a satisfying evening of friendship and baseball.

Your Turn …

  1. Have you ever been to a pro baseball game? I haven’t. But going to this triple a minor league game was pretty awesome.
  2. Do you and your co-workers ever go out for fun? If yes, what have you done? We also go out for lunch after our weekly staff meeting. I LOVE spending time with them.

Your Turn  … What is a highlight from your week? SHARE in the comments. 

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