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Friday’s Fave Five July 21

Share your Fave Five from last week to help you change the channel to gratitude & peace.

I am trying to walk twice each day. During one of the times, I listen to something. This week I listened to  Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder.

Below is one great idea to hold onto.

“And whenever I’d complain or was upset about something in my own life, my mother had the same advice: “Darling, just change the channel. You are in control of the clicker. Don’t replay the bad, scary movie.” ~  Arianna Huffington.

I am linking this gratitude post to Living to Tell the Story where Susanne hosts Friday’s Fave Five. I am taking firm control of my clicker by recounting five faves from this past week. Three of my days were a study in contrasts.

ONE. Information about crisis and then doing something that prevents it.

I attended an 8 hour Crisis Intervention Training. “The training will provide students with an understanding of the basic symptomology of mental illnesses, considerations and tactics for communicating with mentally ill subjects and will provide an awareness of the community resources available.”

My sister, brother-in-law (both work with Youth for Christ) and I were the only non-law enforcement personnel taking this class. It was an excellent resource. I plan on taking the three day course in August.

I put all the savory fixings on tortilla chips and apple slices. Both were tasty.

That night I met with G.I.G.G.L.E.S (Girls in God who enjoy Growing, Loving, Eating, and Sharing together). We had a nacho bar: savory and sweet (as in Apple Nachos). And then we watched the movie about Mother Teresa, The Letters. Getting together frequently with others (especially with those who have my back) is a way I stay sane. Otherwise I start to believe and act on the lies I tell myself.

TWO. Celebrating someone in death and then another someone in birth. 

One morning I attended a memorial service. Eric passed away too young. However, it was a true celebration of his life. Folks wore tie dye or Give Blood tee shirts (2 meaningful things in his life). Beach balls were tossed around the sanctuary. There were many stories of helping, silliness, and friendship. He loved well and was loved in return. And most importantly, there was a definite peace about Eric’s  final destination, Heaven.

I am celebrating with Frederick’s auntie, Christina.

Later that day, I attended a baby shower. This was a true celebration of life, too – for the baby that is coming, mama, papa, and big sister. There were introductions and conversations about this happy occasion. We played games and laughed and ate delicious mexican food and fresh fruit. And most importantly, we relished in knowing that soon Frederick would join us and be very, very loved.

THREE. Ice cream for breakfast, salad for lunch – all in the company of friends.

#NationalIceCreamDay – Ice cream and church do go together. … In full disclosure, ice cream was eaten in the making of this advertisement.

Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. We celebrated this at my church. Folks brought boxes of their fave ice cream bars. And yes, some of us did ENJOY ice cream for breakfast. Most had it as a morning snack. In any case, my church friends and I were cool. We had fun together. And we ate ice cream together on this once-a-year national day.

Then I went to lunch with one church friend. We both had a salad. Mine was topped with salmon. Not only was the meal nutritious, so was the company. Since I stopped over-seeing KidMin at church, I haven’t visited with Heather. We both ENJOYED our time together and made plans to meet once a quarter.

On one column, I will write in my appointments. I don’t know what the other two columns will hold. Ideas?

FOUR. Turning more dreams into reality via a planner.

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” Douglas H. Everett

Last week I attended a planner class. Bea and her friend, Katie, gave an Introduction to all Things Planner. I REALLY want to turn more of my (many, many, many) dreams into reality. And I learned that you can also use your planner as a place to document memories. Wow – I’d love to be able to do both in one place.

So the first thing I want to figure out is how to make it work best for me. I have three weeks left of summer. And I want to see if using my planner can help me accomplish more of my Summer Bucket List. And I hope to document (via photos) what I do.

FIVETime for dinner, TV, and a walk.

Julie and I finally made time to spend time together. She recently moved into my apartment complex. Julie made a casserole with quinoa, chicken, broccoli and cheese. YUMMMM. After we had our fill of food AND conversation, we watched 2 episode of a new (to us) series, Time After Time. It involves (time travel (naturally), HG Wells and Jack the Ripper. It is clean and suspenseful. I give it a one scream rating (that is how many times I gave a little, involuntary scream).

This STEP App is addicting. I am loving how motivating it is to compete against myself.

Julie and her two dogs walked me home. Once home I checked my STEPS app and realized I hadn’t made my step goal for the day. Since there was a cool breeze, my daughter willingly joined me and we made time for stepping out.

Well, that’s all the time I have for today. Leave your faves in the comment section below. Or write a post and link up to Friday’s Fave Five.

What I Wrote this Week . . . How Ice Cream is Like Church

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Friday’s Fave Five July 14

ONE.  One-year-old birthday. My youngest grand-daughter is now one. Sienna has a mellow, happy, busy attitude. Mama made her a watermelon cake because Sienna doesn’t prefer sweet. So this cake was very appreciated by our one-year-old. I’ve never had a fruit cake before and I must say I also appreciated it. EDITED TO ADD: Here is the watermelon cake recipe.

The tire is completely gone.

TWO. Two flat tires. How is this a fave? On the passenger side both tires went flat … while I was going west on Hwy 80 … at 65 miles an hour … where traffic was congested! I didn’t hurt myself, anyone else, or my car – other than tires and a rim. … The other tire lost all the rubber but there was no damage to that rim.

The two sisters have matching outfits and LIKE it.

THREE. Three matching dresses. My 4-year-old grand-daughter picked out items for an Operation Christmas Child  shoebox. … I bought 3 matching tee shirts (2 size 4’s and one 12 months) and 1 yard of material. A friend (Lucy) turned the tee shirts into dresses. … One of the 4T dresses will go into the box. … I snapped a photo of my two grand daughters in the other dresses. And I will include that photo with a note in the box as well.

I will make this for Cheryl soon. This is actually a photo of Sienna’s birthday cake.

FOUR. All play and no work for four. Last Sunday the women’s ministry team met just to play, (Bip, Cheryl, Lina and me)! We’ve never done that before.

We had a lovely BBQ, garden grown veggies, and potluck. One of the fave dishes was an asparagus salad (with LOTS of avocado). I bought red skin potato salad from the store and it was surprisingly tasty.

We each gave a one minute speech about something we are passionate about. And we ended our time in the pool. It was a refreshing, encouraging, fun time.

Share your fave moments from this week. Share them in the comments or on your blog.

FIVE. (almost) Five hour meeting with a mentor. I met my mentor, Nancy, in Modesto last week (half-way point for both of us).I had 14 questions I wanted her input on. She said she had all the time I needed. I was so surprised that we talked and prayed for almost 5 hours.

One of the cool things is that she brought up topics, before I did, that were on my list. I.e. How to stay “topped up” for ministry … Chaplain hints (she has been a chaplain for many, many years and I am starting such a program at my church) … and how to love God better.

One way that helps me to love God better, is to stay consistent with a gratitude practice. Friday’s Fave Five is one thing I incorporate into my gratitude practice.

Your Turn . . .  Leave a comment about a fave or anything you read.

What I Wrote this Week . . .

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Friday’s Fave Five July 7

“Staying in a state of gratitude opens one’s eyes to the miracles happening around us all the time,” Michelle Rusk.

Yep – miracles are around all the time. Now is my opportunity to post five of them from my past week for Friday’s Fave Five. Link up your own post at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story. Or leave a comment with your own list.

ONE. Stepping up! I have been able to reach my walking goal 6/7 days (10,000 steps). I want to get to 15,000 steps a day so that I am in good walking shape for the Fall when I go to Spain.

Grandma time is always a fave.

TWO. FamilyTime. I went camping with family over the holiday weekend. We went to Gerle Creek Campground. The weather was great. The food was great. And the company was “greater.” And not only did I get to read, I also got to have plenty of grandma time.

THREE. Replacement keys. I recently lost my car key – the one with the remote clicker. I checked prices and it was too much so I decided to live with the “inconvenience” of manually unlocking the doors and trunk. A friend convinced me to go to the dealership and do you know, it was a decent price! SOLD.

This daily chore is fast & easy.

FOUR. New crop. I live in an apartment so what crop could I be growing? Sprouts! They are easy to grow .

  • For four days rinse twice a day.
  • Keep in a dark place.
  • On the fourth day put them in indirect light for a couple of hours.
  • Harvest!
  • Eat them in a salad, on a sandwich or even in a smoothie.

I took 15 photos. Thankfully one photo was good.

FIVE. Fireworks. We came home from the camping trip in plenty of time to have a nap and do a few chores before meeting up with other family for fireworks. We watched them from a local park. And WOW – they were spectacular.

Afterwards my brother-in-law and a niece lit the fireworks from a box they bought. The neighbors across the street were also lighting theirs at the same time. Double the show for a GREAT price. I am amazed at how good home fireworks can be.

Finally, I am grateful for what the fireworks represent: freedom. I am grateful for the puritans’ and the Founding Fathers’ courage and perseverance. I am grateful for all the women and men in uniform for their courage and perseverance. I am grateful to live in this free society, even though many problems exist.

Happy and blessed Friday’s Fave Five!


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5 Reasons I Love Social Media (FFF)

June 30th is Social Media Day and it is also Friday’s Fave Five. So I thought I would combine the two and share why I am grateful for social media.

ONE. Prayer Points. Many times I find out about life events on social media (especially Facebook) before I do via the phone or face-to-face.

  • Birthday/anniversary
  • Cancer announcement/last day of cancer announcement
  • Chronic pain/sudden illness
  • Graduation/loss of employment
  • Hatred/love

I saw all of these things this past week and I prayed for each one. So I can better love on people in my life, this is one of the first things I do each morning.

TWO. Share Information. Most of the folks on my Facebook list are church folks.

  • Therefore it is a GREAT way to advertise what’s going on.
  • My teams and I (PEP and Women’s Ministry) create event pages.
  • We have groups for PEP, Women’s Ministry and Operation Christmas Child  (OCC) Projects (sewing/crafting).
  • I share photos from the things we do together.
  • I highlight what people at CNC are doing. That way we can appreciate them. And get involved, if that interests us.

THREE. New Ideas. I belong to Facebook feeds that cover a gamut of areas: OCC, crafts, theology, authors, education, travel, diabetes news, Spanish, fasting and Dan Rather. (He is the only “political thing” I follow.) Of course there are a bajillion recipes that get shared. I have even tried a few and pinned a TON.

I use Twitter as a way to get world news and information. (I use Facebook mainly as a way to get personal news from friends.)

FOUR. Scrapbooking Life. There are many times that I post on Facebook because I WANT to remember this information. I want to document something from my life or from the life of someone important to me. I used to do scrapbooking. I probably won’t ever do that again. However, one of these days, I am going to print off a book that has all the posts from one year. In my ideal world, I would do that for every year I am on Facebook.

FIVE. Family Photos & Updates. Honestly, this is my favourite reason to have social media (Facebook). I LOVE seeing what my family is up to. Checking FB for my family is the last screen time thing I do each night. I want to see if there is something new that I can think about before I go to bed.

Your Turn . . . What are your favourite reasons to be on social media?

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  • LinkedIn – REPUTATION
  • Google+ – VISIBILITY
  • Quora – KNOW-HOW
  • Pinterest – PASSION
  • Instagram – EXPRESSIVENESS
 This is the 18th and last post (most likely) in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” Series. Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about. The previous post is 5 Reasons I Love Spring.

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Friday’s Fave Five June 23

I am watching 59 musicals this year. Today I watched The Flower Drum Song. Below are some of the lyrics to a song I heard.

♮ ♪ ♭ A hundred million miracles are happ’ning ev’ry day, ♩ ♬ ♯♫ And those who say they don’t agree ♫♩ ♩♭ Are those who do not hear or see. ♮♪

Some “commonplace” miracles that are mentioned are noticed only by those who will hear and see. 

  • Changing weather
  • Swallow eggs that hatch as fully formed birds
  • Toddler learning to walk
  • Creating music

Friday’s Fave Five are (usually) commonplace miracles noticed only by those who deliberately look for them. I looked and want to share my five. Go here to link up your commonplace miracles post or leave a comment at the end of this post.

ONE. Projects. Twice a month (at least) a group of gals (12-80) gathers to sew/craft items for Operation Christmas Child. Lucy (coordinator) and I met to sort the projects so that those who do not use a sewing machine could have plenty to do when we meet.

  • Sew buttons on the “purses” for cloth menstrual pads
  • Stuff doll arms and legs
  • Slip ribbon into casings for pillowcase dresses and marble bags

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TWO.  Underground Tour. I have the honour of over-seeing the PEP 55+ ministry at my church. This past week we maxed out the 11am slot (20 people) for the Underground Tour in Old Sacramento. It was interesting to hear how Gold Rush events impacted that area. Afterwards we lunched. Each car full of folks went some place different. I love field trips and I spending time with everyone, especially the ladies in my car.

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THREE. Quotes. This past week I finished A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman by Joan Anderson. It is on my Summer bucket list. I don’t remember who recommended it. But once I found out that the main character lived a yearlong “quest,” I KNEW I had to read it. I am fascinated by those types of books. Here is my post that shares my favourite quotes from the book.

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FOUR. Father’s Day Breakfast. For the past two years. the men from my church cooked a pancake breakfast on Mother’s Day. So this year we decided we should do the same. We had egg casseroles with lots of sausage, coffee & orange juice. Muffins and fruit salad (with whipped cream)  were also offered. Not only did LOTS of people donate food but there was a steady crew of ladies in the kitchen: serving and cleaning. It was a festive atmosphere and people lingered over breakfast.

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FIVE. Dinner with Friends. Since I live alone, I spend a lot of meals alone which is okay with me. But it is a SPECIAL treat when I get to have dinner with someone else. And this week I had dinner with two different “groups” of people. Of course the food was tasty. But the special part for me was spending time with friends apart from work related functions.

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Those are my five faves.

Your Turn . . . Share yours!

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Friday’s Fave Five June 16, 2017

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. – Kak Sri

I have not had adversity this week, so I will keep this quote handy for a day when I do. And I can also use gratitude to paint my week even in more lovely hues. Please read on for my week’s most grateful memories.

ONE. Visitor. My daughter spent the weekend with me. I always have a TON of ideas of how to spend our time. One thing we did was to make three new recipes – all salads. I need more salads in my life and was happy that Elizabeth was cool with my agenda item. I wrote this post about salads and linked to the three we tried. And I must confess that 3 new food loves were part of these salads: kalamata olives, blood orange balsamic vinegar and mango peach salsa.

TWO. Celebration. Last weekend was also a time of celebration. One friend finished high school (Jordan) and another (Marsha) celebrated her 70th birthday (at the zoo). I am part of a community and I LOVE that I get to be part of celebrating milestones in the lives of my friends.

Beautiful tiles capture the beauty of the various plants

THREE. Field trip. I don’t think that I will ever be over the excitement of going on a field trip. My team and I organized an all church trip to the Davis arboretum. The age range was wide (7-80 years old). The activities were varied: played cards, walked, loved on the dog who came, photographed the beauty around us, chatted and chatted, and climbed trees.  And we all ate lunch together. FUN time. But I forgot my kite!

FOUR. Vacation plans. Several months ago I got a GREAT deal on airfare and cruise. I mean a STEAL. So did two others and we are looking forward to our trip in the Fall. Yesterday I got together with Scotti. We are narrowing down our excursions and finalizing details (packing list, fancy clothes, suitcase requirements, etc). I am grateful for this vacation and the folks I will accompany.

FIVE. Read. Last week was so busy that I didn’t get to read at all. I made up for it this week. And I got a special treat. I have been waiting for Elly Griffiths newest book, The Chalk Pit. I am 11/24 on the library’s waiting list. A friend, Marsha, mentioned that she has the book because her book club is reading it this month. Marsha surprised me with the book, knowing I could finish it before she needed it this weekend.

Your Turn . . . What is on your gratitude list this week? Join in with your own list in the comments. Or go here to find out what Friday’s Fave Five is all about.

I am linking to Friday’s Fave Five at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story.

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Friday’s Fave Five June 9, 2017

“Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble,” (Benjamin Franklin).

That is a healthy way to live. So endeavoring to write in marble today, I will share some of the benefits of this past week.

ONE. Declutter Bug. Every once in a while I get the urge to purge. Thankfully this is one such week. The shelves above my microwave and basket on the toilet tank received my attention. I hope this “bug” sticks around for a while.

Your Turn . . . How do you maintain possession overwhelm?

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TWO. Read. Even when it is busy, I usually take time to read some everyday. Reading helps me wind down and stay OFF social media especially at night. This week I finished The Eden Prophecy by Graham Brown. 

Your Turn . . . What do you do to wind down? Name the last, best book you’ve read.

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THREE. Facetime. I am always grateful to spend in person time with family. But when I can’t, I LOVE Facetime. This week I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to have FT with my grand daughters.

Your Turn . . . How do you keep in touch with family especially grandchildren?

FOUR. Accountability. School is out for the summer. That means I get to spend more time with my teacher friends. One friend (Michelle) and I are summer accountability partners. We want to lose weight by August 10th. Each morning we text each other with our weight. I also text her my blood sugar number. I have already seen some good changes (and results) happening because of this focused attention.

Your Turn . . . Have you found accountability to be a useful tool?

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FIVE. Summer bucket list. Since I am already working towards one thing from any to-do list I have, I thought I’d also make up a comprehensive Summer Bucket List. I love making such lists. I love dreaming about all the possibilities. And when I have accountability built-in (like by posting this and doing a half-way through review post), I get more done. And that is also exciting.

The things that would make the most impact on my Summer are losing weight and learning Spanish. The first item is seeing progress. The second? Nothing so far. But I want to keep telling myself that I Can do Hard Things. 

Your Turn . . . Are you a Bucket List Fan? What Activity Are You Still Working Up The Courage To Try? Looking back at Summer 2017, what two things could you do that would make it AWESOME?  

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Please join us and make your own list in marble. New to Friday’s Fave Five?  Go here to find out what it is all about. Or leave your gratitude comments on this post.

I am linking to Friday’s Fave Five at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story.

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