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Friday’s Fave Five – November 20, 2015



My grand-daughter is good medicine

I’ve been remiss these past weeks and haven’t written a Friday’s Fave Five. Here is this week’s offering.

ONE. I’ve been coping with a cold for 3 weeks now. I spent several days last week with my son’s family getting loved on. And after an impromptu visit with friends (Shula & John), I came home with tea, vitamins and some fresh eggs from their hens. I am feeling better  – just a lingering cough.

TWO. I attended a Tea, fashion show and fundraiser sponsored by The CLUB. It is a respite program (adult day care for folks with memory issues) that meets at our church. The food and company were delicious. And the models (regular women) did a great job and I have some new wardrobe pieces in mind to purchase.

THREE. Celebrated a friend’s birthday. Marsha and I took Gillian to lunch at Plates Cafe & Catering. We all ordered the special of the day, meatloaf sandwiches and sweet potato fries. YUMMM. This restaurant is run by St John’s Shelter for Women and Children. They help homeless women find a footing in life by offering them training and work so they can increase their job skills and employability.

My version of a prayer pumpkin

My version of a prayer pumpkin

FOUR. Prayer pumpkin helps with a new way of praying. Have you ever prayed according to topic each day? If yes, what were your categories?

I haven’t until recently. I am quite liking this method. I don’t know where to stop without feeling guilty. I believe in the power of prayer and I know that when I do stop there is still so much more to pray for. This new way of prayer (for me) is giving me some doable boundaries. Does that sound silly or shallow?

FIVE. I repotted a plant. Trudy (volunteer receptionist at work) brought everything I needed to repot my philodendron plant, months ago. Finally this week I did the dirty deed – mainly because it wouldn’t stand up anymore. I am grateful it has recovered quite nicely and adds lovely life to my office.

leaf FFFYour Turn . . . Write your own FFF and link up at Living to Tell the Story. Or leave a comment sharing your own blessings from this past week.

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Friday’s Fave Five 11/6/2015

This princess and I had pizza with some family before going out to

This princess and I had pizza with some family before going out to “harvest” candy.

One. Church Celebration. We celebrated the ministry of our pastor and his wife. They have been here 25 years. It was heart-touching to be reminded of their godly example, investment in lives, and leadership.

Two. Grand daughter time. She spent the weekend with me since her parents were at an out-of-town wedding. We were busy: activities, food, trick-or-treating.  Go to this link to see some of what we did.

Three. #write31days. I wrote about Finding Laughter. I missed two days, but I plan on finishing those. Go here for the landing page which has all the posts in one spot. My biggest take away is that laughter is a choice just like being grateful is a choice. And the best foundation of this choice is Christ.

Four. New blog. I’ve been toying with starting a new blog as a way to get back on track with GREAT self-care. I started a diabetes blog this month because November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Come visit me.

leaf FFFFive. Sick Days. I have a cold and am glad I have time to take off work to just get better. PS. Leave tips on how to quickly.get over this cold

Leave a comment about one of your blessings. Or go to Living to Tell the Story to link up your own Fridays Fave Five.

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Friday’s Fave Five (10/29/15)

leaf FFF“I have an obligation to seek out and find ways to demonstrate my gratitude for this life I enjoy,” (Stephen Lundin in Fish!)

These past two weeks have been especially busy. Last week I didn’t even take the time to write a post for FFF. This week I am doing it! To join in with this awesome gratitude practice, go see Susanne’s meme at Living to Tell the Story.

One. LOTS of unexpected help with Retreat. There are always lots of details to nail down or that come up the week before retreat. This time was no exception. I had help with proofing and notebook detailing (Lori and Trudy), anything to do with graphic production and placement – think signs, name badges, notebooks – (Marsha), printing (Shula & John), music (Jeanne). THANKS, ya’ll helped make this week not burdensome.


Watch out, Tammie, you are being ball-barted.

Two. Retreat itself. The following (and more) happened – lots of connection (serious and silly) between women, good relaxation, time to get to know one another better, hearing and applying God’s Word especially regarding the fact that He is the God who sees and is involved in our lives.

During one ice breaker, we threw 4 balls around for 20 seconds at a time. When “STOP” was yelled the woman with the pink ball was “IT.” She looked at her right, index finger and read out loud the question under it. And of course answered it.

Three. Walk with my new partner. Our schedule didn’t mesh up much (because of retreat and other evening meetings) but we did get one walk in. Since we always have a LOT to talk about our time flies!

November is National Diabetes month and I plan on being more regular about my walks and health in general. Isn’t it sad that it takes a national month to get me more motivated?

I really needed my selfie stick but I forgot to bring it.

I needed my selfie stick but I forgot to bring it.

Four. Saw a movie. My ladies group from church had planned on seeing He Named Me Malala. But I made a BAD assumption. Just because a theater  showed  previews there doesn’t mean they’ll show the movie there. Evidently there are required to show all the previews of upcoming movies.  When Malala comes out on video we will show that at church (16 signed up).

Only four of us ended up going to the cinema anyway; we watched The Martian. It was intense and good! About a month ago I put this book on hold. I am now 26th on the list – out of 220 copies. I will let you know how it compares.

we had lots of choices for the cheese fondue: asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, bread cubes, honey crisp apples, yellow peppers, new potatoes, pretzels

Say, :”Cheese!”

Five. Surprise party complete with cheese and chocolate fondue dinner/dessert. After the movie Bip and I went shopping for what we’d bring to the party the next night (pretzels, french bread and veggies). Valerie was totally surprised and we were all spoiled by the delicious food, decor, and company. It is soooooo fun to show up at an event as a guest.

The cheese fondue dippers were asparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, bread cubes, honey crisp apples, yellow peppers, new potatoes, and pretzels. It was all soooooo yummy.

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment about something that happened this past week that you are grateful for,



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Friday’s Fave Five (10/16/15)

“I dove into the ocean of gratitude and I never found the shore”, (Patch Adams).

fall 2015 fffI recently wrote a post about Patch Adams and the above quote is something that stuck with me. Today, I am swimming and looking for five blessings from last week.

ONE. Walking partner. A couple of months ago my daughter put up “wanted walking partner” notices around my apartment complex. Last week I got a call. Now I have a partner with a schedule and stride that match mine.

TWO. Celebrated a niece’s 14th birthday. We had the traditional waffles and ice cream for breakfast and met again for a birthday dinner (lasagna). It was awesome to celebrate Emily. She is a talented, friendly, and godly young woman.

THREE. Three laughter dates. I am on a roll. (1) I spent time in the church nursery last week. I worked hard to get some of the kiddos to smile. And when there was laughter, I felt like such a success. (2) I interviewed Lorna for my series Finding Laughter. I always laugh and laugh and laugh around her. (3) At Emily’s birthday celebration we also played Telestrations. This is like the Telephone Game played through drawing instead of talking. There was LOTS of laughter and lots of head scratching. 


Hate my printing, but LOVE the pumpkin.

FOUR. Decorated a pumpkin. It only took me 15 minutes (once the pumpkin dried from being painted brown). And the other cool thing is that I already had all the supplies.

FIVE. Jog-a-thon volunteers. Last week our church was asked to help at a local elementary school’s jog-a-thon. 16 volunteers in total were there – 12 were PEPpers (age 55+). Their counting and encouragement skills were appreciated!

Your Turn . . . Leave a comment with a blessing from your week. . . .Or write your own post and link up at Susanne’s Living To Tell the Story.

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Friday’s Fave Five (10-9-2015)

FAll FFFAWK – It is Friday already and I almost missed posting about my week’s blessings. I (try to) post each Friday five blessings from my past week. I link up at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story. Consider joining us.

ONE. FFF Anniversary – I think my first FFF was Sept 3, 2010, although I read many FFF posts from Brenda and Lynette’s blogs before I ever wrote any of my own. (Has it really been that long?) I haven’t always been good about posting each week.

I am a little late acknowledging it, but I want to take the opportunity NOW to say thanks to Susanne for starting this and keeping it alive. And I want to thank the participants of FFF. I look forward to Fridays because I know I will get to find out what’s happening in your lives and I get some great ideas, too. I regard y’all as friends.

TWO. Another fall wreath! This one took hours and hours to make. AND I sustained a 2nd degree burn on my right, ring finger tip. The glue gun did it to Ms Clumsy in the bedroom. OUCH! BUT, but, my wreath is so awesome. It is now hanging at work over the inside of the front door. Here is a link to the instructions. I MUST say that I LOVE my version. I forgot to take a photo when I was at work today, so maybe next week. Thanks again to Susanne for the idea to decorate for Fall.

THREE. New recipe, new noodle, and an old friend. I am trying new pumpkin recipes and this one is a winner! It is a pumpkin pasta bake. As meat was optional, I did not put it in. To up the protein count I used Barilla Protein Plus Penne pasta. This particular pasta added 17 grams of protein to each serving (this is in addition to what the milk and cheese provide). And the noodle is delish.

Because of the high protein count, I thought that it would reflect favorably on my after dinner blood sugar (bs) number. But since I forgot to take before and after numbers, at this stage it is still speculation. I am going to make it again, take photos, and write a post about my changes (I added mushrooms, garlic and red peppers). And of course I will test my bs.

Usually Marsha comes up with the food for our meal and movie times.But I was a “dear” and surprised her with the invitation and food (although we still met at her home). We are currently watching “A Place to Call Home.” It has a (slight) medical slant, intrigue, and strong female leads; and of course some cute men. I think this is going to be a keeper.

FOUR. Women’s Ministry Rocks. In addition to making up bed treats for our Retreat the end of the month, we finalized out calendar for 2016.Yep, we came up with ALL our events – Whew! It is going to be an awesome year and all the more awesome because of the gals who are on the team.

FIVE. Finalized dessert for PEP Christmas dinner. Mid December CNC’s  PEP group (for folks 55+ years of age) is having the annual Christmas party.Usually it is a potluck. This year it will be a ticketed event. A friend (Gillian) helped me to come up with the menu. All we had left to decide/taste-test was the dessert. We tried a recipe about a month ago and it was just okay. The one we tried yesterday was DELISH! The food is still under wraps, but I can say that the dessert involves chocolate and orange. YUM.

Bonus. Communion, surprise visit and a real Pumpkin Spice Latte. Sorry, I just have to mention my Sunday. At church we celebrated communion by having everyone come down to receive both of the elements at once (we normally pass them down the rows). And before the person/people left I got to pray over them thanking God for His available forgiveness and that we don’t have to carry the weight of sin and unforgiveness with us. AND I thanked God that He provides the power and willingness for us to live in forgiveness. There were 3 lines and I got to head one of them.

A friend, Scotti, had moved away and boy was I surprised to see her in my line. It was special for me to pray for her. We met up later at Starbucks where I had a real (and not healthified, home-made version) Pumpkin Spice Latte which was YUMMM. Besides encouragement and catching up, Scotti gave me some good ideas: a book to buy (The Tribute) and an accessory for my new phone. I think it is called a skin; it is a clear piece of plastic that goes over the screen. I  didn’t know such things existed and I was able to get it at the dollar store.

That’s enough for this week. Thanks for reading. Be sure to take time to reflect on your blessings, even if you don’t leave a comment or write your own post.

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Friday’s Fave Five (10/2/2015)

FAll FFFAnother week passed and so I get to look for the blessings and share them. Below are five of my fave experiences. Go to this website for the current FFF meme.

One.  Fall Bucket List achievement on target. On September 23 I posted this year’s fall bucket list. This year I divided the list into months. And the September list is almost all done! Hurray me especially since I have a finishing problem.

i cannot believe this turned out so CUTE. I keep staring at it!

i cannot believe this turned out so CUTE. I keep staring at it! Is it okay that I am proud of it and myself?

Two. Made a Fall wreath and hung it on my office door. Susanne, you might have created a monster. That is two fall projects in two weeks! More deets are at this post.

Three. upgraded my phone WITH a minimum of fuss. After only a little trouble I was able to download (or is it upload) my complete contacts list. I was sad  that I did lose all my texts. So far nothing is too different except that Siri seems to be having more problems than usual understanding me.

Four. Started my write31days project. I will write about Finding Laughter every day for the month of October. Day one is written and a decent schedule for the rest of the month is sketched out.  My goal this month is simple, laugh more.

Five. Worthwhile girls’ program: International Princess Club. On Sunday I attended a Divas & Desserts Party where the founder (of IPC) explained how helping girls accept their worth and love (from/of God) is the number 1 way to combat human trafficking. I appreciate Amy’s work and passion.

Your Turn . . . Share a blessing from your week.

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Friday’s Fave Five (9/25/16)

FAll FFFI enjoy my habit of looking over the past week to pick 5 blessings. There are usually many more than 5, but these are the ones that are the most meaningful at the moment. Join Susanne’s meme at Living to Tell the Story. You can read more Friday’s Fave Fives or share your own.

At our Speed Game Night we played 3 games in one hour - at 15 mins a pop. There were 56 games to choose from.

At our Speed Game Night we played 3 games in one hour – at 15 mins a pop. There were 6 games to choose from.

ONE. Game Night. 26 ladies from church gathered for games and nachos. We laughed, played, ate, visited, and listened to a devotional. Of course it was about games. This went so well we will have another game night each quarter of 2016.

TWO. Retreat. Our Women’s Retreat is October 23-25. We had a bake sale last Sunday which brought in enough money for one scholarship and for some of the retreat expenses. Hurray! And another hurray is that we had an unexpected person inquire about going. I LOVE it when newer ladies take that scary chance and decide to go on an outing with us.

book cover FlaggTHREE. Finished a book. This time it was a funny one: The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion: A Novel by Fannie Flagg. I am looking for more books to read that fit into the humour category. Have you got a suggestion?

FOUR. Prayer. This week I went to see the War Room with 4 friends. (Someone suggested it last week in FFF. Sorry I cannot remember who.) Powerful! We are now going to have a ladies event in January where we watch that movie, have lunch, and then discuss the themes and how to implement them.

AND I had an awesome answered prayer (on behalf of a friend regarding her employment) – the ink wasn’t even dry before it was answered.


Thanks, Geri! This now lives on my table in my work office. The intent is make sure I keep my table/desk tidy.

FIVE. Fall Decoration. Last week Susanne talked about decorating for Fall. I don’t normally decorate for seasons other than Christmas. But this year, I put that on my Fall Bucket List. And I now have my first Fall decoration. I had the idea and the pumpkin. My talented friend, Geri, had the flowers and the inspiration. THANKS for the idea, Susanne.

I will be decorating a pumpkin (from my Fall Bucket Ideas). Anyone have an idea besides the obvious?

Please leave a comment about a blessing from your past week.

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