Ted Talk Podcast Teaches a LOT About Gratitude

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On this 27th day of Thanks Living, I chose to listen to a podcast about gratitude.

I am new to listening to podcasts. But wow, there are all kinds of topics available. A “gratitude” search came up with the following . . .

Gratitude podcasts: Hear a collection of thankfulness podcasts that cover everything from the science of gratitude to mindfulness and more. Here is the link: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-gratitude-podcasts-74117674/

The first podcast, The Gratitude Chain, was a Ted Talk by A.J. Jacobs. He set about thanking everyone who had a hand in making his morning cup of coffee. Turns out that was over a 1,000 people. It didn’t take a village to make his coffee; it took the world. He writes about his experience in Thanks a Thousand.

Here is the podcast link: https://www.npr.org/2021/02/18/969032187/the-gratitude-chain-a-j-jacobs to this 51 minute talk.

My favourite quotes are

“The first step to gratitude is noticing.” ·     

 “Gratitude makes you want to pay it forward … It sparks action.”

My favourite ideas are …

  • “Gratitude compounds itself. It makes you brave enough to take action to help other people.” We need more of this kind of bravery.
  • “Every moment is a gift.” Live like that and see how your attitude and life change.
  •  “If you err, err on the side of over-thanking others.” Which do you do more of, over-thanking or under-thanking?

My favourite word from this podcast is zarf! When was the last time you used a zarf? I bet for some of you, it is daily. Here’s the definition of zarf: protective sleeve on a hot cup of coffee.

Your Turn  . . .

  • Do you already listen to podcasts? Are any of them about gratitude?
  • What is the most meaningful part of this post?
  • How has it changed your mind about gratitude?

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