Our Never-Ending Jar of Oil Keeps on Providing

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No matter how much we spend, the women’s ministry (wm) fund seems to always have a certain dollar amount in the coffers. It’s like our own jar of never-ending oil that keeps on providing despite expenditures, no overt fundraisers, and a slow economy.

This past week the Team decided to give $80.00 to some field workers in the Arab Lands. They have many needs in setting up their homes including a generator and a flush toilet.  

Then I got a phone call from a woman who went to retreat on a scholarship. Her husband’s business is doing better, so, they want to pay back the scholarship.

Today I received this note: “I attended the women’s Bible study Wednesday mornings last Spring and really appreciated them. Thank you.” A donation check made out to women’s ministry was included with the note.

I’ve heard it said you can’t out give God. Well, that seems to be true here!!! 

These types of things increase my faith that God is a God who sees and provides in His time and in His way. Did you know that in this Kings story, God asked a destitute widow who was about to die from hunger, to give all she had to this man of God (Elijah)? And because the widow gave in response to His request, she and her son and Elijah had their physical needs met.

Sometimes what God asks us to give doesn’t make sense. But I guess if we only do what makes sense, we wouldn’t need faith nor would we have the opportunity to walk by faith.

Where have you seen God provide in such a way that your faith was increased? What is God asking you to give that doesn’t make sense? (This giving is not necessarily money.)

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  • Oh, I LOVE this post! I absolutely get blessed when I hear stuff like this! You are so right – you can never outgive God 🙂

    Oh, and great decluttering post before this one too!


  • Hmmm, my previous comment’s gone.

    Anyway, I was saying…

    I LOVE THIS POST. It’s so true that you can’t outgive God and thanks for posting this – it so blessed me today 🙂


  • 3. susan2009  |  . at .

    Here it is, Marcia. I found it in the spam catcher. WHO know WHY it ended up there? Thanks for your comment and encouragement.



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