Follow the Bubble When You Are in Trouble

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“Follow the Bubble When You Are in Trouble.”

That’s the questionable advice I received 45 years ago. My novice dive partner and I were strapping on our scuba gear for our first ocean dive in the Gulf of Galveston, Texas, when the dive master announced those last instructions.

Kevin, my partner, and I were 15 years old. We felt quite prepared to explore a sunken ship in the Gulf along with three other diving pairs.

We held hands (quite happily – as instructed). With the other hand we nudged each other to point out various plants, sea life, and barnacle groupings growing on the submerged, shadow-swallowed ship.

It got dark – fast! The further in we swam, the harder it was to see the fauna, fish, or people. Kevin and I managed to safely squeeze past the weird, sharp, broken architecture that led us to the vessel’s  belly. We were the sole occupants of this skeletal space.

All too soon our dive watches beeped, alerting us that it was time to end our underwater sightseeing tour.  It was then we realized our predicament: Which way was out?

We had three problems.
  1. It was dark and our perception of up and down was distorted.
  2. Kevin and I had different ideas of which way to go. He pulled one way and I pulled the other.
  3. We couldn’t see any other members of the dive club. We were on our own.

Panic filled my stomach, and thoughts of death filled my head.

Then I remembered the questionable advice, “Follow the Bubble When You Are in Trouble.”

I gestured toward the bubbles streaming away from our dive masks. Kevin immediately understood what I meant. We both stopped struggling.

We watched the bubbles. Then we followed their path. Soon this path led us out of the interior of our temporary jail and led us into the sunlight and welcoming air.

As long as Kevin and I pursued our own thoughts, we stayed lost. There was a way that seemed right, but it wasn’t. When Kevin and I heeded the dive master’s advice, we were able to find the right path to safety.

This reminds me of Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek God’s will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.

We are to obey God’s advice even when it doesn’t make sense and even when it isn’t easy to do. Trusting God enough to follow His path, is always the right path to follow.

Are you in trouble or in need of direction? Are you confused, following this bit of advice and then that bit, getting no where? Are you struggling to find safety and freedom from your “jail”?

Then “Follow the Bubble.” God’s Word, His character, etc* will show you the right path to take to “freedom.”

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  • 1. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    This is such a nice and a little scary piece! Happy Thanksgiving, Susan.


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks, it was fun to write, Claudia, especially since it had a happy ending.
      I hope your Thanksgiving was happy too!


  • 3. lynette  |  . at .

    Great story and analogy. Do you still scuba dive?


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks, Lynette. I love it when all the pieces come together when writing.

      No, I haven’t been scuba diving since living in Texas. I moved from there in 1975!


  • 5. motolocochica  |  . at .

    I’m glad you made it out alive! This is something that you’d see in a movie. You are so brave to go diving in a sunken ship! I like your story telling style. Good job setting the scene.



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