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I am writing at least 36 letters expressing my gratitude. And I want to pray for them on that day as well. Go here for the original post and list of recipients. I am writing about it here in hopes that it spurs someone on to write their own gratitude letters.

When overworked we have a choice to make. I pray we do our work with graciousness, integrity, and wisdom as we plod through the piles.Letter Six: State Employee.

Letter Six: State Employee.

Furlough days and talk of more, pay cuts and lay offs all contribute to fewer people doing more work which increases stress and can bring out attitude among some of those who work for the state. Then add the fact that they work with a public that is oft-times emotional and sometimes cranky because of the stress they are under, adds to the stress of state workers.

I may never have to utilize the services of the state. But if I did, I am glad there are people like my friend who works there. She brings a calm and a sense of “I care about you” that I am sure others notice and appreciate.

I am positive God has her right where He wants her.

I am positive she is impacting folks (co-workers, bosses, clients, and security personnel), in a gentle, honest, and I am sure, humorous way. This impact will bring some into the eternal kingdom and/or it encourages some on their earthly journey.

I wrote all the above on the card I sent to her.

I pray she knows she is making an impact. I pray this encouraged my friend to keep on with her integrity, good spirit, and hard work.


During November I am writing or posting a photo about something for which I am grateful. This explains why. 

Gratitude for November 14:  I am grateful for my Spanish partner. We meet every Wednesday afternoon to go over that week’s Destinos episode. Because we have this standing appointment it keeps me faithful to studying. And we are improving!

To see my list of gratitude for each day, go to the post , Personal Gratitude Prevents Burnout. Then click on the (more…) button at the bottom of the page. As I write the day’s gratitude, I will hotlink the day.


Your Turn . . . Is there someone who works for the state that you can encourage with a written thank you note?

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