Chronic Pain is a Mind Body Condition

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1008875_girl_with_headphonesThere is a link between mind and body so it is important to treat both. The more the woman in pain understands her personal dynamics the better she will be able to manage pain. The wise counselor, pastor, family member and friend will be of greater asset to this woman if they also understand these components and regulate their advice and reactions accordingly.

“Our tolerance for pain depends on mental attitude, the response of those around us, our ability to control our reactions to pain, and the situations causing the pain.”[1]

Dialoging about the above components via . . .

  • journaling
  • friends
  • a pastor
  • and a professional counselor

 . . .  have helped me to deal with pain (in mind and body).  I’ve also made myself not dwell on certain things. I have a list of things to think about and a verse to meditate on when my thoughts start spiralling. I also find that music makes me “feel” better. And when nothing soothes me, I have several friends that I can always call! Their responses are supportive and bring me back to reality.

Let’s talk about this.

  • What have you done that helps?
  • What about journaling how your pain is affected by your attitude, responses of others, or your ability/lack of ability to control your reactions to pain?
  • Can you have a discussion with a women in pain about the above?
  • How can you be supportive of others with your responses?

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  • [1] Richard Thomas. Alternative Answers to Pain. Pleasanton: Reader’s Digest Association, 1999, p 13

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