Reviewing What Works For Incorporating Gratitude

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On this 30th Day of Thanks Living, I choose to review what I did this month.

30 Days of Thanks Living Table of Contents is below. As I put this list together, I noticed that I am missing some posts. Oops. I forgot to put them on here. Once I figure out how to backdate a post, I will put those in the Table of Contents and on my blog.

REVIEW. Here are three things I learned from doing this series.

ONE. Everyday Consistency. No matter how much I talk about gratitude, I am never done with it. I always need the reminder through my calendar, FitBit or Gratitude App. Being grateful (for me) is not a natural state of being especially during the extra busy or hurting times.

·       Read Track Gratitude On The Calendar. This tells how your calendar can be useful gratitude tracker.

·       Read Making Gratitude Permanent. This tells how I use my FitBit to remind myself to express gratitude.

·       Read Apps Make it Easy to Document Gratitude. This post tells you the app I like and still use on a daily basis.

TWO. Fun & Creative. Gratitude reminders and practices don’t have to be dreary and boring. Instead they can add beauty and play to our lives. In fact, these type of activities will most likely be the ones that last.

·       Read about two games I came up with: Gratitude BINGO Game Conversation Starter and Searching is A Good Way To Review Gratitude.

·       Read these two posts that talk about fun ways to bring gratitude into our lives: Sing Your Way Into Gratitude And Gratitude Movies Give us Ideas.

·       Read Use Christmas Cards To Send Gratitude. We can express gratitude in a multitude of natural ways.

THREE. New ideas. The internet and books offer a myriad of ideas. This is especially helpful for me as I can get bored with routine. Learning these new practices enrich my gratitude thinking and actions.

·       Read Smell Your Way To Gratitude. This was a novel idea and I’m still enjoying it a lot.

·       Read Slow Down To Ramp Up Gratitude. Sometimes the best way to find gratitude is by doing nothing.

·       Read Professional Gratitude Journal Encourages. While I haven’t started this one yet, I know it will make a difference.

Your Turn . . .

·       Which post impacted you the most?

·       What have you learned by having an ongoing gratitude practice?

·       What will you put into your daily life this week?

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Table of Contents

 1. Making Gratitude Permanent

2. Using Photos to Document Gratitude

3. Books Help Grow Gratitude

4. Walk and Be Grateful for Everything

5.  Questions, Prompts, & Colouring Pages Help Gratitude Flow

6. ABC’s Form A Gratitude List

7. Volunteering Boosts Gratitude

9.  Be Around People That Model Gratitude

11. Set Up Your Environment To Encourage Gratitude

12. Track Gratitude On The Calendar

14. Smell Your Way To Gratitude

15. Quote Notebook Helps Broaden Gratitude Definition

16. Gratitude BINGO Game Conversation Starter

17. Searching is A Good Way To Review Gratitude

19. Celebrating Others Increases Our Gratitude

20. Slow Down To Ramp Up Gratitude

21. Regular Recitations Help Gratitude Echo

22. Apps Make it Easy to Document Gratitude

23. Sing Your Way Into Gratitude

24. Gratitude Movies Give us Ideas

25. Go Around The Table & Express Gratitude

26. Writing Gratitude Facts With Pen and Paper

27. TED Talk Podcast Teaches a LOT About Gratitude

28. Use Christmas Cards To Send Gratitude

29. Professional Gratitude Journal Encourages

30. Reviewing What Works For Incorporating Gratitude


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Professional Gratitude Journal Encourages

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